Harsh Reality

Friday, July 31, 2020

The Worthlessness of Congressional Hearings

As the CEOs of the biggest technology companies in history sat for congressional hearings this week, you could be excused for asking out loud: What's the point?

They were summoned to Congress by huffing and puffing politicians who went on cable shows promising to "get to the bottom of this". It can be presumed these tech CEOs are busy men, but they took time out of heir busy schedule sit around all day while politicians, mostly GOP, ranted and raved. Then they went home.

These businesses are unquestionably the largest monopolies in world history. Google has gone from completely dominating internet searches to basically owning the internet, dominating online email and gobbling up other internet giants like YouTube. Facebook is the Coke to Twitter's Pepsi, but Facebook also gobbled up the #3 social media site Instagram. Amazon is the all-time undisputed king of merchandise sales, making owner Jeff Bezos the Richest Man on Earth. Last week, Bezos' net worth jumped $13 billion in a single day. He's worth just shy of $200 billion, or so. Bezos is so rich, his ex-wife is the Richest Woman on Earth, and the source of her wealth is her divorce from Jeff Bezos. His unimaginable wealth is so enormous that his mountain of money is still far-and-away the biggest even after peeling off a huge chunk to make his ex the Richest Woman on Earth. And Bezos is one of the very few Americans whose business is booming due to the never-ending coronavirus shutdowns that are destroying businesses across our country, making his wealth skyrocket by the day in ways never even imagined just six months ago. Amazon is such a retail juggernaut that even the monstrously large Walmart is trying to figure out how to get in on the internet sales and home delivery action.

I could go on, but you get the point. This tiny handful of tech companies aren't just big. They're on a scale never seen in history. Being big, in and of itself, isn't a problem. But the people controlling these companies are doing what powerful people do. They're flexing their power to either buy or crush competitors. Which is ultimately bad for everyone. But they're not just exerting dangerous market dominance, they are using their massive size and power to impose their personal social and political preferences on the public.

In the middle of these hearings, Breitbart News is floundering in a judicial-type appeal of its suspension on Twitter. Breitbart and other accounts were suspended or had their tweets deleted over disagreement with the press conference by 60-some licensed, practicing physicians who publicly touted the effectiveness of hydroxychoriquin as a treatment for coronavirus. This after allowing major news outlets to accuse the President of the United States of being a Russian spy for over three years, not to mention all kinds of other crazy conspiracy theories and false accusations against President Trump and his supporters. Just in the past few days CNN and The Washington Post settled massive lawsuits after publishing horrible, untrue attacks on a teenager from Covington, Kentucky last year who had a Indian beat a drum in his face and black activists shouted racial epithets at him while he waited on the sidewalk for a bus with his classmates. These massive tech companies take every opportunity to silence certain political viewpoints while amplifying others.

While leftists claim this indisputable discrimination is no problem because Facebook, Twitter, Google, Apple and the rest are private companies, so they can do whatever they want to whomever they want, their usual claim is "if you don't like it, go make your own website!" Which would be fine, except these giants use their market dominance to crush any alternatives. Andrew Torba founded the social media site Gab a few years ago specifically as a true free speech alternative. It's an impressive platform, and popular with users banned in the multiple purges from Twitter and Facebook that began after President Trump's election in 2016. But Torba and his family have paid a heavy price. Like others trying to get their voices heard, Torba has been 'canceled' by corporate America in a coordinated effort to stomp out dissent. Torba and his family members have been blacklisted by financial institutions and his character assassinated. This is true of several other websites, commentators and ordinary Americans.

Alex Jones was canceled across numerous platforms within a 24 hour period. He even had his LinkedIn account canceled, and that's nothing more than one's resume and professional contacts. These are coordinated, punitive measures taken against one political point of view. And they aren't necessarily even meant to just silence the targeted individual. They act as a warning to anyone who might think of expressing a point of view that differs from official approved viewpoint held by the social justice Masters of the Universe.

A few years ago I wrote about this disturbing trend in my national column at WND. I compared the massive power of the tech giants and their imposition of a single, approved point of view to the telephone company or electric company informing a citizen that the CEO disapproved of the things they were saying and would no longer provide electricity, natural gas or telephone service to your home. Or the CEO of ExxonMobile notifying you that you would no longer be sold gas for your car at any of their gas stations or any station to which they supplied fuel. Last week numerous conservative news outlets, blogs and websites suddenly vanished from Google searches. Daily Caller, Rebel News, Gateway Pundit, Gab, Breitbart and many others no longer appeared, even in specific Google searches. In their place at the top of the search results were Wikipedia and news articles smearing these sites. Google claimed it was a technical glitch and restored the search results within a few hours. But it seems clear it was a trial run for something that's coming. In fact, conservative news outlets have documented their Google traffic all but vanished awhile ago, replaced by search results pointing only to leftwing news sources.

So what's to be done about all this? Congresspeople decided on "hearings". While Democrats have focused on the CEOs' wealth, the GOP has mostly just lobbed stupid softballs at them in an attempt to make their constituents think they're really doing something. This is an old scam, and nobody is better at it than Senator Lindsay Graham, who's always telling the media he's troubled by something and is making preparations to get ready to do the things necessary to look into the matter. He's always getting ready to do something "next week". It's like the old 'free beer tomorrow' sign outside bars. Next week never comes. Congressional Republicans usually avoid actually doing anything about the things their constituents are concerned about (they can't actually rock the boat, right?), so everyone has to be content with having their representative talk about how outraged he is and how he's going to get to the bottom of it. When something is egregious enough that they actually have to have hearings, they walk a tightrope of sounding really, really serious, while not actually doing anything of substance.

The prototype for this was the Hillary Clinton hearings. I actually admire Hillary for physically demonstrating what a sham the entire thing was. It was a waste of time and she sat there looking bored through most of it. She had her head on her hand and showed her disgust with the whole political theater. After it was over, nobody had asked her even a single question of any significance and she stood up and high-fived her staff. Which was in poor taste, considering it was directly in front of the family members of the men killed at Benghazi while working for her when she was Secretary of State. After who knows how many hours of "testimony" at "hearings", not one of the committee even asked her where she was during the 13 hours the American consulate was under attack and security forces repeatedly called for help. The U.S. Ambassador and three other Americans were killed in that attack, the hearings were touted as a huge deal...and nobody asked a question of any significance. Hillary was right to be disgusted. Everyone watching it was disgusted. It was disgusting. But that's all congressional hearings are. Useless political theater.

Fox's Tucker Carlson had Republican Congressman Jim Jordan on his program this week and asked Jordan about the utter uselessness of these hearings. He pointed out Jordan himself had taken campaign money from Google. It was also leaked that Jordan had circulated a memo to other GOP committee members essentially saying not to be too hard on Google and the tech giants in the hearings. Jordan was supposed to be the conservative lion on the committee who was going to really take action. He never was. It was a congressional hearing.

The big tech hearings this past week basically are a rerun of the Hillary hearings. Political theater meant to cover the butts of the politicians by making it look like they're "doing something" while they don't really do or say anything of substance and the witnesses go about doing the things they were doing. It's an inconvenience and an annoyance, but it means nothing and we should expect nothing.

Friday, July 24, 2020

Marxist Tentacles are Manipulating Your Retirement

Most people know the American educational system is riddled with anti-American propaganda. The universities were the first to fall to Marxism and become saturated with hatred for our country. Eventually the K-12 teachers being churned out of these politically correct cesspools infected schools across our country and spread the disease throughout the curriculum and textbooks and education culture.

The media was another low-hanging fruit snatched up by leftists decades ago. Liberals took over journalism schools and gave preference to their little leftist copies and turned the rest through relentless propaganda. So news, entertainment...everything on TV and movies has only one, approved  ultra-liberal worldview. Seriously, if you differ from any liberal orthodoxy whatsoever it's tantamount to calling yourself a Nazi. So everyone in media trips over each other trying to be more leftist than everyone else.

Corporate America has succumbed to a combination of ultra-left woke students pouring out of colleges and into the workplace along with pressure from liberal groups to pledge support for every social justice cause imaginable. One after another, they change their corporate brands and logos to the trendy liberal cause du jour and write massive checks to leftwing political groups. Peer pressure? Extortion? Who knows? It's probably a combination. So work life for most Americans is now a corporate-imposed version of the political correctness we see in media. Don't step out of bounds or imply some wrongthink in the break room! Or on social media. Especially on social media.

With Major League Baseball joining the parade of sports proclaiming their contempt for America, with leftist political messaging plastered all over stadiums and even on the field, even sports is taken away as a refuge from liberal politics.

At least you have your retirement, right? Not really.

The U.S. Labor Department recently proposed a rule aimed at reigning in so-called "ESG" investing. That stands for Environmental, Social & Governance. Basically, it involves steering investment to products based on how socially responsible a company is. So, for example, a pension fund manager might avoid investing in companies doing business with mining interests (bad) and toward a solar energy concern (good). This dynamic works in reverse, too, though. Companies not inherently good or evil in leftist's minds, can earn brownie points and attract investment by taking steps to be more liberal in some way.

The Labor Department is reminding pension fund managers that they are required under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) to act strictly in their investors' best financial interest. That means numbers. Not political correctness. Not wokeness. Not socially responsible. It is a fiduciary duty. What is the best investment of the client's money? ESG investing, by its very nature, is not in the best financial interest of the investor. If it were, it would be self-evident. But ESG presumes investments will be passed up that may produce a higher return, in favor of investments with a lower or riskier return based on a subjective judgment or political preference. This is a direct violation of federal law.

Of course the left is having a meltdown. Not only is ESG a shortcut to access to funds that a company otherwise might not have access to, but the pension fund managers lose the power to manipulate corporate policy, as companies seek new ways to prove they're good liberals. In an article at Breitbart,  winter Justin Danhof cites a certain investor group that pressured Macy's and Progressive insurance to increase their support for abortion. A person at the investment openly spoke of using their investment leverage to force companies to take a political position on issues that may have nothing to do with their business.

The Trump Labor Department is seeking to restore sanity and take political calculations out of investment decisions where someone is controlling other people's money.

The left infects and destroys everything it touches. If it seems like they're touching absolutely everything lately, you're not alone.

Monday, July 20, 2020

New Ways to Inflict Coronavirus Pain on Everyone

Photo credit: Isaiah Linscott/Facebook
As the Great Coronavirus Panic of 2020 has taken twists and turns through our culture, the left has reached for increasingly creative ways to keep the level of fear as high as possible and inconvenience and annoy as many Americans as possible. Much of it has been legally questionable, albeit constitutionally permissible on an emergency basis. But the longer things drag on, the already tenuous claim of "emergency" becomes more obviously just an excuse to inflict pain on Americans for the purpose of causing a groundswell of anger at President Trump. The ultimate goal, of course, is his electoral defeat in November.

The initial economic shutdown and the forced lockdown on American citizens in most places was a historic power grab. At no time in world history had a government intentionally shut down its own economy.

There were two excuses offered to justify their extraordinary actions:
1.) The virus was so deadly that the extraordinary interference in Americans' freedom and commerce was the only way to prevent the death of millions, and;
 2.) The shutdown was only a temporary inconvenience - two weeks - and for the specific goal of giving the American healthcare industry time to prepare for the millions of dead and dying that would be showing up on hospitals' doorsteps.
This was the legal justification for the incredible suspension of Americans' constitutional rights. As we now know, everything about the coronavirus panic was a lie. The virus is real, but is nowhere as lethal as claimed. With the exception of New York City and a few other densely-packed urban areas in the northeast, hospitals were not overwhelmed. The vast majority had more empty beds than usual because all other procedures were canceled. More hospitals furloughed unneeded staff than had to call in more.

As it became clear the power grab was a con job, but politicians extended their control orders, Americans in many places began protesting and demanding the "emergency" be lifted so people could go on with their lives. The media, stunned at President Trump's polling boost during the panic, stopped covering the daily coronavirus briefings to keep the President off the screen. Instead, they all rushed to cover the "death count" and celebrated every milestone. At the same time, they attacked ordinary Americans protesting the shutdown orders as dangerous hillbillies who wanted to get everyone killed by the virus.

By this point the mask was off, so to speak. The Chinese coronavirus had become a fully-formed political issue, with leftists using it to attack President Trump, Republicans and conservative Americans at every opportunity as irresponsible, unscientific and uneducated. Nothing demonstrated more perfectly how this disease has been weaponized against President Trump and his supporters than the universal excusal by the left of rioters burning and looting various cities. Not a single liberal political or commentator will apply the same government-mandated anti-virus measures to rioters they are imposing on ordinary Americans. In fact, many of these politicians routinely attend leftist gatherings and pose for the camera violating their own orders.

As the death rate has dropped dramatically, American media has switched from reporting the death count (which was making liberal politicians like NYC mayor diBlasio look bad, anyway) to reporting positive cases, which had bigger numbers and made for more breathless reporting. Leftist media got a boost in their efforts to help the Democrat political cause from their counterparts in the state and federal health bureaucracies as we've seen example after example of official case reporting being wildly inflated by unnamed bureaucrats deep in the bowels of government health agencies. Reporting all cases as positive, mixing positive antibody tests with positive virus tests, reporting unconfirmed cases as positive and reporting multiple tests for the same person as multiple positive cases...the left has devised all kinds of ways to inflate coronavirus numbers to give Democrats and media maximum leverage to continue pressure on President Trump and Americans to submit to never-ending coronavirus fear.

The unfortunate death of a young man in a motorcycle accident in Florida demonstrated the patent dishonesty of the left's efforts to maintain a level of panic. The motorcyclist was clearly killed in a traffic accident, but his cause of death was officially attributed to COVID. There are hundreds of reports of angry family members, or sometimes people still alive, that officials reported deaths of people resulting from coronavirus that had nothing to do with COVID. Reports of positive tests are the same. People never tested, or who tested negative, being reported as positive. There is enormous pressure, both politically and financially, to report as many positive cases of coronavirus as possible.

In Hardin County, Kentucky this week officials raised the level of control to another level. A young woman sought a COVID-19 test as a precaution prior to traveling to visit her parents in another state. When Health Department officials informed her the test was positive, they ordered to quarantine herself and demanded she sign a document agreeing to remain in her home and ask permission from government officials before going anywhere. Although she agreed to quarantine, she refused to sign the document authorities demanded. Within a few days local officials backed up by police showed up at her home and placed ankle monitors on her and her husband. The same kind of ankle monitors put on criminals deemed too violent to be released from jail without 24/7 electronic monitoring. The health official got some sort of warrant by telling a local judge she refused to quarantine, which the woman denies.

Due process requires parties to be present before a judge makes a ruling in a matter impacting a party. But this is just another example of how we are in a post-constitutional era. There have become so many exceptions to our constitutional rights that they effectively no longer exist. Add in that pretty much anything they want to call an "emergency" allows them to suspend whatever shreds of rights remained, and you have our current anything-goes legal environment. The law long ago stopped being any limiter of government.

There are many recent examples of the left's weaponization of the law for political purposes. The refusal to enforce the law against rioters, while aggressively prosecuting citizens for defending themselves against those same rioters. The explicit exception of rioters from coronavirus mandates. The imposition of draconian health precautions against ordinary Americans, while refusing to impose any health restrictions whatsoever on people with other deadly viruses such as AIDS.

Showing up at people's homes and putting ankle bracelets on a family to electronically monitor them like criminals after a hearing before a judge at which they had no say is just another escalation in the daily search for ways to impose control and stoke fear and panic. Creating as much chaos, misery, fear and destruction is the Democrats' plan for this electoral season. Ordinary Americans are pawns in their sick political game.

Friday, July 17, 2020

As if we need another reminder that surrendering to bullies never works

In a development that should be the lead story on every news program, a group of New York City police officers were attacked by rioters and beaten with clubs. Or batons. It's hard to tell from the video, but they're long sticks.

A group of police officers being attacked by an armed gang of rioters is newsworthy.

The fact that one of the police they attacked is the NYPD Chief should make it national news.

That this is the same Chief who recently made a public spectacle of himself kneeling in surrender (or "solidarity", either/or) to the mob makes this the lead story.

The fact there is video of the NYPD Chief getting his ass kicked just cements this as a really big news item.

So one would expect to see this all over national news. You'd be wrong. Perusing media it was hard to find anything about it except on a few conservative sites or social media. Just like with riots everywhere in America, the media has gone total blackout. The amazing violence in Portland, Oregon that's gone on every night for over a month, the blockades of streets and highways, the violent attacks on people walking or driving down streets in New York City, the violent attack by passengers on airline employees in a Florida airport...the media is mostly ignoring it all. In place of these stories - all captured on video - major media is wall-to-wall attacks on President Trump and promoting the usual fake polls showing Joe Biden with a 21,000 point lead, or whatever they're claiming it is this week.

It seems clear the Biden campaign and major media know the fake polls are not working. I'm sure they've got internal polling or focus groups or something telling them they're not doing well. And their candidate's been stashed in a basement for several months, so that can't be a surprise. But I'm guessing their internal polls are telling them something else. The riots and looting and destruction of historical markers and road blockades and beatings are hurting Biden. That's why the dramatic, made-for-TV orgies of violence and destruction are suddenly gone from major media. It's as though it's not happening. It's the craziest thing.

But the NYPD Chief being beaten with a club and having his head split open by a mob? And the fact that this high-profile cop made a scene about kneeling before the mob? This has all the bad political mojo for Democrats as the riots mentioned above, but it also shows that trying to appease the mob only makes things worse.

Most Americans have dealt with a bully at some point in their life. The biggest lesson to take away from dealing with bullies is you have to stand up to them. Trying to appease a bully only results in more bullying. Surrender only makes them bolder. Which is why it was so disappointing to see all these police, soldiers and officials kneeling in submission to violent mobs. It never works. One would hope adults in a protective or leadership role wouldn't have to be told not to surrender to bullies.

A lot of officials have knelt before the mob. But, as we've seen in cities across America, the violence isn't stopping. And the Chief of Police in New York City getting on his knees for bullies didn't get the bullies to stop the violence. It just emboldened them to split his head open.

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Leftist Boycott Jobs to Force Political Agendas

L.A. Teachers refuse to return to work until police are defunded
and charter schools are shut down.
When Oklahoma State University football player Chuba Hubbard stated his intention to boycott the football program because he saw a picture of head coach Mike Gundy wearing a One America Network news t-shirt on a fishing trip, I said this could change things in America. When Gundy and the university immediately apologized (For what, exactly, is unclear. It is unknown if Gundy promised to only watch TV channels approved by his players, or if their approval is also necessary for his t-shirts and other wardrobe items.) and groveled like worms, I knew we had the blueprint for a new liberal tactic to force compliance.

Leftists in any position whatsoever, in this case a football player, now know they can threaten to boycott (what is probably more appropriately called a 'strike') their job to demand anything they want. Normally, these types of refusals to work have been tied to some working condition or salary dispute. With this new paradigm, though, the demand could be over anything or any offense in any area of someone's life. Ordinarily, if someone had a job and refused to do that job, they would be fired. But strikes are generally held as a special circumstance, because they should be a last resort for someone who doesn't necessarily want to leave their employment, but there's some condition making it unfair in some way.

In the case at Oklahoma State, the cable news t-shirt worn by Coach Gundy on a fishing trip away from the team had absolutely nothing to do with the football program. The player just didn't like the way the cable news channel reported news. He liked a different channel better. So, in his mind, the Head Coach is not allowed to wear a t-shirt having the logo of that channel. Which sounds ridiculous, but Gundy and the university agreed with that sentiment. So, in reality, the players do have that veto power. Strong stuff.

Kansas State University concessions to boycotting athletes
A few weeks later, football players at Kansas State University shared their intent to boycott the football program because a student had tweeted an insensitive joke about George Floyd. The football players demanded the student be expelled from the university or else they would not participate in any football activities. The women's basketball team joined them in boycotting their sport. Last week the teams ended their threatened boycotts when the university gave promised a grab bag of goodies, including money for a diversity fund, (presumably free) advertising for Black Lives Matter at all home games and creation of a new diversity officer position within the athletics department.

Athletes at the University of Texas recently threatened to boycott, also, unless a list of racial demands were met, including banning the alma mater song "The Eyes of Texas", accusing the song of having "racist undertones" that nobody had ever heard of or noticed. Texas basically did like Kansas State and gave in to a laundry list of racial concessions, but they're keeping the song. Some players say they won't sing it, though.

So Oklahoma State, Kansas State and Texas all avoided a showdown with their aggrieved athletes. But what's going to happen when athletes won't be bought off? There's a real question over how the situation will be handled if players who are under a scholarship contract to play a sport in exchange for their tuition, housing and other education expenses, a six-figure sum paid for by taxpayers at public universities, refuse to honor their obligation to play while demanding the school continue paying for their education. Do the schools void the contract, and send the athletes packing? This would save the cost of that scholarship, open up a roster spot and guarantee interrupted athletic seasons. But woke university administrations will do anything to avoid that, though, because they'll be called names and not look progressive and hip. On the other hand, the constant caving to college kids is only going to lead to more boycotts and more demands.

Just as 'cancel culture' has spread from campuses to businesses, there is other cancerous sewage seeping out of America's toxic university culture. The leftist boycott is leaking out into the rest of the country faster than anticipated.

This week, the Los Angeles Teachers Union is refusing to return to work until police departments are defunded and charter schools are closed down. There are other work-related demands, such as demands for masks and things like that. But public safety and charter schools are infrastructure and policy matters having nothing to do with teachers' jobs. They make a weak claim that police are killing all their black students and getting rid of police is a matter of social justice, but that claim is clearly just window dressing in case anyone asks. The teachers demands are basically the same as Chuba Hubbard's complaint that he doesn't like the TV station on Coach Gundy's t-shirt. It has nothing to do with their job, they're just using their job to force their political views on everyone instead of working to get themselves into a position to make the changes they demand.

Basically, they're bullies. And, as long as everyone keeps groveling, the bullying will only get worse. This seems to be the new normal in America.

Thursday, July 9, 2020

'Lawfare' is the New Normal, Nuclear Weapon for the Left

You may have heard the term 'lawfare' lately, but aren't sure what it means. Whether you understand it or not, it will impact you.

Lawfare is a blend of two words, 'law' and 'warfare'. It's the left's use of our court system to maintain never-ending attacks on their political opponents. It could technically be used by anyone, but it's almost exclusively used by the left because it's inherently dishonest.

My own definition is this:
Lawfare is the weaponization of the legal system by communists to attack and harass conservatives or anyone opposing the left's agenda.
There have been lots of examples of this over the past decade or so. An example you may be familiar with is the bakery owner in Colorado who was harassed, sued and fought his case all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court - where he won - only to have leftists begin harassing him under civil rights laws or other legal theories not addressed in his Supreme Court victory. The point was never about his violation of any particular law. It was simply the left using the government and the law to financially bankrupt someone who disagreed with leftists for the purpose of putting him out of business and ruining his life to the greatest extent possible. It's both punitive against him personally, and a warning to anyone else considering resisting a communist mob.

The governor of Michigan also used lawfare to harass 77 year old Karl Manke for defying her illegal shutdown order. When the Michigan legislature refused to extend the governor's emergency powers past a certain deadline, she went ahead and continued her lockdown/shutdown order, anyway. Manke re-opened his barber shop and a court agreed that he was not in violation of a lawful order because the governor didn't have authority to order businesses to remain shut down. In addition, the local Sheriff refused to enforce her order, citing the Judge's ruling. So the governor had her thugs in the state bureaucracy revoke his barber license without any hearing or notice. A few weeks ago the state agency responsible for such actions dropped their revocation attempts. See how that works? In reality, the governor of Michigan wouldn't know or care about some little barber shop in Owosso. The point was to legally harass, punish and bankrupt this man for his political heresy. A similar thing happened in Dallas where beauty salon owner Shelly Luther was jailed for refusing to apologize to the judge and admit she was a selfish person. She was legally harassed by local Democrat office holders through use of a weaponized legal system.

You may have seen this in your local area with leftist groups suing local businesses or refusing to grant permits or renew business licenses or whatever. Democrat state or local authorities in various places have passed laws requiring President Trump to turn over his tax returns for Democrats to dig through for political dirt. Peppering him with crazy lawsuits everywhere is another example of this. The constant lawsuits against the Trump administration over every executive order, every policy and even their ability to eject obnoxious reporters screaming over other members of the media and disrupting daily White House press briefings are other examples.

Lawfare is bad enough, as it is, but it's made even worse as liberals have managed to get more and more judges on the bench and it's become a more or less expected from the left. We used to call it abuse of the justice system and judges were a backstop to keep these kinds of things from going anywhere. But, as we see in the Mike Flynn case, where the judge hired his own judge and took on the role of the prosecutor himself to continue the government's prosecution on his own initiative, we can see the bench and leftist plaintiffs sometimes morph into the same entity.

This past week featured several examples of lawfare being used to drag ordinary citizens into an expensive legal process for daring to resist leftist shock troops.

In Martinez, CA a couple painted over part of the giant black lives matter words painted on the street in front of the courthouse. People painted on the street and other people showed up later and also painted on the street. The expected racial outrage ensued and the local DA charged the couple with hate crimes. Reporting on this one was interesting because it accuses the couple of being racism deniers, which seems to be a an attempted slur like 'holocaust denier' or 'climate denier'. I've not reviewed the actual charging documents, but perusing the statutes they're charged with violating, it seems like it's a real stretch to prosecute someone for what amounts to painting over painted graffiti. The couple should just say they were protesting. Leftist talking heads have been telling us since these riots started that "non-violent" protests that only damage or destroy property shouldn't be prosecuted at all since that's putting things ahead of people. And they didn't destroy anything, anyway. If one person can paint a political message on the street, anyone else should be able to paint a political message on the street, too. But that's how lawfare works. The courts are the enforcers of the left.

In Auburn Hills, MI a couple was leaving a fast food restaurant when another woman said she was bumped into by the couple and followed them to their car demanding an apology. A friend of the woman's used her phone to video the encounter. While the woman demanding an apology screamed at the couple and threatened to beat them up, they got into their car and tried to leave. The woman ran behind the car as they tried to back out of their parking space and started banging on the car, claiming they were trying to run her over. The wife, who is pregnant, got out of the car with her gun drawn and demanded the woman stay away from her. Both parties called the police. The Oakland County prosecutor filed felony assault charges against both the husband and his pregnant wife. The husband was fired from his job, both had to post $50,000 bond and surrender their firearms. Neither has any criminal record and both have a valid permit to carry a firearm. The initial video that went viral was edited to only show the couple pulling guns and demanding the woman and her friends get away from them. News reports have stuck with the deceptive storyline from the original viral video that a crazed couple driving down the street just got out of their car for no reason and pointed guns and screamed at people to get away from them for no reason. The full video shows why the couple's car was stopped and why they were upset and had their guns drawn.

In Seattle, a black driver is charged with vehicular homicide for striking a protester who was in the middle of a highway. In an ironic twist, the death of the white protester has a black man arrested, sitting in jail and facing a lengthy prison sentence. In Bloomington, IN, a 66 year old woman is facing felony charges for hitting protesters standing in the street. A man said he told her to roll down her window and he would allow her to drive soon. Another protester stood in front of her car with her hands on the hood. The woman, presumably scared by the angry mob, drive forward and got away from the protesters. Nobody was seriously hurt, but the protester who ordered her to roll her window down tells media arresting and charging her isn't enough and she needs to go to prison for daring to defy the mob.

You may be asking yourself: How can people driving down the street, people trying to leave a fast food parking lot, people painting over graffiti, people opening their barber shop or beauty shop or bakery...how are they all facing harassment, bankruptcy, criminal charges, lost reputations and lost jobs while criminals by the thousands openly burn down cities, loot businesses and tear down public and private property without having to worry about legal problems? That's lawfare. The use of the legal system to punish political enemies and shield political allies.

Thursday, July 2, 2020

The American Communist Revolution

During almost 250 years of our nation's existence we have enjoyed a level of peace most nations on Earth don't get to experience. Border wars, incursions and expanding or weakening governments in neighboring nations make physical security a bigger concern for most other nations in the world.

During World War 2, while nations around the world were bombed, invaded, occupied, ransacked and fought over and/or fought-through, the American home front remained peaceful. This was largely due to the two largest oceans on the planet protecting us on either coast and having only a single border on the North and one on the South. And both those borders with nations not posing any military threat.

The lack of need to spend significant resources defending our national borders from invading armies gave America a unique ability to focus military efforts on projecting massive power around the world. To take the fight to other countries. To fight the war in their neighborhoods, farm fields and through their city streets. Unlike Germany, Great Britain, Poland, Russia, Japan, China, France, Italy and North Africa, the American people were able to do about their days during the war without fear of burned cities and fighting in the streets.

If a foreign enemy could land an army in the U.S. and get them to cities across America, they might wreak havoc and cause chaos and destruction. No doubt they would try to shut businesses and industry, disrupt transportation and destroy, loot and burn targets of opportunity. Attacking and killing Americans, especially those who physically try to resist the destruction, would be a given. But this hasn't happened in modern history because foreign enemies have not been able to reach us.

Which is why the ongoing riots in cities across America over the past month have been so significant. Where a foreign army would need a foothold to land troops and supplies to support a march across the U.S., homegrown leftist rioters have sprung up like weeds mostly in big cities, but in some smaller communities, too. Seattle, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Tampa, New York, Los Angeles, Indianapolis, Chicago, Atlanta and others have seen stores and homes burned and looted, people beaten in the streets, police attacked and commerce brought to a halt.

Just like an invading army might tear down community historical markers and demand the overthrow of local governments, American liberal mobs have left a path of shocking destruction all across our nation. And, like an occupying army, they demand obedience from their conquered cities. Identifying supporters to collaborate with their tyranny and seeking out those who resist to make examples with punishment and humiliation.

There have been riots in America before, but they were generally confined to a specific place over a specific issue and only lasted a few days. This is different. We are in the midst of a nationwide ideological violent uprising. An American communist revolution.

There is no common ground with the revolutionaries. Their ransom conditions to stop the violence and destruction are intentionally vague and incapable of being met. Unlike previous riots, these are fully supported by a significant part of a mainstream political party who views the destruction as a way to increase their power. There is literally no end to the destruction until the revolutionaries either decide to stop on their own or are physically stopped from continuing.

Which brings us to an honest assessment of the way forward. The current level of violence and destruction cannot continue indefinitely. As rioters have gotten away with wanton destruction while political leaders have refused to restore order, they are becoming bolder and more violent. Seeming to dare anyone to stop them. The violence will stop, but it will be interesting to see how it does so.

There are a lot of questions about how things will develop:

  • Will Democrat leaders in big cities be forced to take action against what they see as their voters?
  • Will the people in these big cities recall or remove ineffective local leaders and install leaders who will take the necessary action to restore order?
  • Will the mob overtake local government and eventually use conquered cities as a base of operations to spread their violence to smaller communities?
  • Will the U.S. remain a cohesive nation? Or will one side or the other make a move to separate?

We are living in historic times. We know from history that communist revolutions are never pleasant. Things are likely to get worse before they get better.