Harsh Reality

Friday, May 22, 2020

Blue State Conservatives: Stay Where You Are!

The flood of refugees from high-tax, high-crime liberal states to low-tax, low-crime states has gone from a steady stream to a tsunami over the past several years as Democrats in certain states have consolidated their power, passed crazier and crazier laws driving down the quality of life and raising taxes to unaffordable levels. These states are also largely bankrupt, with a public pension bomb just waiting to explode and so many public freebies it attracts homeless, the welfare crowd and illegal aliens from everywhere and, correspondingly, increases Democrat control. Which fuels more tax increases, more spending and more programs to attract even more people looking for government cheese. What we call a vicious cycle.

Responsible adults in these states are fleeing to states without this vicious cycle of problems. Basically...states run by Republicans. By and large, these are good people. Hard workers, responsible, law-abiding people. Many of them business owners moving their operations to more sensible states.

As nice as many of these people are, and as much as I sympathize with them, there is a cultural difference between most native Californians and most native Texans. You can substitute any red-state/blue-state combination. Maybe it was finances that drove some of these people. But they may be liberal on social issues. Or, maybe the other way around. The point is there are cultural differences, and flooding a conservative state with people from a liberal state inevitably leads to that conservative state becoming less conservative.

I was reminded of this when I saw a remarkable story of a murder a few weeks ago in Arkansas. Without reading you the story, the basic summary goes like this:

  • Man murders woman's mother and cousin in their home in 1996;
  • Woman befriends the man who murdered her mother while he is in prison, exchanging letters and visiting him;
  • While he is in prison, woman buys the home where her 75yo mother was murdered and converts it into a fancy bed & breakfast;
  • She lobbies the parole board for the murderer's release;
  • Woman gives the man a job upon his release in 2018, working in the home where he killed her mother and cousin;
  • Woman catches him stealing and fires him;
  • Man stabs and bludgeons her to death in 2020 in the same home where he killed her mother and cousin 24 years earlier.
This is an example of what I call 'suicidal altruism'. That is, a refusal to accept reality and substituting that reality with a fantasy of how the person wants things to be. And then proceeding in a situation as though that fantasy of how they wish things were is reality. And then suffering severe consequences for ignoring reality. It's irrational. But that's basically the difference between liberals and rational people.

What jumped out at me from this sad story is that the woman was from California and had moved to Arkansas to buy her mother's home from her family and convert it into an upscale bed & breakfast. The picture in media from this event shows her sitting with a glass of red wine. I know people everywhere enjoy red wine, but she looks very Californian in the picture. I thought that even before I read the story. But she moved from California - a very liberal state - to Arkansas - a very conservative state. This is an example of idealistic people from a different part of the country moving to the middle of America and bringing their crazy hippie dippy ideas with them and causing damage. And this is why I'm not a fan of everyone telling "conservatives" in New York, New Jersey, California, Illinois, etc. to move to conservative states like Florida, Texas, etc.

When people from these liberal states get here (I live in Florida) they bring their politics with them. They bring their lifestyle ideas with them. They bring the same attitudes and nonsense that destroyed the place they're coming from. There are exceptions to this general rule, but with mass population shifts, it's been true over and over. Colorado was an ultra-conservative Western state that's been completely flipped to an anti-gun pot-smoking faithful Democrat state by Californians fleeing the disaster they created in California. Idaho is struggling with this same issue as Californians are pouring in and completely changing the culture and beginning to dominate politics. Virginia was the most conservative of conservative states, but has become so flooded with people fleeing New York, New Jersey & Connecticut, it's now a leftist wacko Disneyland with Democrats in total control of the government and running roughshod over native Virginians. It's been transformed into New York South. North Carolina, Georgia & Florida are barely holding on as conservative states for this same reason.

This is why, when I see people on social media talking about getting out of their madhouse liberal state and moving to a conservative state or, worse yet, conservatives inviting people to move from liberal states to Texas, Florida, etc. I always tell them "STOP!" Do not encourage this. All such movement does is further consolidate leftist control of liberal states and it dilutes the states where these refugees flee to.

In the picture at the top of this article, you see someone encouraging actress Kirstie Alley to move away from Hollywood and come to Texas. Fox's Sean Hannity - a native New Yorker - frequently talks about picking up and moving to Texas or some other conservative state. I know several people who "escaped" their liberal states. I always encourage people, when they talk about this, to stay where they are. Defend their home. Defend their state. Take it back from the lunatics. Organize, vote, run for office. Get on a school board or county commission and make a difference there. Help someone else. The left didn't achieve total control in these places by magic. They worked, organized, agitated and took advantage of every opportunity to seize another position. Then worked with others who had seized a position to help others grab more positions and amplify their power. I know it's easier to pull up stakes and move to a place that's better, but that doesn't benefit anyone except the one fleeing their own state.

Again, like foreigners who don't like the economy or the government or the filth in their own country and so flee to the U.S. or some other place. Clean up your country. Change your government. Do your part to improve the economy.

The woman in this sad story about murder in Arkansas moved from California and cited her buddhist spirituality as her excuse for befriending the man who murdered her mother and cousin. I'm sure she thought she was very open-minded and progressive. It was insane. Her Arkansas neighbors probably thought she was a kooky Californian, but it didn't really matter. There actually are cultural differences from place to place that make a big difference. Collectively, they can completely change an entire state and, eventually, a nation.

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

The Bundy Standoff Has Arrived on Main Street, USA

In April 2014 near Bunkerville, Nevada there was a standoff between federal agents from the Bureau of Land Management and a private family. Rancher Cliven Bundy and his family had cattle grazing on public land, as the Bundy family had for decades. For various reasons, including claimed endangered turtles and other excuses, federal officials ordered ranchers to not allow their cattle to graze on the millions of acres of public land. After warnings to ranchers, and decades of legal wrangling, federal agents began physically rounding up and destroying Bundy's cattle.

The government's position was that the land at issue was government-owned and the federal government could charge grazing fees (which the Bundy family had actually paid since the 1950s before stopping in the 1980s) or limit or prohibit the public's access. Bundy's position is the disputed land is, and had always been, public land. That it was not the property of the federal government in Washington, D.C. and that the government could not ban the public from public land. Bundy, contending he had every right to graze his cattle on public land, refused to back down.

When the legal back and forth turned physical and the government began seizing the Bundys' cattle, Bundy and other private citizens showed up to stop it. When federal agents escalated the matter with a show of force and weapons, supporters of the Bundy family showed up with guns in a show of force. A standoff like something out of a movie ensued, with hundreds of federal agents with rifles facing hundreds or thousands of ordinary Americans with rifles, many in cowboy hats and on horseback, American flags waving in the wind. The private citizens seized the high ground around the point of standoff and assumed positions to engage federal authorities if they escalated the matter.

The ordinary Americans demanded nothing, they simply stood their ground. All the Bundys and their supporters wanted was to be left alone.

Thankfully, someone in Washington realized the impossibility of the optics as there ended being a gaggle of media on the scene as large as the parties to the standoff. The government thought better of the situation and, after several days withdrew and signaled their intent to seek resolution through administrative or judicial means.

There's more to the story including the charges that ended up being filed and the legal part that dragged on for awhile, but the cases against Bundy and his supporters were eventually dismissed. The only reason for the brief history of the Bundy standoff in Nevada is that this scenario is beginning to be played out all over America, only with fewer guns, horses and cowboy hats.

Americans everywhere are realizing the bait-and-switch of the Great Coronavirus Panic of 2020. Governments pushed the panic button and demanded Americans lock ourselves in our homes and our economy be shutdown to "flatten the curve". We were told it was a dire emergency only necessary to give healthcare workers a few weeks to stack the millions of dead bodies that would be piling up everywhere. Emergency orders were put in place for just a few weeks. When hospitals everywhere except New York City sat empty, governments everywhere extended the orders another couple weeks because we were told there would be a "surge" of cases. They kept promising the surge of death and mayhem would be "next week".

Next week never came.

March turned into April, and by May Americans en masse couldn't help but notice the repeated cycle of extended lockdowns and promises of a surge of dead and dying "next week". At the same time, though, many Democrat governors began letting the mask slip and changing the excuse for their lockdown orders.

The lockdowns were sold as necessary to not overwhelm medical facilities. Then the excuse switched to keeping people from getting the virus. As Georgia, Florida, Texas and other states began easing the lockdowns it became apparent there didn't seem to be any relationship between lockdown and number of people getting the virus. South Dakota, Sweden and Japan had little or no lockdown, and about the same level of infections as states with draconian lockdowns.

By mid-May - around two months into the economic shutdowns - business owners have begun openly defying government orders.

Dallas salon owner Shelley Luther opened her business and went to jail rather than allow herself and her employees to be bankrupted and starve or apologize for doing so.

This week in New Jersey, the owners of Atilis Gym have openly defied their Democrat governor's inexplicable shutdown order, accepting citations from police. Officers have escalated the harassment by issuing citations and arresting gym patrons. Not only is owner Ian Smith continuing to open every day, he has appeared twice on Tucker Carlson's FoxNews program to discuss the matter in a calm, matter-of-fact manner. Appearing dramatically more reasonable than the governor who, like other government officials, can't explain why coronavirus will infect and kill you in a gym or hair salon, but not at Walmart, Smith continues to defy the governor's shutdown order.

In California, citizens have openly defied the Democrat government's lockdown orders and demands to stay off public beaches in spite of their governor's threats to "pull them out of the water".

In Michigan, Democrat governor Whitmer has repeatedly demonized and ridiculed her own citizens for demanding to end her shutdown. The state legislature refused to extend her emergency powers past April 30th, so she imposed them, anyway. 77yo Karl Manke of Owosso, Michigan opened his barber shop in spite of Whitmer's order and a judge backed him up, citing the governor's lack of authority to unilaterally continue emergency orders past the date authorized by the legislature. Whitmer's thugs responded by revoking Manke's barber license, but local law enforcement refused to stop him from continuing to work.

In Illinois, Democrat J.B. Pritzger has added a year in jail and thousands of dollars in fines for anyone defying his orders. We'll see if anyone in Illinois tests this crazy scheme of making laws specifically designed to transform ordinary law-abiding citizens into criminals.

The over-reach and totalitarianism of leftist politics has expanded from federal land grabs and property violations in the remote Nevada desert to strip malls and Main Streets across America. The Bundy standoff is now taking place in small towns and big cities all over our country. These constitutional violations will escalate as long as the government continues escalating them. The American people are increasingly refusing to back down.

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

The Left is Increasingly Desperate

It's not been a good week for Democrats (and a few Republicans). And they are getting desperate.

The case against LTG(R) Mike Flynn collapsed as prosecutors turned over reams of previously undisclosed documents showing Flynn was illegally targeted, entrapped and indicted for political reasons by corrupt Obama FBI and DOJ officials. Documents that were never supposed to be seen. But, even beyond the implications for General Flynn, this document release exposed the depth of corruption of James Comey, Peter Strozk and others close to Barack Obama.

In other developments:

We learned from previously secret testimony from the House Intelligence Committee that Obama officials who had been publicly declaring for years to have evidence President Trump colluded with the Russian government had no such evidence and denied any such personal knowledge or evidence when questioned under oath. They testified privately to the exact opposite of what they were publicly telling Trump-hating (fake) news outlets for years.

We learned Obama was personally involved in spying on General Flynn as former Attorney General Sally Yates testified she was surprised to learn of the eavesdropped phone calls from Obama himself.

We learned Adam Schiff knew for a fact there was no evidence of any kind that President Trump or anyone in his campaign had ever colluded with Russia, yet made repeated public statements that he was in possession of substantial evidence of Russian collusion. Dozens or hundreds of times he made this claim, all the time knowing it was a lie. Major media never challenged him and simply ran with the claim as true.

As for Republicans, we now know GOP House members were sitting in the same room and questioning these Obama officials under oath, but sat by while Schiff, Democrats and major media spent years going wall-to-wall "RUSSIA!" without pushing back. Republican Trey Gowdy, in particular, knew all along and said nothing. Gowdy appeared this week on Tucker Carlson and looked like a deer in the headlights. He refused to directly answer a single question, deflecting every time until the segment mercifully ended. He looked like every bit the lying weasel as Adam Schiff.

Desperate meltdowns are happening everywhere.

CNN has been apoplectic all week, lashing out at other news sources for covering the Russian narrative collapse. Obama fan boy Brian Stelter is so visibly shaken he appears to be off his medication. He's been in an incoherent rage that's been a combination sad and funny to watch.

Obama, in a teleconference, sounded very different from the teleprompter-reading smoothness he's famous for. He sounded confused and scared, hesitating and stuttering while complaining about the Flynn case falling apart. Speaking of irony, Obama muttered the rule of law was in jeopardy by Flynn's case being dismissed. Shocking violations by Obama and his thugs of the Rule of Law is the only reason Flynn was investigated and prosecuted. It was interesting to hear Obama obviously nervous. I'm not sure what's going to happen - likely nothing to Obama himself - but I wonder what he thinks is going to happen?

The federal judge in the Flynn case is acting desperate, too. Sullivan has taken some weird measures to avoiding granting prosecutors' and defense counsel's motion to withdraw Flynn's guilty plea and dismiss the case against him. Judges normally automatically approve any motions agreed to by all parties. It's extraordinary for a judge to personally intervene to stop parties in a dispute who agree on something. Not only has Sullivan intervened and refused to grant the parties' agreement, but he's taken the wild step of inviting outside parties (Democrats) to submit documents regarding the matter. This is particularly abusive since he refused to allow numerous filings by other parties who wished to submit matters in favor of General Flynn earlier in the proceedings. Everything about the Flynn case is beyond anything I've ever seen in over 25 years of practicing law.

On the coronavirus front, Democrats are having a hard time keeping their citizens on house arrest and businesses shut, so they're having to resort to desperate measures.

In Michigan, governor Whitmer lost a case where a 79 year old barber opened his shop against her shutdown order. A judge ruled she can't stop him from opening. Whitmer, who's been hurling slurs at her own citizens to leftists in major media, ordered any protester with a firearm to be arrested. She's violating so many constitutional rights that it's hard to keep up. She manages to trample the First, Second and Fourth Amendments just with this one ruling. On a tyrant grading scale, that's got to be some kind of record. Looking forward to seeing what happens in Michigan with her. She's really left the citizens of her state no choices.

In Pennsylvania, the governor has threatened to withhold federal stimulus money from local areas defying his lockdown and shutdown orders. I'm reasonably certain such action is unlawful, especially since federal courts recently ruled President Trump cannot withhold federal funds from sanctuary cities. But liberal judges never seem to apply the same standards to their fellow liberals, so we'll see. It shows the government is desperate, though, and is losing control of citizens in his state.

Speaking of Pennsylvania, the state's health secretary (the cross-dresser) moved his own mother out of a nursing home and to a hotel to avoid the danger inflicted by the official state policy mismanaging the state's nursing home COVID-19 response and resulting in nearly 70% of Pennsylvania's coronavirus death toll. Just one of the many examples of state officials keeping tight control over their citizens while not personally abiding by their own controls.

Things look to be turning in favor of freedom-loving Americans on several fronts. Transparency and freedom. There's a long way to go, but things seem to be pointed in the right direction for the first time in a long time.

Monday, May 11, 2020

The Leftist Control of Language

New England Patriots kicker Justin Rohrwasser, whose 'Threepercenter'
tattoo has been on his forearm alongside other patriotic tattoos
throughout his college career. (Photo Marshall University)
In any interaction with liberals, or even reading of leftist major media, you might have noticed it doesn't even seem like they are speaking the same language. It's because they aren't. Liberals speak their own language, and demand you speak it, too. If you refuse, they use other twisted language to label you with a convenient slur. Slurs that themselves have been twisted to mean things completely the opposite of what liberal themselves claimed they meant in the past.

For instance, if you oppose preferential treatment for one race and support all people being treated equally without regard to their skin color, you are now a racist according to liberals. You can quote Martin Luther King's exact claim about 'content of character' all you want, but advocating a color-blind society now gets you branded with slurs from the left. How did they do that sleight-of-hand? By moving the goalposts on you. The liberal dogma has switched, so now opposing race-based preferences is characterized as ignoring the institutionalized system of black oppression, ergo: "Racist". See how that works?

In the same way, in the U.K., Paul Weston - a candidate for office - was arrested while giving a campaign speech a few years ago. His crime? He publicly read from former Prime Minister Winston Churchill's book The River War. A member of the audience was offended by Churchill's writing about his military service in the British Army during the Sahdist War in Sudan and called police who showed up and arrested Weston for racial harassment.

See how that works? By re-casting inconvenient words as evil, ideas can be banned and people banished from the public square, even for quoting the exact words of national leaders from just a few years ago.

Whomever controls and defines the language, gets to control speech. They get to choose who is demonized and who is praised. They get to define good and evil. They then use that control to go to liberal judges and get exceptions to free speech protections by claiming to only ban "hate speech". Since that door was cracked, it's been a flood of leftist speech control in academia, business and the public square of social media. In that last regard, they've added "misinformation" and "conspiracies" to "hate speech" in order to justify stomping out ideas interfering with their agenda. But that is a topic for another column.

The pattern is always the same. The common denominator in all this is the left banning opposing ideas and discussion under the guise of limiting words. Which is the opposite of freedom of speech. Our Founding Fathers recognized citizens' ability to speak freely and for ideas to be debated freely, as essential to prevent tyranny. The irony is the founders themselves are now under assault by the left.

NFL placekicker Justin Rohrwasser has a number of pro-America tattoos plainly visible on his arms. He's had these tattoos throughout his successful college career at an NCAA Division I school. His artwork is plainly visible to players, fans, photographers and media. Included among his American flag tattoo and quote from American patriot Patrick Henry ("Liberty or Death") is a "Threepercenter (3%)" tattoo: The Roman numeral III surrounded by thirteen stars, representing the 13 colonies. The tattoo has been on his arm since he was 18 years old and has never been an issue to teammates, coaches, fans, opposing players or anyone in media. The tattoo is openly visible on his official university media guide photo. But when he was drafted by the New England Patriots recently, leftist TV viewers saw his tattoo and immediately went into a hysterical outrage. Rohrwasser was attacked as a white supremacist and radical right-wing extremist. The hysteria over his tattoo was so ferocious he tearfully apologized and promised to have the tattoo removed. He explained he just thought it to be a symbol supporting the U.S. military, and disavowed the claimed representation it is a symbol of hate and right-wing extremism.

So, what exactly, is the Threepercenter logo? Many American military and 2nd Amendment supporters display this un-trademarked, un-copyrighted symbol to represent the 3% of American patriots who actually fought against the British during the American revolution. It's frequently combined with imagery from the Gadsden flag ('Don't Tread on Me'), the American flag, the year 1776, language from the Declaration of Independence, etc. There is no official organization, leadership, meetings or dues. It is literally just an idea among freedom-loving Americans.

Unlimited variations on this patriotic logo are widely available on t-shirts, coffee mugs, license plates, flags and any other item imaginable from every retailer imaginable.

The left has used their control of social media and major media to twist this simple logo in common use by conservative patriots into something completely different. Just as Martin Luther King's and Winston Churchill's exact words have been re-characterized as evil, racist and hateful, the simple phrase "3%" has been twisted by the hysterical left into a symbol of sinister, secret hate organization. As often reported, liberals have managed to infest and control Wikipedia's subject-matter editors, giving them the last word on any and every topic. As a result, the Wikipedia entry for 3% describes it as a far-right anti-Americans hate group, organized in 2008 (corresponding to the election of Barack Obama). Leftist misinformation outlet Southern Poverty Law Center, who labels any and all conservatives as hate mongers, equates the 3% logo to swastikas and the KKK. For reference, though, the SPLC also labeled black pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson's presidential campaign a "hate group" because he is pro-life and disagrees with gay marriage. Similarly, they label popular Christian group Family Research Council, founded by Dr. James Dobson and known for his Focus on the Family broadcasts, a "hate organization" for their opposition to gay marriage and abortion. A few years ago a mass shooter used SPLC's "hate map" to locate and attack the ministry's offices, shooting a security guard before being subdued and arrested.

The left uses control of language to portray anyone who disagrees with them as evil. They use some version of this tactic in many ways. Statues and monuments to soldiers, statesmen and even American presidents, many standing peacefully for over 100 years in towns across the U.S,; The Confederate battle flag, a generic representation of the American South commonly seen in music, television and sports representing Southern places and culture; The "Betsy Ross" flag, another commonly-used historic American flag, including as a backdrop at Obama's 2012 inauguration and Independence Day celebrations across America: All have been suddenly re-branded as outrageous symbols of racism, slavery and oppression, with corresponding demands they be banned, torn down and purged. Those who object or resist are branded as racists and haters.

Liberals know that controlling the language allows them to control citizens' speech and label dissenters with slurs to silence and control them. As they control their opponents' speech, culture and even tattoos, they ban resistance to their increased political control and leftist transformation of our communities, institutions and culture.

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Even the Left Doesn't Believe Their Own BS

Liberals always lie.

Liberals are increasingly forced to admit their hysterical outrage directed at conservatives
is fake. Their shocking rhetoric and tantrums at Republicans is nothing
 more than a convenient device to intimidate.
That leftists are somehow entirely incapable of honesty is an indisputable fact we've all seen for ourselves when engaged in discussions with leftists. There really is no point in even talking with them because they make up "facts", change the subject when they realize they're losing, talk over you or shout you down, demand you provide them sources for everything and hurl slurs at you before storming off. We've all seen it. And this is just the garden variety liberalism. With Trump Derangement Syndrome and the blank check authorities give to the more virulent strain known as antifa, there's a real chance your discussion could end with violence. If they win, you go to the hospital. If you successfully defend yourself you will likely end up in jail. Only leftist thugs are allowed to brutalize people with whom they disagree.

Professor Neil Ferguson, who convinced
leaders to strip citizens of their rights and
destroy the economy of Western nations
over a flu bug.
As covered in this blog earlier this week the Mayor of Chicago thinks the coronavirus is so incredibly dangerous that people in her city should be locked in their homes against their will and businesses ordered closed. In announcing her restrictions she actually cited haircuts as something she would not allow Chicagoans to do because they might get the virus and die. Of course, we all know the mayor herself went out and got her hair cut and then lashed out at her citizens for pointing out her hypocrisy. The main point here is she knew she wouldn't actually get coronavirus if she got her haircut. That's just a BS story she told the people.

Illinois governor J. B. Pritzker has also taken heat for his own family heading off to Florida while he has ordinary citizens in his state locked in their homes. He knew it wasn't dangerous for his family to leave the house or he wouldn't have let them, presuming he loves his wife and children. That's just a lie to control everyone else.

Professor Neil Ferguson of Imperial College London, the man who came up with the wildly wrong predictions of millions of dead around the world and who started this lockdown/shutdown mess that has trashed the U.S. Constitution and destroyed the world economy, had to resign this week. He was caught cavorting with a mistress instead of locked in his home and social distancing as everyone else in the UK is ordered to do by law. He was presumably also not wearing a mask. So, why was he violating all these "important" health safety measures? Because he knows there's no danger. He knows he's not going to get coronavirus and die if he violates every safety rule and carries on as normal. It's all just a lie and he knows it.

One of the things liberals screech about is women's rights and how everyone is victimizing them all the time. It gets more shrill on occasion as they find a Republican target of opportunity and clutch their pearls and rush to their fainting couches in fake outrage and hysteria. Now that their own presidential nominee is having problems with accusations that would send liberals into a hysterical panic if leveled against a Republican, several in the Democrat party are openly saying it doesn't matter what Biden did. Even if they believe he assaulted a woman...they don't care. One liberal on social media went so far as to say she would still vote for Biden, even if he raped her in the middle of the street. Women's safety doesn't actually matter to them. Women's health doesn't matter. If these things mattered they wouldn't have fawned over Bill Clinton and accepted millions in political donations from Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein. All that matters is winning elections. Their outrage is all fake.

Liberals openly expressing they don't care if Biden raped a woman is a return to their position in the 1990s with Bill Clinton groping and assaulting his way through every woman he could get his hands on. Why? Because their demand for women's rights and claims of victimization is all just a lie. They admit even they don't believe their rhetoric. It's just meant to be a reason to scream at conservatives and pretend to be a victim.

Liberals always lie. There's no point in having a discussion with them. They don't even believe the ridiculous lies they spew, and their actions back up that reality.

Monday, May 4, 2020

Different Parties, Same Tyranny: Next GOP Purge Will be at State Level

Liberal Democrat Chicago Mayor and Conservative Indiana Governor
mocking their citizens by violating their own "emergency" orders.
The Great Coronavirus Panic of 2020 is revealing the extent to which state-level political leaders are, like the Washington, D.C. Democrat-Republican Uni-Party, indistinguishable from one another when it comes to actually governing. Indiana Republican governor Eric Holcomb and Ohio governor Mike DeWine have brushed off demands by their citizens to honor Constitutional rights in the same manner as liberal Democrat governors. Before getting to these examples, a refresher on how and why President Trump came to office is appropriate to see the political shakeup that could be in store for state Republicans around the U.S. who campaign as conservatives but govern as liberals.

A common observation over the past 30 years has been the decreasing difference between Democrats and Republicans at the national level. Not so much from a party platform standpoint, but from a practical one. Republican establishment types mixed and mingled at cocktail parties and sent their kids to the same elite schools, everyone trying to build their own political dynasty. So-called conservative media members had the same basic globalist worldview as liberal commentators.

The biggest difference was at campaign time when the sides would pander to their voters. Democrats said things their liberal base wanted to hear and conservatives said things their conservative base wanted. When they got back to Washington, though, GOP leaders always found a reason to go along with the Democrats on everything. This was most striking when the American people gave Republicans an avalanche-sized win in Congress in 2010 and John Boehner took over as Speaker of the House. If you recall, he immediately spent a lot of one-on-one time with Barack Obama and capitulated on absolutely everything Democrats wanted. Republicans used the excuse they couldn't get anything done only controlling one house of Congress. So, in 2014, Americans gave the GOP a solid majority in the U.S. Senate, too.

They still kept enacting the Democrat agenda. Only now their excuse was they were powerless to do anything to stop Obama because he was president. Speaker Paul Ryan seemed to be enthusiastic about fulfilling Obama's wildest dreams.

At this point, the Republican base realized the GOP was completely disconnected from their voters and was more interested in being popular with the cool kids in D.C. and having major media say nice things about them. Which meant doing what Democrats would do. This is what propelled Donald Trump to the Presidency.

When Donald Trump came down the escalator in Trump Tower and announced his candidacy he was sneered at, mocked, ridiculed and insulted for his populist message. He immediately shot to the top of the polling in the GOP field and never looked back. The more he was attacked by major media and the Republican establishment, the more his support was cemented. The elites were unified in their disgust and disdain for Trump and his message. But their slurs against his supporters is what threw gasoline on the fire. At worst, the media and the GOP called Trump supporters racists and rednecks. At best, they assumed a paternalistic sympathy and chatted with other elites about how simple and misguided they were to be so pitifully ignorant to believe someone outside the elite ruling class could ever be president. Basically, the stupid hillbillies in flyover country just didn't realize what was good for them. The elitists in the Republican party learned nothing from their base having delivered massive wins in 2010 and 2014. And, had the party not forced a spineless, effeminate globalist - a Republican version of Obama, really - as the nominee in 2012, the GOP base would've made Obama a one-term president. When the party added Democrat-lite Paul Ryan as Romney's running mate it just sealed the deal. The GOP base hated the ticket and there was no real reason to vote for them, so millions of Republicans didn't even vote in 2012.

In 2016, all Trump had to do was represent the base and refuse to back down to dominate the primaries, swipe the professional politicians and major media aside, seize the nomination, and topple both the Bush and Clinton political dynasties.

President Trump's 2016 win and his presidency has laid bare how stagnant and corrupt the de facto one-party system of governance America had fallen under at the national level.

The Great Coronavirus Panic of 2020 has revealed the extent to which the same rot has infected politics at the state level.

Just as giving John Boehner and Paul Ryan control of the House of Representative, and Donald Trump's rampage through the 2016 GOP primaries, coronavirus has stripped away the veneer of party politics and shown which Republican governors are indistinguishable in office from their liberal Democrat peers.

Indiana governor Eric Holcomb portrayed himself as a conservative and assumed that office when Governor Mike Pence became Trump's Vice President. Mitch Daniels had been Indiana Governor for two terms before Pence and was a pragmatic, plainspoken center-right conservative with solid approval in that conservative state. Pence succeeded Daniels and served as a more Reagan-esque populist, generally more socially and fiscally conservative than Daniels. Holcomb served as Pence's Lieutenant Governor and it was presumed would govern more or less as Daniels and Pence had done.

Ohio governor Mike DeWine is a baby boomer Republican who has been a one-man institution in Ohio politics for more than 40 years, serving as Prosecutor in the 1970s and early '80s, Congressman in the 1980s, Lieutenant Governor in the 1990s, U.S. Senator in the '90s and 2000s and assumed the governorship in 2019.

During the coronavirus panic both Holcomb and DeWine, sold to voters as conservatives, have been entirely indistinguishable from hardcore liberal Democrat governors in Michigan, Virginia, Kentucky and Illinois. All of these governors, once they scrapped their state Constitutions and ignored the U.S. Constitution to impose draconian lockdowns of their populations and ordered businesses and churches closed, have ignored and insulted their citizens for demanding an end to these strong-arm government controls.

In Illinois, governor Pritzker was caught sending his family off to Florida while continuing the house-arrest and economic shutdown of ordinary citizens in his state. When asked about his hypocrisy, Pritzker played the victim and went after the reporter as "attacking his family".

In Michigan, liberal Democrat governor Whitmer publicly ridiculed her own citizens to her fellow elitists in the media, accusing them of being racists and nazis, for demanding they be allowed to return to work, school and church. Kentucky's liberal Democrat governor Andy Beshear and Ohio Republican DeWine have likewise ignored their citizens' demands to end emergency orders that were sold to the public as necessary to "flatten the curve", but continue under the new excuse of stopping the virus.

Virginia Democrat governor Ralph "Make-the-child-comfortable-until-the-mother-decides-whether-to-end-its-life" Northam has not only refused to end the lockdown of his citizens, but is using his coronavirus emergency order as an opportunity to ram through an aggressive liberal agenda. The U.S. Department of Justice last week has joined Virginia citizens suing Northam over his continued ban on churches holding worship services.

Just as Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot ordered her citizens locked down for their own good and then was caught on social media going to the beauty parlor to get her own hair styled (while barber shops and beauty parlors are all closed on her and Pritzker's orders), Indiana's Republican governor was caught violating his own orders and socializing in a restaurant without masks and hugging on people and mugging for selfies while ignoring his citizens demands that his tyrannical lockdowns be ended.

The Great Coronavirus Panic of 2020 is revealing the extent to which state-level political leaders are, like the Washington, D.C. Democrat-Republican Uni-Party, indistinguishable from one another when it comes to actually governing. They exempt themselves from their own harsh rule and don't care what their citizens want. With Republicans, it is clear that many are only "conservative" when it comes to making promises to get elected. Once in office, though, these political elites hold their citizens in the same contempt as liberal Democrats.

The political backlash that happened in the GOP at the national level in 2016 needs to take place now at the state level around America.