Harsh Reality

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Quiet Whispers from Medical Professionals are Getting Louder

At the beginning of the Great Coronavirus Panic of 2020 some medical professionals quietly doubted the unlikely predictions of mass death and overwhelmed healthcare infrastructure. These doubts were mostly based on the impact of previous viral outbreaks like SARS, MERS and H1N1 which, while significant, never overwhelmed America's medical capacity.

The problem was these sober assessments were swamped by the intense public panic and hyperventilation about "flattening the curve" by government experts with shocking models of the destruction about to overwhelm the U.S. population. There was an unspoken atmosphere that doubting the hyperbole was insensitive considering the impending death and destruction.

As the infections, hospitalizations, ventilator use and death rate all turned out to be dramatically lower than predicted, it's obvious the early doubters were right. Hospitals across America are largely empty, healthcare workers are furloughed, the Navy hospital ships and Army field hospitals dispatched to take on the promised tidal wave of patients sit empty and doctors and nurses are so bored they've spent their time in hospitals choreographing and recording ridiculous group dance videos on TikTok and silly recreations of the Titanic movie or the Last Supper portraying themselves as Jesus and the Apostles. The hysterical reporting about ventilator shortages in the beginning has turned into a massive over-stock of unused equipment. The state of New York this week reporting only 5,000 ventilators used of 30,000 on hand. Meanwhile, the models keep adjusting their scary numbers downward.

The taboo of pointing out the obvious overreaction is losing its grip among your friends, neighbors and family members who work in healthcare.

Several weeks of data and specific research is now coming out calling to question the draconian, unconstitutional shutdowns of private businesses and indefinite house arrest of law-abiding people.

Dr. Dan Erickson and Dr. Artin Massihi of Bakersfield, CA held a press conference last week disputing any medical need for a lockdown of the American population. The political correctness fallout was swift and YouTube banned video of the press conference.

Now, heralded health researcher and epidemiologist John Ioannidis of Stanford University (honored in 2019 for outstanding professional achievements) writes the entire COVID-19 panic and government response "may be a once-in-a-century evidence fiasco", with policymakers relying on "meaningless" statistics based on unreliable samples. He goes on to lambaste the panicked media and health officials' eagerness to make dramatic, unrealistic projections from tiny samples onto entire populations and then categorizing deaths from other causes as due to COVID-19. Ioannidis' believes the mortality rate for COVID-19 could be reasonably estimated at 0.05%. He writes:
"A population-wide case fatality rate of 0.05% is lower than seasonal influenza. If that is the true rate, locking down the world with potentially tremendous social and financial consequences may be totally irrational. It’s like an elephant being attacked by a house cat. Frustrated and trying to avoid the cat, the elephant accidentally jumps off a cliff and dies."
The Great Coronavirus Panic of 2020 is beginning to look like a completely unnecessary and catastrophic overreaction on a nationwide scale. Like a community sent into a hysterical panic by a predicted snowstorm that never arrives. Only with the Chinese coronavirus, it's been governments at every level stoking panic, encouraging citizens to hoard supplies and locking us in our homes.

Rational people and actual science were shoved aside in favor of completely wrong computer models weilded by government bureaucrat "experts" with no accountability and who will pay no price for the social and economic destruction they've caused.

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Everyday Heroes are Rising Up

I previously wrote about American leaders taking a stand for the Constitution. South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, Summit Motorsports Park CEO Bill Bader, Jr. and several Sheriffs in counties across the United States. This is obviously not an exhaustive list, but it has been the exception rather than the rule during this obscene coronavirus hysteria that's seen American freedoms quashed indefinitely in the name an "emergency" at the insistence of government bureaucrats and anonymous "experts" wielding profoundly wrong models of impending doom.

While more leaders are stepping up every day to put an end to this madness of rule by incompetent, unelected bureaucrats, there is emerging a pushback among the American people at the local level. Some of whom are setting an example and becoming unintentional leaders among the citizens.

In Dallas, salon owner Shelly Luther reopened her business in defiance of the stay-at-home order. She was cited by the county and specifically ordered to remain closed. When the citation was served on her, authorities sent several police officers and firefighters (for reasons nobody seems to understand) to her salon in a show of force. Over the weekend Luther publicly ripped her citation to pieces at a demonstration at City Hall. Other business owners showed up at the protest and caused local media to clutch their pearls by not practicing social distancing as they showed solidarity with Ms. Luther and spoke to reporters. Elsewhere in Texas, pastors and others filed lawsuits over the orders, claiming violation of their constitutional rights.

In New York City, noted mens clothier Eliot Rabin, a 78 year old U.S. Army veteran, openly announced his defiance of New York's mandatory shutdown in a video. He asks a great question: "Why is a liquor store 'essential' and I'm not?" He pointed out that government was eager to shut his business, but nowhere to be found in helping him deal with the massive fallout from their order. Rabin, who was forced to layoff most of his staff - some of whom had worked for him for 35 years - made a powerful statement: "I'm opening my doors, come hell or high water!"

Police Chief Shawn Lad of the small town of Energy, Illinois advised the public and residents in his community he will not be enforcing stay-at-home orders or those restricting citizens rights to assemble under the U.S. and Illinois state constitutions. Chief Lad cited his duty to not only protect the lives and property of citizens, but to protect the citizens from unlawful government overreach.

The Mayor of Grants, New Mexico violated the governor's statewide shutdown order, allowing local businesses to begin reopening. Mayor Martin Hicks went so far as to warn there will be a confrontation with his local police if the state showed up to interfere and enforce the contradicting statewide order.

In Wisconsin, several county Sheriffs have openly questioned the constitutionality of their governor's stay-at-home order and stated they will not enforce it in their communities.

These ordinary Americans are showing their loyalty to their fellow citizens and to the Constitution. Like a snowball rolling down a hill, resistance to government overreach is growing in size and momentum. It only takes a few leaders at the highest levels to inspire people at the local level to stand up for their rights and the rights of others in their community and push back on the totalitarianism inflicted under the guise of an "emergency" claimed by "experts" with ever-changing models, wrong predictions and who pay no price for the freedoms lost and destroyed economy.

We need more of these leaders. Maybe you?

Monday, April 20, 2020

“I am not asking, I am opening."

Leaders are emerging.

Patriots. Free men and women. Americans.

Bill Bader, Jr. owns Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio. His track is one of many American businesses being destroyed by the leftist power grab disguised as a public health emergency that never materialized. As the excuse has unraveled, these officials at every level are clinging to any excuse they can think of to keep Americans under their thumbs, businesses closed and people begging them for some freedom back. Not Bill Bader.

I've been waiting for a leader, in any position, to publicly say what this man is saying.
“The long and short of it is, there was an overreaction to COVID-19, and nobody is willing to step up and say we overreacted. Nobody is willing to step up and get the American people back to work and get the country back open. They want to shut this country down for as long as possible. As the saying goes, government will not save you, it’s time to save yourselves. And that’s what we’re going to do”
He also said:
“Please understand something, and hear me when I say this: I am not asking, I am opening.” [emphasis added]
This is how a leader speaks. With a clear, unambiguous statement of the problem and the way forward.

And he's not alone. South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem has been savaged by liberal media for refusing to order citizens in her state into lockdown.

Major media has taken swipes at the Governor for not shutting down her state. But her reasoning is 100% correct. We are free people and she took an oath to uphold the Constitution. And, even though the left tries to find some bad result from her decision (a 'hot spot' at some factory), her state has no worse results than any of the locked down states, and better than most.

Our entire perspective of government and society has been turned completely upside down. We are (supposed to be) free people. We don not require permission to leave our homes or go to work or open our businesses, but that's where we find ourselves. And a shocking number of people insert themselves into our personal lives and our private matters to tell us how we have to live "for our own good".

America was founded on the premise that men are free and government is a necessary evil. But that government derives its power from the consent of the governed. And why is this? Because government is attractive to evil men to use as a tool for power. It's the difference between power flowing from the bottom up or from the top down. Our Constitution enshrined in plain, ordinary language the rights of all men, and guaranteed the bare minimum freedoms which the government could not infringe. Speech, the right to arm ourselves, religion, information, assembling together with others, the privacy of our homes and personal effects, the freedom to not be detained or searched and many others. These rights were memorialized in our founding documents to assure that, no matter how out of control a future government became, the people had a built-in firewall against a tyrant using the power of his political office to flip the balance of power and make the people serve the government. But the left has pushed and achieved so many exceptions to our constitutional rights over the years that many Americans wait for the government - many of them unelected bureaucrats - to tell us what they will allow us to do!

The government is not our owner. No politician grants us the privilege of going about our daily lives.

Which is why people like Bader and Noem are so important. They are leaders, speaking clearly and reiterating the traditional relationship between citizen and government. And people have been starving for someone to defend them and their rights in this way. It's the reason Donald Trump was elected President in 2016. He said what people were waiting for our leaders to say, and he refused to apologize. As governments at every level have been corrupted, any leader expecting to advance or for his business to succeed has had to shut up about Americans and their rights and embrace the approved, globalist talking points.

While President Trump's relative success has been a mixed bag, he's succeeded in setting an example for other leaders and giving confidence to citizens to ignore the corrupted media and look for substance and promote leaders that espouse individual freedom and personal responsibility.

Friday, April 17, 2020

U.S. Constitution is so Meaningless, Leaders Don't Even Think About It

Wednesday night New Jersey's Democrat Governor Phil Murphy appeared on Tucker Carlson to discuss his state's 'stay-at-home order. Carlson asked him about his legal authority to issue such an order in obvious violation of specific constitutional rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights.

Stunningly, Murphy admitted what most of us already knew:

"I wasn't thinking of the Bill of Rights when we did this. We went to all, first of all, the data and the science. And it says people have to stay away from each other."
(You can click on the link above to watch the relevant segment of the program on Western Journal's report, or you can watch the Governor's entire appearance from the official FoxNews YouTube channel in the window below.)

Carlson was visibly stunned, although he likely expected some form of dismissal, a lame excuse or perhaps some political weasel words as a non-answer. Instead, the Governor came right out and admitted the Constitution didn't factor at all in his decision. And unless New Jersey's state Constitution differs dramatically from the U.S. Constitution, he also ignored the very document under which he serves in his office and has the authority to serve as Governor.

This isn't a partisan matter. Governors from both parties have thrown aside even a pretense of any limitation whatsoever on their actions and shredded the U.S. and state Constitutions.

Americans have specific, enumerated rights to assemble with others, to move about freely, to attend church, to not have their businesses destroyed by the government, to not be held as a prisoner, to redress of grievances,

Interestingly, as the fear mongering has proven to be largely wishful thinking by control freak politicians and their allies in the bureaucracy, and the predicted millions of dead piled in the streets never materialized, the restrictions are actually increasing! So far, the computer models have been wrong about every single prediction. Current predictions tell us there will be far fewer hospitalizations than in a routine flu season and fewer deaths. So it was a false alarm, right? We can all come out now?


Tyrants, particularly the political left, never give up their power willfully. And they've drunk deep from the cup of total control over the population. A common tactic of the left is to constantly 'move the goalposts'. Make wild accusations with nothing to back up their claims, argue their point with emotion, and then change the subject as their argument falls apart by making another, different wild accusation and shifting to an emotional argument about their new claim. They appear to be able to do this for infinity, although they often circle back around to their original accusation.

For example, liberals accused President Trump of being a Russian spy. When that nonsense fell apart they switched to accusing him of being a Russian puppet who owes his presidency to Vladimir Putin. Then they threw all their eggs in the Stormy Daniels basket and waited for some smoking gun. When that fell apart, they moved on to Michael Cohen. That didn't work, either, so they came back to the Mueller investigation, which was a bust for them. So they screamed that the report would bring down the President. When that was a nothing-burger they dragged Mueller himself before salivating Congressional Democrats to testify, gleefully predicting doom for Trump. When Mueller couldn't back up anything they promised, they switched to outrage about a Ukrainian phone call and made up crimes to put on a silly impeachment dog and pony show. When that fell through, they turned to screeching at the President over coronavirus, first calling him an alarmist and a racist for scaring the American people and picking on the Chinese. Once they realized they could literally shut down President Trump's historic economy, they switched gears and accused him of not taking the virus seriously enough.

So they're always shifting the goal posts around.

The reason put forward for shutting everything down was the promised tens of millions of hospitalizations and millions of dead. We were told the foremost experts had the most advanced models and we were about to enter a new dark age of plague and death. That never happened. Turns out the models were off. WAY off. But the restrictions on freedoms and trampling of Americans' rights is accelerating. Governments at every level are thinking up new restrictions to impose and new ways to harass citizens, limit freedoms and destroy more businesses. The Governor of North Carolina, drunk with power, has gone so far as to outlaw citizens protesting his orders.

This is no longer about a virus. This is all about power. Politicians of both parties have tasted total power and flaunted the Constitution and our rights directly in our faces without penalty. Many, possibly most, will not give up that power willingly.

Few, if any, realize the storm they're driving into. At full speed.

Buckle up.

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Things are Going to Get Worse

The lawsuits are starting. People are beginning to protest, too.

Thousands of mini-dictators in thousands of jurisdictions, from large ones like California to tiny ones like small towns across America, have gotten a taste of absolute power. Absolute control over entire populations. It's become so insane some of these dictators are releasing criminals back out onto the streets where they're committing murder and mayhem, while simultaneously arresting otherwise law-abiding citizens for doing things like playing with their child in the park, paddle-boarding alone on the ocean or going to church. If it seems like this has nothing to do with a virus, you're not the only one.

More and more people, even those who avoid politics for personal or professional reasons, are noticing and beginning to openly speak of the disconnect between the virus and what government officials are doing. For instance, we are told not to touch our faces - especially our mouth, eyes and nose - because we could transfer the virus into mucus membranes in these locations. As a result, everyone is asked to wear a mask as a barrier for our mouths and noses when we go out in public. But why are we not wearing eye protection as medical professionals are doing? There are lots of examples of this disconnect. Why are we safe to go to the grocery store or hardware store, but not church? Why are authorities arresting people for being outside alone and taking them to jails, where actual criminals are being released from those same jails because the inmates could get sick?

Because it's not about the virus. It's about control.

Governors, mayors, county commissioners, government bureaucrats, sheriffs...they've all suddenly found they have unchecked power. They can do anything they want to do. All that's necessary is the magic word "emergency". No rules, no argument, no checks and balances from other branches of government, no votes, no input from the citizens. Just 'do as I order you to do'.

The motivation behind these myriad draconian measures everywhere is apparent as the emergency nature of the virus and medical treatment capacities is shown to be much less dire than predicted, these government officials are actually increasing their restrictions instead of easing them.

There are only two possible paths this power grab can take.

Government officials at every level have imposed (and continue to impose) a myriad of different restrictions, orders, bans, etc. that have the effect of being laws, but aren't laws pursuant to any authority except "it's an emergency". Either 1.) The courts will be clogged with lawsuits for the next generation sorting out these tens of thousands of examples of government overreach, or; 2.) Citizens will take matters into their own hands. It could be a mix of 1 & 2. But the other alternatives are these little dictators everywhere willfully giving up their newfound power or the population submitting to every detail of their lives being controlled by government authority. I don't see those last two happening.

This is going to get worse before it gets better.

Monday, April 13, 2020

Virus Runs its Course Whether or not Nations Destroy their Economies

The statistics from the European Center for Disease Control as of last night are very interesting.

Sweden hasn't shut down their economy or house-arrested their population, but their coronavirus death rate is only slightly higher than the U.S. and much better than other European nations. Sweden has taken much the same approach as Japan and Korea. Authorities have put out information to their population about the risks and things people can do to avoid infection and...Very little authoritarian shutdowns and the people are asked to be responsible for themselves and their families.

(As a side note, look at Belgium's curve. It's not clear to me what could be causing that rapid spike, but it's very dramatic.)

What's most remarkable is the lack of significant difference in infection rates between nations with draconian lockdowns and nations taking fewer, more rational precautions. One can nitpick total numbers, death and infection rates (per capita) and relative numbers from country to country. But, as this drags on, the virus just seems to be running a course and infecting numbers it's going to infect and causing the deaths it's going to cause, regardless of the over-reaction or under-reaction of politicians.

Since the Great Coronavirus panic kicked off, virtually none of our leaders asked the question: Is this strain of coronavirus significantly different from every other known coronavirus? It's not. SARS & MERS are both coronaviruses. They're spread pretty much the same way, they make you sick pretty much the same way. Here's how Yale New Haven Health describes coronaviruses, in general, and in relation to the COVID-19 version:
"Coronaviruses are a group of viruses that are common in both humans and animals that usually cause mild-to-moderate respiratory illnesses. The source of COVID-19 is suspected to be animals in an open air market and is possibly a previously unrecognized bat coronavirus. It appears to cause a more severe illness progressing to pneumonia."

Pretty simple. Ways to avoid infection, symptoms, treatment and risks are all very much like other coronaviruses.

To avoid getting COVID-19 wash your hands and avoid crowds and sick people. This is even more important if you're in a high risk group (elderly or have health issues). Same goes if you live with someone who is at risk. As long as you are not elderly or sick, you have a virtually 100% chance of getting over it even IF you catch it. You may also have only mild symptoms or not even know you have it. This information is the same basic, common sense approach taken for decades with every flu outbreak. Anyone who's had a relative in a nursing home during flu season has seen all these warnings and recommendations before.

Is this the information and recommended precautions governments are providing? Sweden, Japan & Korea are. Many (leftist) media outlets are criticizing these nations for not destroying their economies  and claiming their infection rates and deaths could have been lower. But they're not significantly different from the infection and death rates in other nations.

In the U.S. and some other Western nations, this illness is giving globalist leaders an opportunity for a different official response from any other illness in history. For this one, we've shut down our nation, sacrificed tens of millions of jobs, plunged millions into poverty and shredded our Constitution. And we have a significant percentage of the population cheering this on. Not wanting it to end.

Major media talking heads gleefully report on job losses and the economic devastation and can barely contain their joy in discussions on the negative impact this should have on President Trump.

The same people on social media who've spent the past 4 years with Trump Derangement Syndrome are the same people now demanding law-abiding people all confine ourselves to our homes, trust the government and surrender our freedom and rights for our own good and the collective good. That's not how rights work.

As the "epidemic" has turned out to be less like the Bubonic Plague and more like seasonal flu in terms of percentage of the population dying from the illness, the discussion is shifting to whether continued economic devastation is worth it? The hysterical reaction from many on social media is IF IT SAVES ONLY ONE LIFE IT'S WORTH GIVING UP EVERYTHING!!!! SHUT IT DOWN!!! THE CONSEQUENCES DON'T MATTER, JUST KEEP EVERYTHING SHUT IT DOWN TO SAVE LIVES!!! This is neither rational nor practical. It is also unsustainable.

Automobile accidents kill tens of thousands of Americans every year. About 6,000 pedestrians, too. A pedestrian is killed by a car/truck, on average, about every 90 minutes. Do we ban automobiles? Thousands of Americans die from drowning every year. Do we ban swimming? Thousands die from falling off ladders or other household mishaps. Do we ban ladders to save lives? Such a response is  emotional and arguments to keep Americans confined to their homes and the economy destroyed more every day to "save even one life!!!" is dishonest emotional manipulation. There's no possible way to ban everything in life that results in someone dying. Until now, civilization got along with everybody expected to do their best and be responsible for themselves. Each of us should drive responsibly, watch when we cross the street, be careful when swimming and use ladders properly. It's the same with this flu bug.

This is the first time in human history that entire economies have been shut down or entire national populations have been put on house arrest. This will not end well.

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Since Government Can Now Shut Down the Economy at Will, Why Would Anyone Invest Money?

The biggest question on a lot of people's minds about this coronavirus shutdown, besides when will it end, is how strong the economy will come back? Will it come roaring back immediately? Or will we spiral into a depression that takes years or decades to crawl out of?

When state and local governments began hitting the 'kill switch' on their economies in March and ordering businesses to close down to make room for millions of dead bodies we were promised were about to be piled in the streets, the U.S. economy was on fire. Smashing records on almost a daily basis. Highest number of people working, record low unemployment in every category, stock market hitting crazy levels, trade deficit looking better than it had in decades, consumer confidence at record levels, new home starts and durable goods were forecasting continued strength. And completely re-worked or cancelled international trade agreements set the stage for the United States to dominate world trade again. Europe, China and Mexico were back on their heels after nearly three decades of getting globalist U.S. presidents to concede to absurd agreements that hamstrung American workers, enriched foreign companies and governments and incentivized American manufacturing to move out of the country.

However hit-or-miss his other agenda items were coming along, on the economy President Trump was delivering everything he promised and more. There seemed to be nothing that could stop the American economic freight train that was beginning to flex on the rest of the world. What could possibly stop it?

Politicians, with "experts" standing by their sides, ordering the economy to shut down city-by-city and state-by-state. Ordering citizens off the streets and businesses to close, for their own good. A nationwide house arrest for the American population. An unprecedented event in human history.

As we've all seen, the experts's predictions and computer models were all wrong. And the Chinese coronavirus is not the Bubonic Plague. It's not even ebola. It's a flu bug from a known family of flu viruses. It's symptoms, course and treatment are known. Like every other flu virus, it's most dangerous for the elderly and people already dealing with other health issues. The rest of the population (under 65yo and/or being otherwise healthy) has close to a 100% recovery rate. But Americans remain on house arrest while the "experts" fiddle with their computer models, explain why all their previous wrong models weren't their fault and bicker about whether people should be given hydroxychloroquin.

While politicians dawdle, nobody is challenging the draconian limitations on constitutional freedoms, except for the abortion industry. Federal courts ruled abortion is such a sacred constitutional right it cannot be infringed, even during an emergency. People's physical freedom of movement? Not a problem. People's livelihoods? The government can take that. People's right to assemble? Freedom of religion? Those rights don't apply as long as politicians have experts with computer models that say something bad might happen. In other words: You have no rights. You have constitutional rights only as long as politicians agree it's okay for you to have them, but they can be revoked at any minute. Which means it is not a right. Except for abortion, constitutional rights have been reduced to privileges which can be taken by politicians at any time.

When they get around to opening things back up (Think about that: When politicians literally allow free, law-abiding people to return to work.) what will be left of the U.S. economy?

Why would the economy come roaring back? We now know governments at any level can declare an emergency and order their economy shut. Who would risk money knowing the venture could be shut down at any time? Who will invest money with this Sword of Damocles hanging over their investment? If someone can be convinced to invest money, the terms will have to be so favorable (expensive) as to offset the catastrophic risk of failure by unknown government order at any time.

That is my prediction. Unless President Trump and other political leaders collectively agree that this shutdown has been disastrous, or courts step in to protect the rights of law-abiding citizens and affirm the Constitution cannot be ignored for imaginary future emergencies to ensure nothing like this is ever allowed to happen again, money will stay safely parked instead of invested and growing the economy.

Monday, April 6, 2020

Biden's Incoherence Shows POTUS is Only a Figurehead for the Swamp

I never ding politicians over a gaffe or a misstatement. Or anybody, for that matter.

Misspelling 'potato' (Dan Quayle), "I never inhaled" (Bill Clinton), "I've been to all 57 states" (Obama), "Covfefe" (President Trump), etc. Anyone can have a brain fart or say something political opponents can twist into something to be mocked. So I never join in that nastiness.

Joe Biden, though, has reached a point where he's not just committing gaffes. He's increasingly incoherent, to the extent he appears confused or disoriented about his surroundings or what he's supposed to be talking about. I've never seen anything like this on a national stage (with the possible exception of Ruth Bader Ginsburg propped in a chair at the Supreme Court sleeping through oral arguments).

Here's a bit of what he had to say in a sad attempt to attack President Trump's handling of the coronavirus problem:
“My message is that the president has to move more rapidly, you know, we know from experience that speed matters. We know that you can’t go too fast. It’s about going too slow.”
He goes on for awhile, but doesn't get any better. You can watch the whole train wreck on YouTube by clicking on the photo above.

Democrats are in a tough spot because Biden's speech and/or thoughts are clearly diminished, but liberals can NEVER admit they or anyone on their side is wrong about anything. Ever. So, they're stuck trying to explain that he's making perfect sense when he's clearly either very confused or, if he does understand his surroundings, he's unable to communicate in a lucid manner. This has become a daily occurrence with him.

I feel sorry for the man. He's being propped up and dragged around by staffers much the way Hillary Clinton was in 2016 when it was obvious to everyone she was not physically able to campaign as necessary for a presidential election. Her collapse at the 9/11 memorial where her security picked her up and chucked her headfirst into her van like a sack of potatoes, leaving one of her shoes in the gutter as the van sped off was representative of her whole campaign. Also like Hillary, Biden is being hidden away by his campaign for extended periods of time in an apparent attempt to limit their mishaps.

Both Biden and Hillary's condition reveals two important realities. First, the Democrats are confident major media will protect them and not raise any questions as they hide their candidate from scrutiny. The GOP would never be allowed to get away with anything like that, and this is two presidential election cycles in a row where Democrats have relied on the media to stand in for their candidate in attacking the Republican candidate and advocating for Democrat policies. Second, the powers-that-be  appear to have no concern with the physical or mental capabilities of their preferred candidate for President.

This shows the bureaucracy is self-sustaining and self-aware and the swamp will run the federal government without regard to the figurehead they install in the White House. This shows the power of the opposition - the swamp - President Trump and the American people are facing.

Friday, April 3, 2020

Globalists Get to Have it Both Ways Again

Bailouts! Free money! Get it while everyone is panicked and not resisting!

If this seems like a rerun, you're not alone. Just 11 years ago, the financial collapse of late 2008 was being dealt with by Barack Obama and his new administration by incurring massive debt in what was called a stimulus bill.

The basic monetary theory behind this is the government can create prosperity by incurring debt and injecting that money into the economy, resulting in a stronger economy and people paying taxes which will pay down the debt. It's like saying you can become rich by running up your credit cards and using your newfound wealth to pay off the cards. All that happened was everyone with a lobbyist lined up to get some of that sweet, sweet stimulus cash. In the words of Obama "'Shovel-ready' was not as shovel-ready as we expected" [laughter from Obama and assembled fawning media]. Video below.

The "stimulus" bill, just under a trillion dollars, turned out to be nothing more than giveaways to Democrat voters, special interests and corporations. It was rightly derided by Republicans for what it was: An opportunistic fleecing of taxpayers by piling a shocking amount of new debt onto an already historic mountain of national debt. As always, though, the GOP was just being opportunistic itself in criticizing Obama's stimulus.

Anytime the GOP establishment complained about something Obama was doing, they would never actually do anything to stop or reverse it. It was all political theater. This was exposed time and again when John McCain and other establishment crooks, after fundraising and campaigning on solemn promises to reverse Obama policies, angrily defended those same policies and lashed out at their own voters for expecting them to actually do what they promised. McCain's votes to block Obamacare repeal is a classic example.

Even worse, when Republicans get the chance, they typically engage in the same business-as-usual politics as the Democrats they demonized. The coronavirus stimulus bill is even more massive than the one Republicans acted appalled about when Obama did it. So, here we are again. In the middle of a financial crisis created by governments shutting down the U.S. economy en masse. What do Republicans propose? An Obama-style stimulus bill. On steroids.

About three times the size of Obama's debacle, the coronavirus stimulus bill has all the hallmarks of the typical Washington "emergency" legislation. Lobbyists furiously racing around trying to get as big a chunk for their special interest as possible? Check. A center piece that everyone talks about and is used to make the bill palatable (Obama: "Shovel-ready jobs". Trump: "$1,200 checks")? Check. A bunch of niche, unrelated giveaways to personal favorites of top lawmakers ($25M to the Kennedy Center, $88M to Peace Corps, etc.)? Check. Worst of all, you know your bill is not good for the American people when Nancy Pelosi and her coven of communists are thrilled to pass it and get obscene amounts of taxpayer money into their constituents' hands.

Just like in 2009, billion dollar corporations are lining up pleading poverty asking for bailouts and the professional politicians of both parties are scurrying to get their constituents' noses into the free-money trough while they've still got everyone panicked enough to go along with anything.

Thankfully, enough people have been on cruises and know the cruise industry registers and flags its ships in foreign countries and uses a lot of cheap foreign workers instead of Americans. So a lot of people raised red flags about that particular industry getting a bailout. But a lot of hospitality industries will have their hands out for stimulus money. Industries that have been hiring foreigners and firing Americans, very much like in 2008 when auto makers went to Washington begging for bailouts after nearly 2 decades of moving production to Mexico or overseas and laying off American workers.

Why do manufacturers move plants to third world countries? Money. Foreign workers are paid less. Fewer environmental, safety and other regulations. Unions are avoided.

Why do service sector jobs and tourist/hospitality import H1B visa workers to replace American workers? They can pay them less. They can browbeat them easier because foreign workers in the country on H1B visas have to leave the country if they get fired. Disney has faced lawsuits from American workers over this scam, allegedly requiring their fired American theme park employees to train their foreign replacements as a condition of receiving severance pay. But the hospitality industry is thick with this scam. State and national parks, hotel chains and theme parks are heavily staffed by cheap, foreign workers brought to the U.S. specifically for the purpose of replacing American workers to cut labor costs.

There's an evil to all this. Convincing Americans to go along with laws that reward companies for moving manufacturing out of the country, then convincing them to go along with laws incentivizing corporations to import cheap labor for the jobs they can't ship across the border. All of it done to drive up profits and executive salaries. And when national emergencies like 9/11, the 2008 financial crisis or coronavirus comes along? They plead poverty, having spent their profits on higher and higher executive salaries instead of preparing financially for inevitable tough times. And why should they? It's easier to get filthy rich and just get in line for the American people to bail them out when times get tough.

The business of these businesses relies on Americans to buy their products or services. The irony is these companies rely on Americans buying cars, taking the kids to Disney and going on cruises. Which is more difficult when these businesses move Americans' jobs to cheap foreign labor markets or fire everyone and hire cheap imported labor to increase profit margins. But none of this matters, because every few years the corporations can just show up when there's a some emergency and get the American taxpayer to go further into debt to keep these globalist corporations profitable.