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Thursday, February 27, 2020

Refugees and Other Foreigners Given Right to Vote in Scotland: Coming to America

Refugees, foreigners, prisoners...cancelling out the votes of law-abiding citizens. Voters to be catered to and promised power and wealth to be plundered from a population they hate.

This is coming to every Western nation.

It didn't begin like this. It never does.

In Florida, convicted felons were given the vote again in 2018 on the condition they completed their entire sentence. Almost immediately, a court has already carved out an exception for felons who remain on probation for not paying restitution, fines and court costs. This is always how it works.


In the west, marxism works best in increments. They just get an initial foot in the door. Some teeny tiny, itty bitty little concession by accusing you of being unreasonable or a bigot or some other bad thing for the purpose of getting you to cave to their demand. Then they come back and change it a little bit more. And a little bit more. And make never-ending demands until you're at a place you no longer recognize your situation. A situation to which you and every other rational person would never have agreed.

This is the classic leftist modus operandi. "We only want [insert small concession]! This won't effect you in any way whatsoever! You're a [insert insult here such as bigot, sexist, homophobe, racist, etc.] if you don't agree to this!"

It works with large, national policies and small, local policies. The trick is to get you to concede on just a tiny corner of the ultimate goal. The rest is relatively easy.

This is how we went from teaching basic sex education in high school health classes in the early 1970s to drag queen story hours and "Queer and Non-Binary Gender Education" in public preschools.

This is how we went from civil unions in Vermont in the early 1990s, where the proponents swore nobody was trying to create gay marriage and nobody would ever suggest other states be forced to do anything against the citizens' will, to the Obergfell Supreme Court decision forcing every jurisdiction in America to recognize gay marriage.

This is how we are seeing marijuana laws transform from medical to recreational to decriminalization over the past few years.

As leftist goals are achieved by demonizing those who resist, liberals pick up the goal posts and move them to the left to begin demanding the next small step toward their ultimate goal.

Amnesty for illegal aliens in the 1980s was proposed as a one-time thing that would be accompanied by a wall and a forever solution to illegal immigration. Of course, the wall was never built and the amnesty opened the floodgates for more illegals, flipping California from a reliably conservative state to a hardcore liberal stronghold where Americans and businesses are forced to flee to other states as foreigners crowd in. Now Democrats want the same amnesty they got for California, only on a national scale. And why wouldn't they? It was an incredible success in locking-in Democrat control forever.

During these Democratic primaries, most of the candidates support opening America's borders to allow anyone to come in and take American jobs, take free healthcare, get a free education and enjoy cash benefits and tax refunds.

The next step is voting. Which we're not far from now. Liberal states with "motor voter" registration, driver's licenses and no ID requirements to vote are de facto allowing refugees and non-citizens to vote. Now that it's formalized in a Western nation, it's just a matter of agitating for America and other countries to follow suit.

There is a storm coming.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

No American Flags Present Because Democrats Are Running to be President of the World

If you've watched the Democrat debates, or even just seen pictures, you will have noticed something: There's not an American flag anywhere in site.

There's a reason for that.

This is because they are globalists first. They all want to be the President of the United States, but that position is only important to them because it gives them access to American resources and control of the American people.

Remember when German Chancellor Angela Merkel snatched her nation's flag out of the hands of a German official at an event and scolded him for his patriotism?

Remember the European Union rules banning the national flags of member nations? A few weeks ago Nigel Farage and the British contingent flaunted that rule to the anger and gavel-banging of the Chairwoman?

Despite what they say, the Democratic candidates are not running to be President of the United States. They are campaigning to be President of the World. They want to be the next Bush-Clinton-Obama-Bush. Invading the world and throwing open America's borders to invasion by the world. Using Americans' hard-earned tax dollars to give to favored foreign leaders and use to overthrow disfavored ones.

Being President of the United States merely gives power-hungry globalists control of America's resources. Control of the U.S. economy. Control of the U.S. military. Control over the U.S. borders. Control over the purse strings of the United Nations. Control over the oceans. Control over what governments in the world are allowed to remain in place and which ones will be overthrown.

Of course, with this awesome power comes mountains of wealth, lifelong deference and a fawning major media and Hollywood.

The Donald Trumps, Nigel Farages and other patriotic leaders representing their people and resisting what George H.W. Bush called the "New World Order" are derided, ridiculed, mocked and hated by those who consider themselves the intellectual elite. Globalists who are unconcerned with the welfare of their own nation and their own countrymen.

From the moment President Reagan left office in 1989, every administration policy was made toward what was best for the rest of the world and at the expense of the American people. Donald Trump smashed that 28 year long globalist monopolization of the American Presidency, and the globalists hate him for it. They have openly advocated overthrowing the U.S. Government, schemed and plotted to entrap the President, verbally and physically assaulted his supporters, prosecuted his officials on made-up charges, sued the man, sued his businesses, sued his administration, boycotted and vandalized his property, ridiculed his wife and young son, openly called for his assassination and one Hollywood celebrity called for the President's preteen son to be raped to death in a cage by pedophiles.

These are not the actions of people with simple policy disagreements with their fellow citizens and countrymen. These are not the words or actions of people of good will. These are the actions and words of those who consider the American people beneath them. Like vermin. Wealth-producing vermin meant to work, die and stay out of the political affairs of the globalist intellectual elites.

That is why there are no American flags anywhere at the Democratic presidential debates. Because the American flag represents the American people.

Monday, February 24, 2020

Russians Helping Bernie? Other Countries Always Interfere, Just Like the U.S.

The Washington Post is a paywall site, so this isn't a link. I also don't want to give any clicks to that #FakeNews propaganda site. But the story is interesting to me because this SHOULD be a non-story.

Nations try to influence each other's elections all the time. And have since forever. Barack Obama very openly (and illegally) poured U.S. tax dollars into the Israeli elections trying to help defeat Benjamin Netanyahu. The U.S. set up the entire Japanese government after WW2, has supported one side against another in nations all over the world since then and recently overthrew or helped overthrow the governments of Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan, Libya and Egypt and has been actively working to overthrow the Syrian government.

If some Russian spends $1,500 on Facebook ads...so what? Has anyone ever met an American who voted in 2016 based on a Facebook ad? Has anyone ever come up with an example of an actual person who was actually influenced by a Russian ad or a fake news ad to vote a certain way? If anything, it seems the one who should be the most angry about that should be the voter who was fooled. But, alas, major media nor any of their Democrat candidates can come up with an actual example.

What this is an example of, though, is the liberal superiority complex. "I'm intelligent enough to not be fooled by fake news, but everyone else is stupid and will fall for it."

They actually do this with a lot of things.

  • "I'm able to get a job, but most aren't as smart and talented as me";
  • "I'm able to educate my kids, but most people are too stupid to do that";
  • "I'm able to make healthcare decisions, but most people need the government for that";
  • "I'm able to discern right from wrong, but most people can't do that";
  • "I'm able to think critically, but most people aren't as smart as me and will be fooled by fake news."

The left is great at injecting a self-righteous smugness into their world view. It's a way of flattering themselves and it gives them an automatic way of avoiding any rational analysis of their proposals because they're the only ones who understand. See how that works? If you were smart enough to understand, you would agree with them. Therefore, there's no reason for them to have a rational discussion about their latest power grab. And you're probably a Nazi, too. Or suffer from some other reprehensible moral failing that deserves their contempt. If they don't get their way? Send in the antifa thugs to physically beat the opposition. It's okay...they're morally inferior, so they deserve to be assaulted and their property destroyed. This is the left.

When you're as smug and self-righteous as modern day leftists, you never have to worry about being wrong about anything. Didn't win an election? There must've been cheating! Or the Electoral College is to blame! Or foreigners tricked some of the others in America to vote for someone they didn't really want to vote for!

Honestly assessing a losing campaign, making adjustments and working harder to get your message out or bring in candidates who appeal to voters??? Out of the question for the left. You're all stupid and they just need to find a way to outsmart the people who are tricking the voters into voting against them.

Friday, February 21, 2020

So Now We're Back to "He's a RUSSIAN SPY!"

Click to watch Lawrence O'Donnell breathlessly blame President Trump for the media and Democrat's' latest fake conspiracy allegation
In the sometimes crazy history of American politics, the craziest accusation ever leveled at a political opponent has to be the Democrats' accusation that President Donald Trump is a Russian spy working to overthrow America and give it to Russia.

It speaks to the level to which we've fallen that such a ludicrous statement was actually believed by anyone. Not elected officials. They all know it's a lie. Well, maybe not Ocasio-Cortez and her "squad". They could possibly believe it. But the people spouting this nonsense know it's nonsense. But they also know their followers don't have a lot of critical thinking skills, and so they'll believe whatever their side spouts. It's sad, really.

So the fact such a claim was treated as serious by anybody was bad enough, but the fact there were official investigations using mountains of U.S. taxpayers' hard-earned dollars looking into it is a crime for which nobody will be held accountable.

These insane allegations were investigated for YEARS by a team of Democrat prosecutors with an unlimited budget and unlimited investigative authority to track down every lead, every witness, every tidbit of evidence and uncover every motive and opportunity. They spent tens of millions of dollars. They produced an exhaustive report and Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller was personally called before Congress to answer questions about his report and his investigation.


A team of prosecutors who hate the President (remember Peter Strzok was on Mueller's team until it was discovered he had left a massive trail of anti-Trump texts and emails with his mistress and others, including discussing an "insurance plan" they were concocting to overthrow Donald Trump in the off-chance he won the 2016 election) and who would have been Charles Lindberg or Neil Armstrong-style national heroes if they had been able to find evidence of collusion between Mr. Trump and Russians...and they found nothing. Because it was a ridiculous lie.

Now, less than nine months from the 2020 general election, the Democrats have spent President Trump's entire first term laser-focused on overturning the 2016 election and ousting him from office. They have no legislative achievements. Their efforts to overthrow the duly-elected government through lawsuits, investigations, impeachment, conspiracy theories and media pressure have all failed. To top it all off, the party's preferred nominee to challenge President Trump is crashing and burning in spectacular fashion like the Hindenburg. They have literally nothing on which to run.

So we're back to "He's a RUSSIAN SPY!" Since the Democrat dumpster fire of a debate this week, the flame-out of the impeachment fiasco and the implosion of their presumptive nominee, Democrats are desperately grabbing at some previous line of attack and hoping it'll work this time. It won't, because it's a lie. And a tired, provably false lie at that. But they're all on board parroting the same silly outrageous lie (again), claiming anonymous sources. Yeah. Sources who somehow were never discovered by the Mueller investigation. [eye roll]

It's a good thing major media so eagerly promotes the Democrats' crazy accusations as though it's serious. Good for Democrats because nobody else takes them seriously, and good for the rest of America because it reinforces what propaganda peddlers the media are. And it shows how stupid they think Americans are.

Honestly, it would be easier for Democrats to just govern. Has anybody proposed they do that?

Thursday, February 20, 2020

New Column is Now Up on WND. Check it out!

Have you heard the term "disparate impact"?

It just means something has a different impact on one group than it does another. But the left is using this term to justify creating chaos and tearing down institutions by claiming disparate impact is proof of racism.
So, for instance, if statistics show black people are ticketed for driving while suspended at a rate higher than other ethnic groups, leftists use that disparate impact alone as proof that either the law itself is racist or that police are using the law to harass blacks. This crazy methodology is being used around America by prosecutors to stop enforcing all kinds of criminal laws and by educators to stop enforcing behavior standards in schools. The result is chaos.

Read more in my column at WND!

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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Drudge Report Succumbs to Trump Derangement Syndrome

If you're like most conservatives interested in current events, you undoubtedly consulted the Drudge Report on a regular basis. Maybe for several years, or even decades. For over 20 years the Drudge Report was the internet's front page for conservative-leaning news items. Matt Drudge linked to news items that mainstream media either ignored or would spin for liberals. Drudge was no doubt bookmarked by millions of people, and was one of the most influential drivers of internet traffic.

Something happened over the past few years, though. And it accelerated in 2019. Drudge Report became nothing more than a conduit for mainstream media, driving traffic to leftist sites like CNN, MSNBC, Washington Post and the New York Times. Drudge is now a one-stop shop for all the juiciest Trump-bashing stories and news items gleefully predicting various disasters about to befall President Trump or his allies.

I used to have Drudge bookmarked and kept it open in a tab on my browser. I'd check it at least a dozen times throughout the day. Now, I maybe check Drudge once or twice a week. Mostly out of habit, probably. There's really no point anymore, though. Drudge Report has succumbed to full-on Trump Derangement Syndrome now.

Besides looking at the news linked at the top, I used the news media and commentator links at the bottom of the page as a kind of bookmarks toolbar. The sewer of America-hating, Trump-bashing mainstream news you have to scroll past to get there makes it not even worth going to the site at all, though. It’s remarkable how somebody has flipped Drudge so dramatically. I’d like to see their traffic numbers over the past 4 or 5 yrs.

Drudge is now indistinguishable from Apple News, that MSN home page on Windows or any of the leftist sites like Daily Beast. It’s just dozens of stories attacking POTUS from every angle. One would thing our liberal friends afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome would get exhausted at some point. It’s clearly having an effect on their party. Democrats are in total disarray and have no legislative agenda, much less accomplishments. They’ve put every single egg into the “overthrow Trump” basket for the past four years. Same with the never-Trumpers over in the GOP establishment. They’ve literally done nothing whatsoever for years now except screech about how the President is horrible and everything he’s doing is evil and wrong. And making predictions of doom that never prove to be true. It’s like they’ve all gone insane.

A lot of people have switched to other news aggregators. A good one is WhatFinger.com. A perpetual scroll of up-to-date links to conservative and conservative-leaning news, commentary, videos and more.

Since Drudge has been copied by the left, with both Apple and Microsoft baking leftist news aggregators into their software it's gotten more difficult to avoid the failing legacy media and their never-ending bile. Now that Drudge Report is just another anti-Trump cesspool, it's time to move on to something better.

Monday, February 17, 2020

Bloomberg Hiring Old Clinton Staffers Shows he is Out of Touch with Democrats, Does Not Understand Trump's Electoral Victory

To the media and Washington insiders, Michael Bloomberg's hiring of longtime Clinton aide Capricia Martin proves he is a smart contender and could possibly select Hillary Clinton as his running mate.

First, does anybody on earth believe that Hillary Clinton would ever agree to be second banana to anyone???

Second, what would be the point? To serve eight years as his Vice President to prepare for another run for President in 2028? She'll be in her 80s by then, and she was so frail and sickly throughout the 2016 presidential campaign that it's laughable to imagine her being 12 years older than that and trying it again. Remember Hillary being helped up stairs? Or that she disappeared entirely for weeks at a time amid questions about her health? Or her infamous collapse at the 9/11 ceremony where she was unceremoniously picked up and chucked into a van and sped off, leaving one of her shoes laying by the curb?

Third, how smart can a man be to suggest intentionally putting himself in position as the only thing between Hillary Clinton and the Presidency of the United States? She has a reputation, you know?

Fourth, the major media is reporting this with their usual awe and reverence for the Clintons. But let's look at this from a rational perspective instead of the near religious view of the leftist media. Martin was a Hillary aide back in the early 1990s when Hillary was First Lady. The biggest thing that happened with Hillary during Bill's first term is she was given control over the administration's healthcare task force. The goal was to figure out a way to achieve the Democrat dream of imposing socialized medicine on Americans.

It was a total fiasco.

It was steeped in secrecy, Hillary refused to even reveal the names of the experts she had crafting Americans' medical future, her efforts were derided as "HillaryCare", the administration was successfully sued, the idea was wildly unpopular in polling and the whole thing collapsed in dramatic fashion and was forgotten about. Hillary spent the rest of Bill's first term out of the spotlight, reportedly sulking about not getting to ruin everyone's healthcare. Basically, the same secretive, evil Hillary everyone knows, only younger and less falling down.

Martin also worked on Hillary's 2006 Senate race, where she had only token opposition, and was a part of Hillary's 2008 failed presidential run.

So what, exactly, in all this history with Hillary would make an objective person believe Martin is a masterful hire? She's had a hand in at least two of Hillary's three biggest political disasters. (The healthcare task force and one of her failed presidential campaigns.) This is another example of the media worship of the Clintons and the historical revisionist version of their genius and popularity. The political establishment has created a mythology about the Clintons. An alternate reality where they are beloved political intellectual superiors with never-ending successes and a golden touch that shows everyone around them to be intellectually superior, as well. But, as with everything from the leftist media, it's not real.

And, as previously blogged, the Clinton-era old-timers in the party are not regarded with the same reverence by Democrat millennials piling on the socialism bandwagon of "free" stuff and supporting Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. If Bloomberg wants to impress anyone besides aging Democrats still fawning over the mythical version of the Clintons, this isn't the way to do it. He's selecting people with a track-record of losing, but whom the insiders all say is the winning choice.

Hillary will never agree to be anyone's second banana. She did that for eight years under Bill, and it was obvious she hated it. She has a lust for power that won't allow her to be in that position again. And there's no point. So the talk of Hillary being a running mate is absurd. But the media's gushing over a candidate hiring a former Clinton staffer is a great example of the once-powerful Clinton mystique that still clings to aging members of the major media.

Bloomberg making decisions praised by Clinton-lovers in the media shows he has no idea about the changing nature of Democrat politics nor why Donald Trump was elected President.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

Democrats are Being Gored by a Monster of Their Own Creation

There's an old adage attributed to Napoleon that's been used in warfare and politics: "Never interfere with an enemy when he is in the process of destroying himself."

It would be a lie to say there's not an element of schadenfreude in watching the Democratic Party destroy itself. The younger, more energetic outrage mob created by the party establishment and whipped into a frenzy every four years to keep themselves in power is very rudely kicking the old-timers to the curb and taking over the party.

President Trump is in a position to simply sit back in this election year as the Democratic Party destroys itself.

In the New Republic article linked above and here, it's remarkable to see the mocking tone of the liberal author and the ridicule heaped on James Carville. But the contempt is typical of that being displayed by the younger generation of Democrats toward their party leadership. They not only mock the Clintons, Carville, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer as old, out-of-touch losers, there are not-so-subtle accusations of racism and elitism sprinkled into their discussions.

While the accusations of elitism are undoubtedly true, and their attacks somewhat mirror the discussions taking place in the GOP since the 1970s when the GOP base began rebelling against the party establishment and managed to elect Ronald Reagan and then Donald Trump over the preferred candidates of the party, there are distinct differences.

For starters, the Republican base is much closer to the center of American culture. The Democrats have done a remarkable job of making up for the loss of white working class voters to the GOP by appealing to a coalition of special interest groups. Blacks, hispanics, homosexuals, angry leftist young people, etc. I would include women in this group since Democrats like to portray themselves as the party catering to "women's issues", but it's really just women who already belong to one of their special interest groups to whom they appeal. Pro-life women, white working class women and Christian evangelical women are specifically not represented in Democrat politics. One of the most remarkable statistics of the 2016 presidential election is President Trump handily winning the white female vote over Hillary Clinton by a whopping 53-43 count. A statistic that is either ignored or the source of scorn and ridicule by leftist commentators and Democrat pols.

Back in the '90s Carville, et. al. realized that, while whites are a shrinking majority, they are still a majority. Democrats of the 1990s managed to reclaim a substantial number of 'Reagan Democrats' while mobilizing and solidifying their dominance among the special interest groups, as well. They did this by portraying the GOP as the party of the rich. This had the effect of empowering the white Democrat establishment while using the special interest groups as a faithful base. The various grievance groups were mobilized by constantly telling them how they were victims and blaming rich white people. They got by with this scam for decades on the idea that members of these groups would never notice the fact that the very people telling them rich white people were victimizing them were rich white people.

Members of these special interest groups have begun to notice, and they are no longer content to be confined to being just a faithful base.

In 2018, 20-something hispanic bartender Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (a/k/a "AOC") shocked the Democrat establishment by handily defeating - in the primary - 10-term Congressman and House Democratic Caucus Chairman Joe Crowley in New York's 14th District. Her campaign slogan "It's Our Turn!" was a blatant appeal for racial solidarity to defeat a rich white Democrat. It worked. Once seated, AOC's refusal to fall in line behind House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and constant hardcore leftist social media posts has been a headache for Democratic leaders who have yet to figure out how to get a handle on her antics.

But this is what Democrats created.

Members of the various special interest groups Democrats have used for years as a faithful base are deciding they aren't happy to simply give the rich white party leaders their money and votes. They want a taste of that power themselves and there's a palpable resentment in their being marginalized in the party that claims to be their savior.

On the other side of the aisle, Republicans have been overtaken by their base for a slightly different reason. The Bushes, McCains and Romneys campaigned as conservatives but immediately moved left once elected. In both parties, though, they adopted the habit of over-promising and under-performing. The GOP base responded in 2016 by railroading Donald Trump over the usual Republican cast of characters: Another Bush and a selection of squishy liberal Republicans promising to "work with" Democrats. On the Democrat side, their base responded in the 2016 primaries by jolting the party with Bernie Sanders' surprisingly strong showing against an entitled Hillary Clinton.

In 2018, the presumed nominee Joe Biden has been thrown to the curb by the Democrat base and Sanders appears to be in the driver's seat against the party establishment.

For those of us who remember the 1990s, it is very strange to see Democrat gods like James Carville ridiculed and mocked by the left. There is no question Democrat leaders are being gored by a monster of their own creation. Because the special interest groups they appealed to by demonizing the GOP have taken them at their word. They believed the outrageous accusations. They've eaten up the rhetoric blaming society or white people or rich people for every disappointment or every bad thing in their lives. The big difference between now and then, though, is the Democrat base has noticed that  their leaders are the same people who they've been told are the problem. To use a folksy Carville-ism: All those chickens are coming home to roost.

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Another Crazy Idea for How Democrats Could Beat President Trump

Credit to the folks over at Issues & Insights for the great story about the Democrats' one last nuclear option: The Notorious RBG Maneuver.

This is a good short piece about a possible last, desperate 'Hail Mary' the democrats could use. 

Since 2016 their entire lives, careers and existences have revolved around reversing the 2016 election.

  • Russian collusion hoaxes;
  • Lawsuits against Donald Trump personally;
  • Lawsuits against him as President;
  • Lawsuits against his businesses;
  • Physical attacks on his businesses & supporters and administration officials;
  • Ethics complaints;
  • Fake whistleblower complaints;
  • A ridiculous "impeachment" using made-up crimes...

The've tried everything. Now the Democrat primaries are in chaos less than nine months from the general election because, instead of there being a frontrunner or two and the normal cast of minor candidates, it looks like all the candidates are minor candidates as Joe Biden is fading fast.

So, here we are in a Presidential election year and Democrats have failed in every attempt to oust President Trump or diminish his support in any way. (In fact, in every poll he's actually gained support throughout his presidency, increasing dramatically since the "impeachment" fiasco.) Their spectacular flame-outs and failure to dislodge his base of support is actually depressing the Democrat voter base, who've been promised every day for years now that 1.) Donald Trump could never be elected President, and; 2.) President Trump was going to be handcuffed and perp-walked out of the White House and either jailed or possibly sentenced to death for crimes against humanity or something equally outrageous. The size and scope of these promises and the complete failure to deliver on any of them have Democrat voters dazed and confused.

This confusion is showing in the chaos of the Democrat primaries. Joe Biden was the insider, frontrunner and party choice. As usual, there are some 2nd-tier candidates and a cast of minor candidates. But Joe Biden has stumbled, bumbled and is fading fast. Bernie Sanders looks like the strongest of a field that's really made up of all minor candidates. It's a mess. Elizabeth Warren seemed strong, but she's fading and her supporters seem to be switching over to Bernie. Mayor Pete was arguably the most obscure of the 3,000 Democrats who declared their candidacy, but Hollywood loves him and he's the only gay candidate. In the Democrat party that's enough to launch you into top-tier status.

All of this mess is a result of everyone in the party running around doing their own thing. Everybody is rowing in different directions. There's no one single thing they can all focus on. Except "HATE TRUMP!", of course. But, not only has that not worked at all, it's actually been counterproductive! And Democrats haven't actually had any legislative goals, much less any achievements. They've spent over three years just seething with hatred at the President and coming up with crazy stunts to try to force him out.

They literally have nothing.

So the 'Notorious RGB Maneuver' is suggested as one desperate measure Democrats could take to defeat President Trump in the general election. It goes like this: Justice Ginsburg - a hardcore leftist - coordinates to announce her retirement from the Supreme Court in a time such that Senate Democrats could stall any hearings on President Trump's nominee to replace her. In the meantime, Democrats would use the prospect of Ginsburg being replaced on SCOTUS by a conservative Trump appointee as fuel to fire up and focus their various constituencies to turn out and carry Democrats to an electoral defeat in November. Where the Democrats would then appoint another hardcore leftist to replace her.

High risk/high reward.

There are so many things that would have to go perfectly in this scenario that it's hard to imagine it having any real chance of success. And failure of any part of the scheme gives President Trump another huge win on the Supreme Court. The alternative would be governing and legislating and acting like adults and trying to win voters with your competence and better ideas. Instead, it's just one crazy scheme after another. I just thought this was an interesting idea. And, it's a better idea than anything Democrats have done recently.