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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

The Film 'Trump@War'. Watch This!

Steve Bannon's film 'Trump@War' is available free online.

Even if you don't watch the entire film, please watch the first 5:00.

The introduction summarizes what American patriots are facing. The left relies on their violence to be shrugged off and forgotten so they can just repeat their assaults later on at a different time and place. Major media is happy to help them.

Click on the picture to link to the full-length film:


Friday, October 26, 2018

Bad News for Abrams & Gillum, But it Doesn't Matter

(Photo W.A. Bridges, Jr./AJC)
Revisiting a topic I've discussed recently, Stacy Abrams has been making news lately. Andrew Gillum in Florida, too. Normally, it would be disastrous news, but we don't live in normal times anymore.

I recently discussed the Florida and Georgia Governor's races in the context of how the Democrat candidate in each of those races is, what appears to be, the new prototype for Democrat candidates. Reasonably young, black and endorsing the whole basket of communist freebies the Bernie Sanders crowd loves so much. Free college, free healthcare, free housing...free everything. And just get rich guys to pay for it all. Basically, Venezuela, North Korea and Cuba without all the starvation and labor camps. Or, I don't know, maybe they want the labor camps and political prisoners. The Bernie worshipers are pretty ruthless in enforcing their utopian schemes on people against their will. So, who knows?

Stacy Abrams is the Georgia Democrat candidate for Governor, Andrew Gillum is the Florida Democrat gubernatorial candidate. I also talked about California Democrat Senator Kamala Harris and New Jersey Democrat Senator Cory Booker, both of whom are widely considered frontrunners for the Democrat presidential nomination in 2020. All four of these high profile Democrats are combinations of Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders.

I mentioned that it makes a lot of sense, in a way, if you're a Democrat still smarting from the 2016 electoral beatdown by President Trump and the Deplorables. Obama won back-to-back presidential elections fairly easily. And in 2016 there's no question all the energy on the Democrat side was with the Bernie Sanders crowd. The only reason Hillary won is because she spent eight years from 2008, when she was surprised by Obama, until 2016 stacking every state party with her cat-lady supporters and rigging the DNC rules up one side and down the other with 'super delegates' to ensure if the cat-ladies failed for some reason the super delegates would step in and give her the win, anyway. Basically, she rigged it so an Obama could never come out of nowhere and take the win like happened to her in 2008. That was supposed to be her election.

All the energy in the Democrat primary was with Sanders. And his core supporters were college socialist clubs pushing the 'free-everything' message to anyone who would listen.

So it makes sense for Democrats to combine their last big winner, a young black guy, with the message that had all the energy last time around. And the supporters of that message happen to all be very young, so there's that. And his message takes the basic liberal message and full-throttles it all the way to communism, which is the direction they were headed, anyway. At least on paper, I can see how they see this as a winning game plan going forward. So we get Harris, Booker, Gillum & Abrams as the the new face of the Democrat party. Makes sense.

This week, though, we've seen how we're not in Kansas anymore. We've known for awhile that the old political rules simply don't apply anymore. We're really in uncharted territory. Donald Trump has shown that the old order is gone. But we've got some examples on the Democrat side in the news recently that just drives the point home.

In the Florida Governor's race, it's been no secret that Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum has been dogged by serious corruption scandals during his time as Mayor. We learned this week that Gillum has been the subject of undercover FBI investigations for awhile. Undercover officers, videotapes, confidential informants. The whole enchilada. It blew up this week during the Florida gubanatorial debate when Gillum made some hard and fast claims about his crony trip to New York. According to news reports, his claims are provable, outright lies that, as it turns out, were part of the FBI's investigation and they've got the documentation. In years past this kind of thing would end a candidate's run right in its tracks. But these aren't normal times anymore. In spite of this, Gillum is leading in some polls, is polling at 99% among blacks in Florida and is hanging in near 50% among whites.

Up in Georgia, Democrat Stacy Abrams is somewhat of a firebrand. She reminds me very much of Bernie Sanders. She's got her share of problems, though. She's admitted to mismanaging her own finances to a shocking degree. Stunning levels of personal debt. Credit cards, student loans and massive unpaid taxes. Reports are in the neighborhood of $170,000 in financial problems. She's a Yale Law School educated attorney, by the way. She's also famously stumped on the promise to sandblast the national monument off the side of Stone Mountain if she's elected. She then claimed the 'blue wave' that will carry her to victory on Election Day includes illegal immigrants. This week voters were reminded that Ms. Abrams - who is running for Governor of the State of Georgia - publicly burned a Georgia state flag in a protest covered by media several years ago.

In any time in the past, these sort of developments in a Governor's race would have stopped a candidate in their tracks and the race would be over. But we're watching history.

The old way of politics in America has changed. The differences between the sides are stark and there's really not even any middle ground for agreement of any kind. Donald Trump has repeatedly, and masterfully, demonstrated this. Even his simple message 'Make America Great Again' has caused Democrats everywhere to say asinine things like Andrew Coumo telling a gathering that America was never great.

Stacy Abrams and Andrew Gillum aren't just not dropping out of their respective Governor's races in disgrace. They're both polling well and could win.

I've described the Florida and Georgia Governor's races as a proxy war for the national contest. Brian Kemp and Ron DeSantis are insurgent Republicans from the Trump wing of the party who beat the establishment candidates their state parties wanted. Gillum and Abrams are both Bernie disciples. And each of them have the entire black vote and the vote of people who hate Trump. Everyone else is voting for the Republican.

It will be an interesting election night in America.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

The America We Lost

A friend on social media recently shared a video of San Fransisco in the 1950s & '60s. It's where he grew up and he was a little boy during the time shown in the video. He commented about his memories of the places shown and what an amazing city it was. He no longer lives there, but travels there often to visit family. As people commented about the beauty of the city and it's natural surroundings, many of my friend's comments reflected a sadness.

He described what we've all read about the current condition of San Fransisco. The throngs of derelicts, the piles of human feces covering the sidewalks, the addicts openly plying themselves with drugs or begging for money from pedestrians and motorists to buy more drugs. The filth, the crime, the poverty. All set against the backdrop of the same beautiful buildings, natural beauty and the Golden Gate bridge portrayed in the video from a better time.

This is what America has lost.

This is especially relevant in the current news cycle as a mob of 10,000 or more Hondurans and others are in the process of marching across Central America and Mexico with the stated goal of entering the United States whether we like it or not. The scene of chaos and violence at Mexico's Southern border wasn't an isolated incident. It's what's coming to your town. The Central American nations where most of these invaders are coming from are the most violent nations on Earth. And why is that? Is it magic dirt that makes these countries violent, chaotic, filthy and unlivable? Is it some potion that someone put in the water there causing it to be a terrible place to live? Same with Mexico. Same with Pakistan, Syria, Sudan, Congo and every other nation whose citizens want to leave and flock to Europe and the U.S.? What is it that makes these nations unlivable? It's the people.

Returning to the army of Hondurans walking thousands of miles to force their way into America. It's claimed they are coming here seeking asylum. But, asylum from what? There's no war in Honduras. There's been no natural disaster. There's no civil strife. These people are literally seeking asylum from having to live around other Hondurans. They don't want to live in the nation they've created. This goes for all these other countries where the left wrings their hands and moans about how they just want a better life here in America. Well, if they're someone who can contribute to the society we've built here in America, why is it these masses of people don't have the motivation or ability to make their own countries anything but a miserable place to be?

The people are bringing the 3rd world with them.

Compare Detroit, Baltimore, St. Louis or any other large American city with pictures and video from 70 years ago. It's like night and day. When you import the 3rd world decade after decade and pack these millions upon millions of 3rd world people into American cities, they transform from orderly, clean and European-feeling to the filthy, violent 3rd world chaos we have today. Then we watch videos and marvel at how amazing it used to be.

Demography is destiny.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

The Left Demands We All Repeat Their Lies

The issue of men who think they're women or women who believe themselves to be men, the mental disorder Gender Dysphoria, has been in the news a lot lately. The left and their media have ignored the medical diagnosis and the scientific, biological fact that men can't be women and women can't be men, and they've re-branded their new grievance group as "transgender", or just "trans" for short. What we're really talking about, though, is what was always known as cross-dressers. And I understand there are various levels of this condition. That some guys like wearing ladies' things and other guys are in this difficult mental place where they honestly believe they are a woman, despite the reality that's obvious to the rest of us. So, it's a sliding scale.

And those who've followed me on this blog or in my columns or on the radio for any length of time know that I'm not a judgmental person. I'm not good enough to be. But I live in reality. And I have a strong resistance to being ordered by others to speak or act in a way that I don't want to, especially if I'm being asked to acknowledge that an obvious lie is, in fact, true. Like referring to a man as woman or using feminine pronouns like "she" and "her" in reference to such a man. He's not a woman, so I am not going to allow myself to be forced to pretend he is.

My general rule on this is that I respect others, no matter how wacky or absurd they may be, but I expect I will be respected, as well. So, I will never tell a guy he is not allowed to refer to himself as a girl, and I expect he and his obnoxious friends will not demand I refer to him in any particular way.

I don't own your speech, you don't own mine.

But that respect is missing from the left. Not just in the crossdressing conversation, but in other areas of liberal intolerance, too. For example, I don't recall the last time I heard of people telling liberals what Halloween costumes they were prohibited from wearing. They wouldn't tolerate it. Such a demand would probably provoke leftists to go out and wear whatever they were told not to just to spite everyone. But they're perfectly happy, thrilled even, to think up crazy new demands every day for how people are to dress or speak or behave or what we're allowed to believe. All of their demands fall under the umbrella of "I'm offended!"

They come up with Orwellian double-speak terminology to push their totalitarian demands. "Hate speech", campus "speech codes" and "cultural appropriation" are some of the more common terms by which they force others to speak or act or behave as leftists demand.

But it spills over into other nonsense, too, that doesn't fit in any of these liberal boxes of authoritarian crazy. Sometimes they just scream and protest over stuff they just don't like, and try to awkwardly stuff it in some other generic "I'm offended" box. Like the college sorority who cancelled their annual Kentucky Derby party because liberal protesters claimed it was racist and chanted nonsense about the world's most famous horse race being "the face of police brutality". It was an ultra-exclusive leftist school where this happened, so I'm sure it didn't occur to anyone there to tell the protesters to go pound sand. But I wish they would've. Instead, sane people were made to cancel an event because lunatics demanded it.

Of course, we see this with schools banning kids from wearing American flag t-shirts (offensive to illegal immigrants), white ladies bullied to stop making burritos at a food cart (offensive to Mexicans, since the women are white and making that food is somehow stealing Mexican culture) and a host of other examples of liberals making ridiculous demands of everyone around them.

And this cultural appropriation never works in reverse. How funny would it be to see the reaction if someone demanded blacks and hispanics stop wearing suits and ties because that's appropriating white culture? Or stop wearing any ordinary Western clothing? Hell, Americans aren't even allowed to tell a violent mob of invaders they're not allowed to crash our borders and come in and get all the handouts liberals can get to them. Americans aren't even allowed to say only citizens should vote in our elections without liberals ripping at their faces and screaming that we're all worse than Hitler. It's really crazy.

Back to this cross-dressing thing, though. There's been a lot on the topic in the news this week. Recently, a man won a World Championship in cycling. Bicycle racing. It was newsworthy because he won the world title by claiming to be a female and racing against women. For what it's worth, this guy is a professor of philosophy at a university in South Carolina. When one of the actual females he beat complained, he had a social media hissy fit and cited the fact that his birth certificate said he was female, and some other stuff he had changed, as proof that he is, in fact, a girl. He's not, of course. If you look at photos of him, he looks like a man trying hard to look like what he thinks he would look like if he were a girl. A very ugly girl at that. But most men would make ugly women. Just one more of the differences between men and women.

Elsewhere in the news, the New York Times and others are reporting the Trump administration is moving forward on defining gender as a biological, immutable condition determined by genitalia at birth. The move would standardize the issue across the federal government “on a biological basis that is clear, grounded in science, objective and administrable.” Seems fair enough. As an attorney, most of the laws you deal with have the relevant terms specifically defined somewhere. If it's not determined elsewhere in the law, it'll likely have been hashed out in appellate court opinions somewhere or be included in what's called pattern jury instructions, which are basically agreed-upon definitions of terms or ideas that most people take for granted, but can get sticky when money or someone's freedom is on the line. So these things are mostly hashed out and the subjective part should just be the facts of the case and how they apply. In the state where I practiced for a long time, there was a catch-all section in the law that said if a term isn't otherwise defined, the word has the ordinary dictionary definition. So, in other words, "if there's anything we missed and isn't defined in some other place in the law, the dictionary definition is what was intended."

For all of human history the terms "man", "woman", "sex", "gender", "male", "female", "boy", "girl", etc. all were clearly understood and didn't need to be further defined. As federal laws and regulations were passed to ensure fairness for women and equal pay for women and equal access to education for women and that sort of thing, there wasn't any need to say what a woman is. Or what discrimination based on sex or gender meant. It was obvious. It just meant what it meant. But after the left began pushing their transgender agenda in the days after their big Supreme Court victory in 2015 that legally forced homosexual marriage on every state in America, those lines suddenly became more blurred.

Just like every line was blurred during the previous presidency, such as the line between protesting and rioting, that administration fanned the flames of divisiveness and caused everything to be more complicated and confused. When it came to men who insist they are actually women, the previous administration simply adopted a floating policy of not really dealing with it and searching around for votes that could be mined in that chaos. And, of course, the further destruction of traditional American culture and promoting of degeneracy was all a bonus.

The previous administration did things such as come up with ideas like removing "mother" and "father" from passports and other government documents and replacing those specific terms with the more generic, vague "Parent 1" and "Parent 2". They allowed everything to erode into chaos by keeping everything open so anyone could basically make anything mean whatever they want it to mean at any given time. This doesn't work when it comes to laws and regulations, though.

All the chaos created real confusion and had actual legal ramifications. So the Trump administration moving to standardize the issue across the federal government so everyone is on the same page is something that's absolutely necessary, and one more thing to be repaired from the previous eight year dumpster fire. Things are so bad on this issue that even reports of trying to get things standardized has caused the usual crowd of purple-haired, tattooed-eyebrow, nose ring protesters to lose their minds and take to the streets to protest that their human rights are being stripped away.

Chastity Bono, the daughter of Sonny & Cher Bono, who is pretending to be a man and wants everyone to call her "Chaz" now, went ballistic and said trying to get a handle on this is "defining me out of existence". She went on to berate the ordinary Americans who support the President and stated she was in an indescribable rage. Pretty much describing the left in this country at any given moment. As an aside, Chastity Bono is one of the saddest human beings on the planet. It's hard to not feel sorry for her. She's a morbidly obese, grotesque person who's been taking hormones or something to try to grow facial hair like a man. She looks like the bearded fat lady at the circus trying to dress like a teenage boy in jeans and long flannel shirts. It's just embarrassing. And her mom isn't a looker, but she's thin and takes glamour to the next level with her gowns and whatnot. It's gotta be a tough life for Chastity. But she's dealing with it in a self-destructive manner. Actually, Cher tweeted that she feared her "son" was going to be put in a concentration camp with Latino children the President is currently holding in cages. Chastity Bono is 50 years old, by the way.

Neither Ms. Bono, nor her famous mom nor any of the other crazies that erupted this week over this issue managed to offer an explanation of exactly how they're being stripped of their humanity. There's going to be some stability, definition and common understanding of gender written into federal law for the purpose of stopping this chaos. It was always there before, but it's been anarchy regarding this issue since 2015. So everything is just being given some definition, as opposed to being left open-ended for new interpretations every week. No different than what the Trump administration is doing with the tax code and regulations and everything else that's been in a state of chaos and causing American business and personal lives to be in a state of never-ending confusion. It's part of returning stability to our nation.

My hope is schools and athletic organizations will follow suit.

I'm not hopeful in the current year, though.

Friday, October 19, 2018

The Harsh Reality Podcast is BACK!

The triumphant return of the Harsh Reality is live!

In this week's episode I discuss:

  • The left's open calls for violence;
  • The latest meme that's driving liberals insane;
  • Unfortunate political correctness at a historic institution;
  • Elizabeth Warren's disastrous DNA rollout;
  • The New Democrat prototype candidate, and;
  • My thoughts on the 'blue wave'.

Available on iTunes and the podcast app on your iPhone, or here on SoundCloud:

I hope you enjoy it!


Thursday, October 18, 2018

Democrats Betting on a Bernie Sanders-Barack Obama Combo as the Prototype Candidate

Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty
Today California Senator Kamala Harris, regarded by many as a frontrunner to be the 2020 Democrat nominee for President, proposed just giving money to Americans making under a certain amount. Up to $500 per month or $6,000 per year. The U.S. Senator cited statistics showing the number of Americans who've so poorly managed their finances they don't have the money to cover an unexpected $500 expense. She didn't explain why she expected the free money would be responsibly utilized by the same people.

This is just one of the many versions of universal basic income (or UBI) that's been floated by leftists in the U.S. and Europe over the past few years. UBI is right now where socialized medicine was 25 years ago. An idea that's viewed as sorta European, but American leftists are beginning to start the drumbeat for it. We can only expect more of this, until eventually it'll be the centerpiece of the Democrat agenda and the volume will increase until it's claimed to be a human right.

But, even more interesting about this story is the definite direction of the Democrat party that it reveals. It comes more into focus every day.

This is the Democrat prototype going forward: A black version of Bernie Sanders.
  • GA Dem. Gov. candidate Stacy Abrams;
  • FL Dem. Gov. candidate Andrew Gillum;
  • NJ Dem. Sen. Cory Booker, and;
  • CA Dem. Sen. Kamala Harris.
All are black candidates openly embracing socialism and promising "free" money to their constituents for everything. All four are prominent Democrats who are an unmistakable combination of hardcore Marxist Bernie Sanders and black Barack Obama.

It's understandable that national Democrats would be looking to regain the magic they enjoyed with Obama's 2008 and 2012 Presidential wins. And there's concern that Hillary showed that a white candidate is not a winner for the party. Barack Obama had back-to-back big wins and there's no question all the energy on the Democrat side in 2016 was in the Bernie camp. So, it actually makes a lot of sense to find a candidate who combines a young African American politician with the policy positions that excite the Bernie fans.

The biggest problem in that equation is Barack Obama. Like a lot of 2-term Presidents lately, there's a fatigue that sets in and there's a good chance there's not enough Americans excited about another 4 or 8 years of Obama. America was so exhausted with the Clinton scandals in 2000 that Al Gore wasn't even able to win his own home state or Bill Clinton's home state. And years of war and a crashing economy under George W. Bush had Americans ready for any change just to get that experience over with. There's no question Obama was a polarizing figure and it seems he's holding back in the 2018 midterm election cycle. It could be that House and Senate candidates don't see his endorsement or campaign help as anything that will benefit them.

If that's the case, the apparent plan for the Bernie/Obama combo candidate may prove to be a big mistake. Should be interesting to watch, though.

The Left's Resort to Violence

There's been quite a transformation by leftists over the past few years that's largely gone without comment in the major media.

During the Obama years, American liberals were their typical angry, nasty, insulting selves. But they were generally harmless. Since George Bush was inaugurated after the 1988 election, liberals were able to verbally bully good people into letting them have their way on pretty much everything. All that came to a crashing halt in the run-up to the 2016 presidential election, as young people who've grown up being called names by the left and seeing their families and friends bullied simply didn't let it bother them and pushed through all the name-calling and demands from the left to virtue signal (let Democrats win) to prove they weren't racist, or whatever they were being accused of.

Donald Trump brushing off these baseless attacks did two things: He emboldened people to ignore the labels and slurs of the left and refuse to be defined by them. He also caused liberals to freak out and ramp up the craziness of their attacks because that was the automatic 'win button' of the left. If things weren't going their way? Call a conservative a racist or a bigot or accuse them of wanting to starve children and sit back and watch them scurry away. Since that's stopped working, our liberal friends have no idea what to do. So they just keep screaming their nonsense louder.

As we all know, the left had an apocalyptic level meltdown after the 2016 election. To this day, they have been simply unable to comprehend they lost the election. And perhaps it's only subconscious, but they realize their 'win button' isn't working anymore. That they needed to bully harder than before. So we saw the birth of antifa, the shock troops of the Democrat party. Their street thugs. Their enforcers. Physically destroying things and assaulting and intimidating Democrats' political opposition.

Burning and looting businesses, blocking highways, beating and throwing things at people going to Trump rallies or trying to attend a speech on a campus, vandalizing or destroying public or private property. Democrats leaders simply ignore it all. They look the other way and implicitly encourage their masked Brown Shirts to attack, burn and destroy everything and anyone opposing the Democrat agenda. However obvious, it was never explicit. Until now.

Over the past few weeks, Democrats and others have begun openly calling for violence against anyone who disagrees with them. They justify it by claiming people who oppose them are evil, or their opponents don't deserve civility.

Longtime Obama Attorney General Eric Holder told Democrats to kick opponents when they get them down. This man was the top law enforcement officer in the entire United States for six years.

Former Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton told CNN this week "[y]ou cannot be civil" with Republicans" and when Democrats "win back the House and or Senate, that's when civility can start again." So, as long as Democrats are out of power, any level of violence is justified to regain control, and everyone can be civil to one another with Democrats in power. This woman came close to being the President of the United States.

The Mayor of Portland, Oregon has turned over the streets to masked antifa thugs. Literally. They've set up roadblocks and direct traffic and physically threaten all who don't follow their orders. It's imposing the virulent strain on liberalism on an entire city whether they like it or not. Police are told to stand down and let the violent mob have its way with the citizens who are simply out in public going about their day.

A professor at the University of Mississippi called for leftists to attack conservatives wherever they find them. The university expressed their sadness at his calls for attacks, but they're not doing anything about it.

The Democrat party has gone from abusive name-calling and slurs, to looking away while their violent mobs committed violence against people who disagree with them politically, to openly calling for violence as a tool to regain political power.

It's escalated like this because they are unable to win elections on the strength of their own agenda or candidates or ideas. So all they have left is attacking the other side. Verbal attacks were enough to get the job done for a very long time. But that played out, so they had to ramp it up to physical violence. As the shock value of that has proven counter-productive, they're resorting to making it personal with calls from the highest ranks of the party to mobilize as many of their rank and file as possible to increase the violence.

When this fails to get them the power they desperately want, what will be their next step? And, at some point, good people are going to start fighting back.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

NPC is the New Pepe the Frog

Remember when the alt-right was a thing back during the 2016 election? This is just my own definition, but the alt-right was mostly made up of high school and college-age young men and women who are social media savvy and typically snarky for people of that age. I've maintained since election night 2016 that these young people's dominance in the social media's "meme wars" is largely responsible for President Trump's election.

The subsequent mass banning of conservatives from Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms tells us the tech giants recognize the impact of allowing conservatives to speak freely.

Liberals are simply not able to compete in an open marketplace of ideas. Their ideas are terrible and irrational. So they shut down debate in several ways. They work their way into positions of authority in academia and the media and then enforce a ruthless orthodoxy, hiring and promoting only those who share their leftist point of view, until these institutions are completely monolithic in their culture. From there, it's fairly easy for them to snuff out any dissenting opinion by either ignoring it, destroying the career of the proponent or labeling it "hate speech" and banning it. Easy peezy.

Social media was supposed to be that open marketplace of ideas. But the irrational nature of the leftist agenda was painfully and amusingly obvious. So an open marketplace didn't work at all for liberals. They responded with the only thing that actually works for marxists: Forced control. Banning from social media. Labeling disagreement as hate speech. Referring to those who disagree with the most vulgar labels they can think of. "Racist" and "Nazi" are their favorite slurs to hurl at people who expose the absurdity of the left.

Snarky young Deplorables have shrugged off these insults or even embraced them, simply as an amusing thumb in the eye of their accusers. Which has further enraged leftists into silly meltdowns. Remember Pepe? The cartoon frog who made a wacky appearance in memes was so effective he spawned leftist academic denunciation as a hate symbol and was labeled a Nazi. A cartoon frog.

But Pepe's time came and went. But there's a different cartoon meme triggering liberals now.

Over the past 48 hours, Twitter has banned 100s of conservatives whose account or profile picture had the letters 'NPC' or this grey generic man's face:

'NPC' is videogame talk for Non-Player Character. In video games, there are generic characters walking around that aren't really interactive. They only know what they're programmed and they spit out the same pre-programmed dialog. The snarky internet Deplorable crowd has taken to referring to screaming liberals as 'NPCs' because they all act the same and scream the same nonsense, but can't be reasoned with and have no apparent understanding of why they're doing or saying the things they are. Twitter, the NYT and other leftist authorities have determined the letters NPC and the generic face is hate speech because it "dehumanizes" liberals.

People being de-platformed from social media - banned from the modern public square - over a funny cartoon face is the equivalent of flipping over the board when you're losing a game and storming off like a baby. Or accusing people of a bunch of crazy conspiracies when you lose an election.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

My Latest Column is Up at WND.com

My latest column at WND is out. I discuss the problems tech giants are having with their artificial intelligence systems reaching conclusions that are socially taboo. Give it a read!

Clicking the picture will take you right to it.

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Monday, October 15, 2018

Washington & Lee University Begins Gutting its History for Political Correctness

Washington & Lee University in Virginia recently announced plans to make significant changes on campus to begin the process of detaching the institution from its history and replacing it with a completely different history. Sadly, this story has been repeated all across the U.S. in recent decades. As dishonest and inappropriate as this trend is, it is especially discouraging and deceitful at a historic institution where the very founding and history will have to be completely purged to comply with the demands of academic marxists.

Washington and Lee University to Rename 2 Buildings;
Changes to come to Lee Chapel. (Photo credit WSLS)
First, a brief background. Washington & Lee is a historic and somewhat exclusive private liberal arts university with a picturesque campus nestled in the Virginia countryside near Lexington. Named for George Washington and Robert E. Lee, the latter being the President of the university after his military career until his death in 1870. General Lee is buried beneath the chapel bearing his name, Lee Chapel having been constructed during his tenure as the university's President. There is a statue chamber behind the alter in the chapel featuring a beautiful marble statue of Lee lying in state. The chapel is on the National Register of Historic Places and is a destination for visitors to the area.

Since leftists have unrestrained control over American higher education, universities have rushed to rename buildings and remove statues, monuments and other evidence of people and events from the past that are longer politically correct.

President Obama's former Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel famously laid out one of the tenets of leftist maneuvering: "You never want a serious crisis to go to waste". Every tragedy, every disaster, every bad circumstance is exploited by the left to seize additional power or force some agenda they could never have done otherwise.

The Board of Trustees of Washington & Lee did exactly that.

Using the antifa attacks on the 'Unite the Right' protest of the City of Charlottesville's proposal to remove century-old historic statues of Lee and General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson from city property, the Board of Trustees seized the opportunity to create the Orwellian-named 'Commission on Institutional History and Community'. A euphemism for Come-Up-With-Ways-To-Purge-Parts-Of-Our-History-That-Upset-The-Liberal-Thought-Police. This is a common tactic on the left. A liberal leader deflects responsibility for forcing his agenda and making dramatic changes by appointing a commission to come up with reasons unrelated to his own personal liberal tastes and make recommendations in line with what he wants and validate what he intends to do, regardless of the wishes of the public or anybody else.

At Washington & Lee, the Board of Trustees met over a weekend and announced a number of fraudulent changes were coming to the university.

To begin with, portraiture on campus of President George Washington and General Robert E. Lee in uniform will be removed and replaced with images of the men in civilian clothing.

Robinson Hall, named after a founder of the university, will be renamed to honor a man reported to be the first black man to attend college in the U.S. John Robinson was a Revolutionary War figure who passed away nearly 200 years ago, leaving his land and possessions for the college, establishing a Professorship of Geology and Architecture and funding awards for two graduating seniors each year. As expected from a wealthy landowner in the Southern United States in the 1700s and early 1800s, Mr. Robinson owned slaves and bequeathed them to the university, which sold them in 1836. A particular point of hand-wringing in the commission's report.

The university is further renaming Jackson-Lee House to honor Pamela Simpson, a woman who worked at the university to transform it into a co-ed school in the 1980s. The structure was the actual home of General Stonewall Jackson.

The school will also close the doors of the statuary room during university events in Lee Chapel, presumably to block students from viewing the statue of Lee.

So, in summary: The namesakes of the university will have their pictures removed and replaced without "offensive" military uniforms; Two other white males, one the founder of the university and the other a historic figure whose home was one of the targeted structures, will have their names stripped from the buildings and be replaced by a black man and a woman, and; the view of a national landmark in a historic building will be blocked so university students and faculty will not have to see it.

We know from history this is not the end, however. It never is when liberals get their way. More demands always follow.

In this case, the commission made several recommendations for changes that basically amount to purging, removing and renaming everything at the university considered inappropriate to the most easily offended liberal in the current year and replacing it all with a suitably multicultural substitute history. As always, the Board of Trustees did what liberals always do with the recommendations from their vaguely-named commissions. They adopted some, but not all recommendations. This allows them to appear moderate in only adopting some, with bonus points if leftists make any noise about the recommendations which are not put into place. It allows them to say "I know both sides aren't happy with this, but I'm being the adult and making a necessary decision."

Mark my words: The un-adopted recommendations will be put into place once the heat over the administrators' atrocity against the university's history dies down, as it eventually will. They will probably be quietly adopted and anyone who notices will be reminded "it was in the commission's recommendation back in 2018" and complaints will be shrugged off as old news over a settled issue.

This liberal tactic has played out successfully all across America, including New York, Baltimore and Pittsburgh and hundreds of college campuses, where the commissions are designated as reviewing public art or some other euphemism as a mechanism to enable city leaders to tear out historic landmarks from previous generations of Americans that now enrage liberals.

As always with the left, these first changes at Washington & Lee are only the beginning. The ultimate result will be the renaming of the university and the removal of all references to these men and their careers and achievements.

There is a preview for the rest of America hidden in something else about the commission's recommendations at Washington & Lee, though. George Washington is included on the chopping block. George Washington was President of the United States, Commanding General of the Continental Army and is regarded as the Father of Our Country. He died decades before the American Civil War erupted. So, why would the university be removing portraits of General Washington in uniform? Because it is a first step. Washington, like Robinson, owned slaves. To the left, the conversation about him stops there. Because he violated a tenet of 21st century liberalism, he is a villain of history to the political left. To liberals, any recognition of his life or achievements not involving hateful condemnation of Washington is tantamount to approving of slavery. Switching out images of Washington in uniform for pictures of him in civilian clothes seems like a tiny concession. But it is only meant to get the ball rolling. Its only purpose is to achieve a small victory, getting any opposition to admit something about Washington is unacceptable, and set the tone for additional demands later on. The left has transformed all of American society through this type of incrementalism.

Washington & Lee's assault on their own heritage and history is an example of how successful the left has been at removing historical references to the Confederacy from American life. That they would shift their focus from forcing removal of the Battle Flag from display to removing every kind of monument - from inconsequential grave markers to large, historic public monuments - to stripping and replacing the history at Washington & Lee University speaks to their success. The demands of the left never stop, though. They are only emboldened and simply shift to their next target of rage.

Expect Presidents Washington and Thomas Jefferson to be next in line for liberal "commissions" to recommend removal and re-naming. An entire state, our nation's capital and thousands of other places, buildings, monuments and institutions will come under attack from the left to replace these problematic men with a more diverse and multicultural substitute history. It will happen.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Liberals Frustration with Constitutional Inability to Force Their Agenda

I got to see this latest absurd liberal talking point in a meme on social media this morning. 

The inconsistency of the left is a remarkable dumpster fire to watch. When they didn't have control of every institution in America they DEMANDED accommodation via 'free speech' protests, marches, sit-ins and inclusion at every level for their point of view.

Now that they have generational institutional control, they're merciless in stomping out dissenting voices and bullying anyone with a different opinion into silence and blackballing them from access to those institutions. Education, business, media. Only one opinion is permitted.

This "doctor's" post is a great example. Communists were able to thrive in postwar America by demanding respect for their minority rights in our Republic and constant reminders this is not a democracy where majority rules against individual rights. Now they're caterwauling like spoiled toddlers about how unfair it is to live in a Republic where they're Constitutionally unable to brutally force their agendas up Americans' collective ass. Our Constitutional was laid out in this manner for exactly this reason. Not being a pessimist, but it has not survived. An increasing number of people see that we're only a triggering event away from balkanization. My only prayer is that it's peaceful. Doubtful, but I hope.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

25 Years After the Battle of Mogadishu

25 years ago today was the Battle of Mogadishu. I vividly remember liberals demanding Bush, Sr. send U.S. troops into Somalia to feed starving Africans. I remember the media hounding the President and calling him a racist. Just like so many leftist "outrages" it was just one that Democrats decided on one day and began beating the drum and attacking conservatives with it.

Africans had been starving in Somalia and elsewhere in Africa for decades due to tribal violence and shocking corruption. But it suddenly became a thing liberals could use to beat up their political opponent and wave the flag and look patriotic. I remember Jesse Jackson angrily claiming on every TV channel he could get onto that "if these starving children were white, Republicans would've had U.S. troops there yesterday!" Bush caved, as globalist cucks always do.

For those too young to remember, Somalia was a total and complete disaster. As U.S. troops brought food and humanitarian aid they were attacked by the Somalians they were there to help. American aircraft were shot down and dead U.S. troops were dragged through the streets by dancing and cheering crowds of Somalians.

Which brings us to the present. Somali immigration into the United States over the past 25 years has been massive. According to U.S. State Department reports, a significant percentage of the entire Somali population has been resettled in the United States. Why? As a whole, Somalis settling in the U.S. have shown the same gratitude to Americans and their host communities as their countrymen showed U.S. forces bringing food and clean water 25 years ago.