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Sunday, August 26, 2018

The Sad End of John McCain

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

John McCain is dead, so I have no ill will. And I pray for peace for his family during this difficult time in their life. Mr. McCain was an interesting figure, for sure.

Something clearly happened to him in the last several years of his life. Maybe it was the brain cancer. I don't know. But he became a very hateful, bitter man who lashed out at his own voters, heaped insults on his fellow Americans, constantly attacked the President of the United States - of his own party, no less (something he and other globalists always refused to do previously, citing their respect for the office, self-respect and dignity) - and did everything he could to sabotage his own party and voters' legislative agenda.

I wonder if there was an outside chance he could lose in a primary at his next election?

He was such a miserable, mean-spirited old leftist Washington insider that he publicly disinvited the sitting President from attending his funeral in advance. Who does that? That's taking being a hateful human being to a cosmic level of spite.

I believe he was just 100% invested in the globalist elite D.C. insider lifestyle and, like the rest of those pathetic people, could not even comprehend that the American people would not do as they were told. His shocking behavior over the last three years of his life were simply his version of the embarrassing temper tantrum leftists are having everywhere. He wasn't going to go out and block a highway or throw bricks at Trump supporters attending a rally. But he could, and did, use his position to do and say everything possible to express his contempt for those Americans. He hated President Trump, he hated the Americans who voted for him, he hated his voters who were frustrated by him constantly kissing the Clintons', Bushes' and obamas' [backsides]. I wish his last days were more peaceful. For his own sake, his family's sake and the sake of his state and country. Unfortunately, he'll be remembered by a lot of people as the man he's been for the past 10 years. Very sad.

Saturday, August 4, 2018

The Never-Ending Effort to Help Africans

Whatever happened to all that African humanitarian relief celebrities all celebrated back in the 1980s?

The latest Western idea for how to help Africans get fresh water.
Link to story of the latest 'great idea' that's supposed to make it easier for Africans to get fresh water. It's full of the typical leftist academia hand-wringing and introspection about how to solve a problem in Africa. Nobody will ever follow up on this story to see how it worked out. They never do. 
I wish I had $1 for every invention or idea Americans or Europeans came up with that's supposed to solve some problem in Africa. Giving away millions of solar-powered laptops, creating power grids for villages using pure renewable energy, designing, donating and installing high-tech, high-quality solar lighting systems for African children to study their donated books through the night, digging millions of wells over the past decades and hundreds of more ideas to try to improve their lives.

And all this is on top of the amazing European infrastructure that was turned over by colonial powers as they returned Africa to self-rule. All of that has been destroyed and every single humanitarian effort by Americans and Europeans has resulted in...no improvement at all. A continued descent into hellish violence, disease and starvation.

Remember LiveAid? USA for Africa? What happened to all those millions upon millions of dollars? Africa is orders of magnitude worse off now than it was in the mid-80s when those massive Western cultural events were supposed boost Africa out of poverty and starvation once and for all.

All of this comes at the same time as the recent video from Barcelona of American tourists being viciously beaten by African "refugees". Here's the video:

(This video, by the way, was hidden or not returned in specific searches using Google and YouTube's interface function on this blog platform, even though I had the specific name of the video. I had to use an alternate method of linking it here. I expect Google and/or Youtube to pull the video down at some point.)

After Europeans were run out of power in Africa, accused of running horrible racist governments against Africans, and the subsequent collapse into anarchy of the former European colonies in Africa being blamed on the "legacy of colonialism". As if the millions of whites forced to flee African nations left some sort of evil spirit behind that's caused the formerly-prosperous countries to crash into poverty and the European infrastructure they left behind to decay and collapse on its own.

Nobody in media is asking this question: If, as leftist globalists keep telling us, Europeans and white racism is responsible for all the violence, poverty and chaos experienced by Africans in Africa, why would Africans flee to Europe, of all places?

In this video, we see a boatload of Africans coming ashore in Spain. Not a sickly old woman or tiny baby among them. They all appear to be healthy young men. "Military Age Males", for my fellow post-9-11 American veterans.

An acquaintance worked for an NGO (one of the many USAID/Peace Corps type agencies) using technology to locate maximum population distributions to dig SIMPLE, nearly indestructible wells for people across Africa to have access to clean water. He spent a couple years working there. They dug a well deep into clean underground water sources, installed the simplest, unbreakable hand pump engineers could design. The only moving part was the handle. Only a single hinge. The ONLY thing required was to put a drop of oil on the hinge every day or 2.

They worked for weeks with local people to make sure they knew how to pump the handle up and down to get water and that someone only needed to put a drop of oil once a day on the hinge to make sure it keeps working for many years to come. They left them with a jug of oil that would last 5 years, if applied properly. Even the oil was engineered for that purpose and good for nothing else. Not edible, not sufficiently flammable for fuel, just put a drop on the hinge and enjoy fresh, clean water for your entire community. Completely foolproof. No language skills or technical abilities needed. Simpler than water sources engineered by the Romans and the Chinese 2,500 years ago.

Other NGOs or non-profits worked alongside them with different missions. One showed how to plant a simple garden and provided training and a special super-sturdy multi-tool for turning over soil and doing other basic tasks to make simple gardening easier physically and conceptually.

Another had goats and would leave a small number of goats in each village for milk, meat and breeding and train villagers in how to tend to goats (just let them graze and don't kill them).

They worked hard to make sure many people at each location knew the simple steps for these prehistoric basics that would vastly improve their lives.

Every few months or so they'd rotate back around to check on the places they'd previously worked. When the teams returned to the sites to assess and record results to help improve future efforts, 100% of the wells were broken, stolen or had been intentionally fouled with human waste. The simple gardens were covered in weeds and the vegetable plants dead. Nobody knew where the hand tool was that had been provided. Locals guessed it was stolen or broken or sold or used as a weapon. The goats had been killed and eaten as soon as the teams left.

My friend was mostly disgusted by the wells where the simple handle had been broken off and obviously not oiled, and the jug of oil was still sitting right there. He was flabbergasted at the unwillingness of the people they were working so hard and spending so many resources to help, at their complete and total unwillingness to do anything to help themselves. They were completely reliant on the teams returning to fix all the stuff they broke. They WANTED clean water and goat milk and vegetables. But my friend shared the teams' exhaustion at having to provide everything for all these people and then actually do the simple work for them, because even when trained in the simplest basic task they would not do it for themselves. He said they seemed to have no concept of future-time orientation.

To make matters worse, local warlords would kill people throughout the areas they controlled and take supplies to ransom back to the teams. When the non-profits and NGOs appealed to the nation's strongman dictator for assistance with the warlords, he charged a bribe of millions of dollars - called a "security fee" - and then sent the warlords to be the security. The same warlords who were indiscriminately murdering people and holding their supplies for ransom.

One could probably not calculate the amount of money spent by governments, individuals and charitable organizations trying to help Africa. For those of us who grew up with TV actress Sally Struthers in commercials begging for help to feed starving Africans in the 1970s, and then all of the biggest pop music stars of the 1980s on both sides of the Atlantic holding gigantic fundraising efforts to end African poverty, disease and famine, there comes a point where questions of results are fair to ask.

So, whatever happened to all those billions in African humanitarian relief money that's poured from Europe and America into African nations since the 1960s?