Harsh Reality

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Even Her "Surprise & Delight" Are Painfully Scripted

Here's the Democrat nominee doing her scripted "surprised & delighted" face.

Every single thing this woman does is scripted, focus-grouped, controlled & rehearsed.

It's a reflection of her entire adult life. Ambition above all else. Everything is for the purpose of advancing herself politically.

She does terrible when she has to speak or do anything without a script. Which is why it has been almost 9 MONTHS since she did a press conference. How is that even possible?! She's a major party's nominee for President of the United States. And she refuses to take questions that aren't screened by her staff.

Everyone knows she's terrible on her feet, so her campaign is coordinating with the media to rig up the debates the same way they did with Bernie Sanders by burying them in the TV schedule so as few people see them as possible.

And all of this explains how Benghazi happened. There was no teleprompter to tell her what to say or how to act during those deadly 13 hours. So her staff coordinated with the White House to come up with a narrative and talking points for her to repeat about what had happened. All lies, as we knew at the time and was confirmed later. But she has no idea what to do when she's not surrounded by handlers insulating her from reality.

The corruption and stupidity of all this is so profound one cannot help but laugh.

Friday, July 1, 2016

America Arrived At Bolshevism Without A Shot Being Fired

AP Sources: Obama To Reveal Civilian Deaths From Drones
The story linked above was shared on social media by my friend Sean with this sarcastic comment:
"I'm sure we can rest assured the assessment will be honest and accurate."
His comment is funny because it is sarcastic. But it got me thinking. How sad is it that the American people now have the same dismissive view of our government and media that Soviet citizens had of Pravda & TASS?

Everything in America is being communized. (I may have created a new word there.) Only instead of a bloody revolution, they've done it little by little, classroom by classroom, boardroom by boardroom and political office by political office.

We know our government lies to us, spies on us, punishes dissenters and runs a shameless propaganda division that tells us whatever story advances the agenda of comrade Dear Leader. It's Bolshevism. We arrived without a shot being fired.

My friend's snarky comment is something uttered by the beleaguered people of the USSR.