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Thursday, December 31, 2015

What Part Of 'Fundamental Transformation Of America' Did You Not Understand?

While the Obama family vacations in Hawaii on their latest multi-million dollar weeks-long getaway, news is out that the White House is pushing forward with a number of executive orders that will circumvent Congress, ignore Federal Court Orders and violate federal law.

Stories just from the past 24 hours show that the administration will go on its own and enact gun control and new immigration laws with the stroke of a pen:

Obama Set To Unveil New Gun Laws By Executive Order (Photo Getty)

The administration's planned single-handed legalization of millions of illegal immigrants is in violation of Federal Court orders:

Obama Executive Order to Give Work Permits to Foreigners
Everyone is expecting that the final year of this disaster will be the worst yet as the lame duck simply does anything he wants with the full consent (and full funding) of Congress and the establishment GOP's pledge that there is nothing Obama could do that would make them do their Constitutional duty and impeach him. Nothing. A solemn pledge from the Republican establishment that he is free to do anything he wants.

But I got this question on my Facebook page (which can be found here) from a listener:

"How can so many on the left not care, Sean? I'm amazed that so many so called intelligent people are so dumb."
I wanted to share my answer because I think that a lot of people are still in denial about who Obama is and who his supporters are. Here is my answer:

Sean Harshey They want what he's doing. Just like him, they hate this country and everything it stands for. It's "unfair" and it's "racist" and it's "bigoted" and paternalistic and [insert any liberal tantrum smear]. They hate it. They're Marxists. Godless collectivists who've spent their lives railing against the American family, education, business, industry, the Church, the government, the economy, the military...everything. It's all unfair to them and they want it all torn down so they can reconstruct it into the collectivist utopia that they just know it can be. If only the peasants will get in line. You'll notice, though, that marxists inevitably resort to physical force after their promises prove to be lies. The Iron Curtain, the Berlin Wall, the Soviet purges, the Cultural Revolution in China, the Khmer Rouge purges...ultimately, marxism leads to forced submission of the people. Supposedly for their own good. The Founders of the United States based the new nation and the Constitution on the principles of freedom, self-sufficiency, limited government. All of these are the opposite of marxism and freedom. Obama and his disciples are deconstructing America. What follows? My guess is balkanization.
Sure, you can find Obama supporters who like him simply because he's black. Or simply because he seems sincere in wanting to give lots of nice free stuff to people who need it. Or some people who just think that it's not possible that someone in such a position wants to destroy every foundation of this country and rebuild it into what he thinks it should be.

But, at the end of the day, he is doing exactly what he said he intended to do right before the 2008 election.

He has fundamentally transformed the United States of America. For all but the Marxist political elite, it's not for the better. And his greatest transformation will be during his last year in office.

We are at the dawn of a New Amerika.

Monday, December 14, 2015

It's Not 'Changing' the Institutions, It's Destroying the Institutions

This is a transcript of the Harsh Reality podcast It's Not 'Changing' the Institutions, It's Destroying the Institutions which can be found on iTunes or on Soundcloud here.

Hello again, everyone, and welcome to another edition of the Harsh Reality. I'm Sean Harshey and we've got a great episode for you today.

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On with the show!

With the loudest and most obnoxious college students taking over American universities around the country and making vague demands of the liberal administrators who bow and prostrate themselves before the ringleaders like pathetic cuckolds, there are a lot of examples from which to choose to discuss the latest example of the tail wagging the dog in the backward world we live in.
Campus Protesters Scream Obscenities at Visiting Disabled Students
Student protesters have a lot of demands these days. Most all of them are vague and so imprecise that it would be impossible to tell if they had ever been complied with. One would just have to wait to see if any protesters showed up to scream at you, shut down a campus building or demand leaders resign from office in order to know if you had complied with their demands or not. Most of the demands have to do with feelings of the individual students. For example, the wealthy black activist student at the University of Missouri who claimed that he had never felt "safe" at the university in his entire seven years on that campus. Or the protesters who claim they don't feel "included", in spite of full access to classes, campus amenities and organizations (in addition to dedicated black student organizations), black studies opportunities, full access to athletic and academic activities, affirmative action promotions, racial set-asides for students and faculty, minority scholarships, the de facto stifling of free speech for non-black students and faculty through campus speech codes, etc. There doesn't seem to be anything that anyone can do to satisfy these protesters because they, like the Occupy Wall Street crowd a few years ago, is just generally mad at the world and has a tremendously difficult time actually articulating what exactly they want.

Like spoiled children throwing a tantrum and embarrassing their parents, they just want to make as big a scene as possible in order to get what they want. And the targets of their tantrum are more than happy to give them whatever they want to just stop the outburst. But even a little kid screaming on the floor of the department store has a specific toy or candy bar in mind as the price for his return to civilized behavior. These campus protesters, though. can't even muster the maturity of a toddler to even be able to say what it is that they are demanding as their price for acting like adults.

Take, for example, the student protesters at Lebanon Valley College in the news item linked above. The protesters claim their obscenity-laced tirades in the school cafeteria that terrified visiting disabled students and their parents was for the following purpose:
"LVC student protesters said the college must address “institutional injustices,” which they claim have long affected minorities, women, the disabled, LGBTQ students, and more.
“We are here to stop the marginalization by changing the institution,” student Cara Breslin said.
Tamara Baldwin, president of LVC’s Black Student Union, said her group hopes to “level the playing field, for all marginalized people on campus,” to “make sure their voices are heard and that all the things they are lacking on campus are acknowledged.”
Huh? The irony is obviously lost on these students as they claim that their voices are not heard while simultaneously standing on furniture and screaming into a bullhorn in such a manner that potential students and their parents are forced to flee the area and, one can safely presume, never return to that university. Their voices are being heard so well that they are driving students away.

Sadly, the least vague demand made by this sad sack group with the giant attitudes is to change the name of the university's Lynch Hall, which they claim terrifies the black students because the word "lynch" reminds them of the activity from generations past. Never mind that it's named after an actual person with that name. Or the irony of the fact that President Obama's newly-appointed Attorney General is a black female named Lynch who's made it her personal mission to use the power of the federal government to control Americans' speech for the empowerment of minorities. That's just an unfortunate coincidence of timing for these poor students.

But the thing that really strikes me is that the protesters demand that they be allowed to set the agenda at the schools. That they determine who the faculty will be. That they get to say how they will be taught and what they will be taught. They will decide who the president of the university will be and how he does his job. Notwithstanding that these students have no experience doing any of these things and whether or not they are able to even control their own lives. They're kids. With little to no experience in life. But they demand to run a university. In a sane world, if someone felt very strongly about how something should be run, they would work hard, excel, achieve and put themselves in a position to lead the institution in which they'd like to see changed. They would be referred to as a "reformer".

What's missing with these campus protests, and protests elsewhere, is for an adult to speak honestly to them instead of coddling them. Instead of trying to figure out what needs to be done to satisfy them, someone needs to tell them honestly that nothing in life is free. That, if they want to be in charge, then they need to do the work to put themselves in a position to be in charge. I know it'll be tough. It's never easy when a child is throwing a tantrum. But it gets exponentially more difficult when you take the easy way out and try to appease the tantrum-throwers. You have to tell the little toddler terror "You can't have that candy". And these university administrators need to tell the student tantrum-throwers "You're disrupting the learning process and you'll be removed from school if you continue." And then follow through.

For some reason we've come to the crazy conclusion that shutting down a university or making learning impossible for all the other students is somehow "free speech" that has to be honored. It's not. It's chaos.

And, as students demand access to institutions and then demand changes to those institutions because they don't like what they find there, they cease to exist as the institutions that these leftists demanded admission to in the first place.

We're having this play out in the military right now. Feminists demanding that women be permitted to join the military. Then demanded more access to positions. Finally demanding combat jobs. Which is fine, but there's been no shortage of complaining that men who fight wars and do dangerous combat jobs tend to have a lot of testosterone and tell bawdy jokes and get pretty rough with one another. The feminists insist that women are just as tough as men, so they should be allowed in. But feminists are then horrified at what they find and demand that the military change to suit their tender feelings. A few years ago, there was a military-wide stand-down and everything that could possibly be considered sexual harassment was to be rooted out and removed. Every room in every building on every military installation in America was searched and anything that a lady might not like was removed. Whether or not any women worked there or had ever been there. I was tasked with making the inspections on a certain part of the base where I was working on active duty. I was forced to remove a calendar from a toolbox in the heavy equipment motor pool that had a NASCAR race car and a pretty girl wearing a firesuit (completely covered from her neck down), with the only thing showing being her face and hair. She was wearing boots, gloves and holding a helmet. I didn't want to take it down, but the powers that be told me that it didn't matter what was showing. That it was clearly objectifying women and would not be tolerated. So, you see, there's a disconnect. Are women just as rough and tough as men? Or are they fainting daisies who are so delicate that even the potential sight of a fully-covered woman will cause them PTSD and be fearful of violence? Meanwhile, morale in the motor pool is as low as the oil in the drain pans.

Same goes with the cleansing of university mascots, symbols, logos, statues, traditions, etc. When people demand to be admitted to a university and then complain that they don't like the flags they see and the statues on campus and the names on the buildings and the materials being taught, and demand that it all be changed to their liking...then it's no longer the university it was. It's destroyed. But, just as with the student protesters, the angry students are seeking the easy way out. Instead of founding her own institution with all of the classes and faculty and symbols and mascots that they want and demonstrating excellence in a way that they think best, they are essentially hijacking historic institutions and appropriating their campus and name, but destroying what had been the school.

It's not "changing" these institutions. It's destroying them.

And, like everything else in our upside-down culture, the inmates are allowed to run the asylum.

Don't forget, I'll be joining Tony Katz at 9:30 on Wednesday, December 16th on 93WIBC, which is at 93.1 FM for those of you in the Indianapolis area or on 93WIBC.com or your favorite streaming radio app. Also, I'll be sitting in as guest for Tony on December 22nd from 6am to 10am and again on Christmas Eve morning from 6am to 10am. I'll also be filling in for the Chicks on the Right and Abdul at Large on 93WIBC over the next few weeks. Don't forget, if you'd like to see a transcript of today's podcast, you can get that and the links I've mentioned over at the blog, which can be found at seanharshey.blogspot.com. Also, feel free to flow me on Twitter. My handle is @seanharshey. You can also find me on Facebook.

Thanks for listening! I'm Sean Harshey, and this is the Harsh Reality.

Darth Vader is Racist. Wait...I Thought He Was a Powerful Black Man.

From the Everything And Everyone Is a Racist file comes this gem.

Zany commentator and liberal professor Melissa Harris-Perry claimed yesterday on her MSNBC cable show that (thankfully) nobody watches that Darth Vader is racist. For those of you not familiar with the Star Wars movies, Darth Vader is a fictional character played by a white guy. Several white actors over the years, actually. But her reasoning is this:

“Yeah, like, the part where (Vader) was totally a black guy whose name basically was James Earl Jones, who, and we were all, but while he was black, he was terrible and bad and awful and used to cut off white men’s hands, and didn’t, you know, actually claim his son. But as soon as he claims his son and goes over to the good, he takes off his mask and he is white. Yes, I have many, many feelings about that, but I will try to put them over here.”
You can watch the train wreck here:

Basically, she says a villain isn't allowed to wear black clothes because that's saying that black men are evil. Which, if a villain is evil, then I'd presume that he'd want to do dastardly things like call people names. But commonsense doesn't really play much of a part in discussions with leftists who are professionals at being offended by everything.

Here's the story at Townhall.com, but you can find it at most news outlets:

But if you're going to take the color of someone's costume as being their race, then it seems like Darth Vader is a great representative for blacks. He's strong. He's in charge. He a powerful leader. He has thousands or even millions of white guys (Stormtroopers, which again...if she's saying that the color of costume denotes what race they represent. She didn't say what race Boba Fett represents with his green costume) following his every direction and doing his bidding. And there's no question that Mr. Vader is the central character in the entire Star Wars franchise. He's not even a bad villain in the end. He ends up grabbing the Emperor (an old white man who's REALLY evil) and killing him to save the planet or save the empire or whatever.

Ms. Harris-Perry doesn't do a very good job of making sense. But she does a great job of demonstrating that the left can never be made happy. Race hustlers can never be given enough. That no amount of concessions will satisfy them. As soon as whatever they're complaining about today is addressed, they'll simply move the goal posts and complain even louder about the next made-up crisis they dream up. The good thing to come out of these peeks into their insanity is that more and more people are realizing that our friends on the left with all their crazy demands like this aren't interested in a rational discussion or civil discourse. They're just perpetual victims. Roaming the galaxy looking for something else to be offended about and victimized by.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Ted Cruz is Showing Rand Paul and the Rest of the GOP Field How to Compete.

In the 2016 Republican primary race there's been no shortage of drama and hand-wringing. This time more than usual because Donald Trump is defying gravity and seems immune to the normal candidacy killers. So far, he's also been immune to media criticism.

But I'm fascinated most of all by something else. Kentucky Senator Rand Paul was a strong candidate from the outset and has been gearing up for this 2016 run for years. He's primed. His organization appears to be outstanding. His supporters are fanatical, just as his father's were. And he's avoided any blunders that prompt on-the-fence supporters to hop over to a different candidate and the media to start the drumbeat that a candidacy is over. But he's dropped like a rock in the polls. The latest polls has him floundering down at the bottom of the field at 2.2%, between John Kasich & Carly Fiorina (who's also taken a massive dive in this race). So, what's going on?

The problem comes when Paul, Fiorina and other GOP candidates and their supporters lock arms with Hillary, Obama, Harry Reid and the big media to have a meltdown at the GOP frontrunner. Right now, that's Trump. When they do this, they're not giving anyone any reason to vote FOR them and they sound exactly like the liberals that the conservative base is trying to get rid of. Which is exactly why Cruz has steadily climbed through the field. He's stayed laser-focused on why people should vote for him and refuses to badmouth the current front-runner (and not alienate that guy's voters). He's staying positive, putting his best foot forward, focusing on beating Hillary to avoid another 4 or 8 years of collectivist, alinski-esqe national nightmare and setting himself up very nicely for when Trump's support fades (to move into the top spot) or to position himself to work with Trump if he turns out to be the next Commander in Chief. And one can't argue with the numbers. Cruz has steadily climbed through the field and looks like a contender. He's also not been reduced to hissy fits about how stupid everyone is who's voting for someone else. Fiorina has taken the same path with the same results. The more she bashes Trump (and sounds just like Obama & Hillary) the more her support fades away.

I have a lot of friends and listeners who are huge Rand Paul fans. I've always liked Paul and I think he'd make a terrific president. But he and his supporters seem to be obsessed with bashing Trump and mocking his supporters. For the life of me I can't understand what compels them to continue down this path. The results of their tantrums are steady and predictable and right in front of their eyes in black and white poll numbers. And yet, they don't seem to be able to help themselves. And now Paul has tumbled like a rock almost completely out of this race. Cruz (and Carson, to a large extent) are showing how to stay competitive. Joining in with Obama & Hillary to bash Republicans is not the way to win over the Republican base.

I'm not a political professional, but I know what I see. Just a non-partisan commentator's observations.