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Friday, October 30, 2015

A Familiar Pattern, But the White House Only Sees One Side

This week we've all been treated to several videos of violent behavior in schools. But the Civil Rights division of Obama's Department of Justice only felt compelled to get involved in one of the situations. I thought it would be interesting to take a look at some of the videos all in the same place.

Before we review the videos, I'd like to remind you that any time there's a police encounter where a young black person is shot to death, the Jacksons, Sharptons and their local wannabes all exclaim that the police shouldn't have killed him. They should've just wounded him. If the gentle giant is wounded, they say that he should've been tased or something besides a gun should've been used. If a taser is used they complain that they didn't need to taze him and should've just physically restrained him. And if they don't use a gun or a taser or anything else and just get them to comply with their hands then they just generally complain about police brutality. At no point is there even any suggestion that the folks finding themselves fighting with police have some responsibility for the unfortunate results they end up with.

In our first video, an African-American high school student has gotten into a disagreement with her African-American teacher and refuses to leave her classroom of what appears to be most or all African-American classmates. There appear to be no white people - police or otherwise - involved in this altercation at all. After refusing orders to leave the classroom and having hijacked the learning environment, the African-American teacher is forced to call the office and request police come to the classroom and remove the student. Here's the video that has 2 different views of the incident:

I only mention the race of the student, teacher and classmates because the federal Department of Justice has opened an investigation against the officer for violating the girl's civil rights. The suggestion being that the officer took the actions he did only because of the girl's race.

The officer has also been fired by the Richland County Sheriff's Department after the DOJ opened their civil rights investigation.

There's no word from the outraged crowd on exactly what the officer, teacher, principal or anyone else should have done. Just that he shouldn't have done what he did.

Within a day or so, the next situation erupted. A high school principal was body slammed trying to restrain an out-of-control student during a fight. Here's that one:

Here we have a school official being physically brutalized by a student, but federal authorities have made no mention of getting involved.

Finally, today we had another similar situation at a different public high school. Only this time, several police officers were beaten by students in a massive fight. Here's that video:

These situations all happened at public schools in completely different areas of the U.S. within a few days. All show fights in a school. There were no weapons or even non-lethal force used in any of these situations. All show people being forcibly taken to the ground. But the President's political enforcers are only interested in one of the events.

I'm a firm believer in local control of local matters and local resolution of local problems. Whether it's teachers, principals and school boards controlling their own classrooms and curriculum or local officials deciding how communities are zoned or policed or governed. The reason is that the lower the level of authority the more those authorities understand the circumstances, the more input ordinary citizens have in the process and the selection of leaders, the more personally invested the leaders are in the well-being of their neighbors and community and the easier it is for the citizens to remove local officials who do things of which the community disapproves.

When federal authorities come in from thousands of miles away and dictate to a community how to handle local incidents, there is no accountability to those most affected by their dictates. The authorities don't have to personally live with any of the consequences of their mandates and there is no real recourse for the community to address bad decisions with some faceless federal bureaucrat like they do with a local official such as a Mayor, town council member, Sheriff, etc.

It's all made worse when the federal bureaucrats' concern is clearly one-sided.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Once Again, Ted Cruz Quickly & Concisely Cuts to the Heart of the Matter

Look for a blog post later today with my thoughts on the 3rd GOP Presidential debate last night. In the meantime, I wanted to share this gem from the debate in case you missed it.

Big media's influence has fallen like a rock over the past 30 years as it's become nothing more than the unofficial propaganda wing of the Democrat party. Of course, they blame alternative media for their downfall, but those very things they blame were created to meet the demand for news and information that was something other than the exact, same leftist talking points repeated as dogma on every single outlet. But that's a discussion for another time.

Here's Ted Cruz doing one of the things he's so good at:

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Being Non-Muslim is the New Cigarette Smoker

First, a HUGE thank you to all of you who tuned in to the show last night on 93WIBC in Indy. I had a blast, as always, and I can't tell you how much I appreciate all the messages on social media. I look forward to doing it again! I'll be sure to let you know here.

I touched on a topic last night on the show that I considered to be in the "wacky news items" category. But, upon further review...is it?

Here's the story: The World Health Organization reported this week that pork products such as bacon, ham and pork chops are as big a risk of causing cancer as smoking cigarettes. We all know that's absurd, but we can brush it off to the UN and the WHO being loonier than most international bureaucracies, right?

But this comes on the heels of the U.S. Bureau of Prisons fiasco this month when they announced that all pork products were being banned from being served to federal prisoners. The Bureau of Prisons said of the pork ban "Prisoners just don't like the taste of pork", nobody likes bacon or pork chops. Needless to say, that stupidity blew up in their faces and it became obvious that the federal government was instituting a religious agenda - imposing muslim sharia law on federal inmates - the Bureau of Prisons backed down a week later and put ham sandwiches and pork chops back on the menu.

Previously the State of Ohio prison system banned pork products after being sued by a Muslim death row inmate. Non-Muslim inmates then sued, complaining that it amounted to an establishment of religion for the state prisons to force all inmates to eat Sharia-compliant meals. A federal judge dismissed the lawsuit, siding with the Muslim inmates and ruling that it was not an establishment of religion for the state to force all prisoners to comply with Islamic dietary requirements.

All of this follows numerous demands by Muslim groups in the U.S. and Europe that pork be banned in schools, prisons and in public restaurants wherever Muslims might eat because it would be against their religion to eat any food from those kitchens. They frame it as a violation of their religious  freedom by authorities and "institutional racism".

So, here's the order of events:

I don't ever buy into conspiracies, but there seems to be an unmistakable pattern here. Demands for accommodations for their religion, such as their refusal to remove head coverings for government photo IDs and the wearing of beards and turbans in the U.S. military (Before you email me, I understand that these articles include the Sikh faith in these examples. I know the difference. But just like the Jewish prisoners off-handedly referenced in the prison articles, the Sikhs are clearly thrown in the mix as cover for the common denominator in all these stories. Don't email me about that.) have moved on now to the imposition of Islamic law on non-muslims. Muslims demand all school meals be Islam-compliant in New York Public Schools, San Diego and elsewhere.

You might recall from an earlier article that my buddy Slats Grobnik got all bent out of shape when I shared the story on social media of the Muslim refugee in Munich who complained that Oktoberfest violated Islamic religious beliefs and should be banned. The man claiming to represent Muslims started a petition on change.org demanding it be banned based on the flagrant consumption of alcoholic beverages and that German women's dirndls showed more than skin than was permitted in his religion. Ol' Slats got very angry with me and accused me of spreading misinformation because the complaint was "only made by one Muslim", notwithstanding the fact that he claimed to represent Muslims, nobody from the Muslim community disagreed with him and about 300 people signed his petition to ban Oktoberfest. While Mr. Grobnik is a good guy, he went on quite a rampage posting stuff mocking conservatives and showing his moral superiority to the ignorant masses who post things on social media before checking to see if they are true. Slats is an example of a lot of Americans who simply don't want to believe what's right in front of their eyes and who's political good wishes makes him blind to reality and antagonistic to anyone who points out simple facts. Incidentally, he also can't wait to import as many middle-eastern refugees as possible and calls people selfish who suggest that importing hundreds of thousands of Tsarnaev Brothers jihadists into America is probably not good for the long-term security of American citizens. But that's a discussion for another time.

I don't know what the next step in this forced religious compliance saga will be, but I know it's not over. And it's all made more strange in the midst of what is unquestionably the de-Christianization of the United States. One would think that those two seemingly opposite goals of American leftists would leave them with a nagging sense of irony. But they appear to not even notice.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Links for October 23rd, 2015 Show on 93WIBC Indianapolis

For those of you who want to read more about the topics on tonight's show, here are the links to the stories:

A mayoral candidate says he's going to make sure more Indianapolis kids sign up for the 21st Century Scholars program. Here's a link to the facts on that program:

But how can any government official get people to do something for themselves if they don't have the initiative to even sign up for free money for college? And can he make them study? Can he make them apply to college? These are parents' and student's responsibilities.

Here's a link to a story by an ER doctor about the screwed up priorities of so many patients that he sees:

Expensive nails, tattoos, bling, expensive phones...but many can't even be bothered to take any responsibility for themselves.

Hillary's testimony on Capitol Hill is mercifully over. As if anyone thought she was going to admit to every doing anything wrong. She testified that it's better to assess intelligence if you don't know the source. I'm not making this up. Here's Bloomberg's story on it:

This woman cannot be the Commander in Chief.

Ahmed "Clock Boy" Mohamed has announced that he and his family are moving from the intolerably racist America to the middle-east. Here's the Washington Post story on it from today:

Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out, kid. Who wants to bet he eventually comes back to the U.S. to live?

In a kinda, sorta related story, the World Health Organization is reporting that a number of common foods have a higher cancer-causing risk than smoking cigarettes.

Anybody else notice that all these foods just happen to be pork products that muslims are clamoring to be removed from schools, prisons, public places, etc.?

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Monday, October 19, 2015

The Fix is In, They Don't Care Who Americans Want.

Great podcast today that ties together some stories that might not seem like they go together. The American political system has transformed from Democrats vs. Republicans to The Establishment vs. America. Here's a link to the podcast:

Link to the Harsh Reality podcast "The Fix is In, What You Want Really Doesn't Matter
The Washington establishment has corrupted both parties and they've pre-selected the winners. The "election" cycle and all the media and voting that go along with it is just for show in order to make people feel like they have a say in the process. We don't.

Americans are growing increasingly agitated with the direction of the country, persistent problems that politicians promise to fix but end up worse, etc. Barack Obama was elected in a historic win in 2008 on promises of closing Gitmo, bringing peace to the middle-east, restoring respect for America in the world, giving everyone better healthcare that was more affordable than ever and fixing the U.S. economy. He's actually done the opposite of all those things. And while he was in the process of wrecking an already damaged America, voters sent historic waves of Republicans to Capitol Hill to stop him in his tracks before he could do any more. They promised to stop him, but once they were installed in power they not only didn't stop him, they enabled him to continue and then turned around on the voters who elected them and joined Obama and the Democrats in heaping insults and blaming them for problems in Washington.

Americans are seeing that our votes and what we think about anything the Washington establishment is doing to us really doesn't matter.

On the GOP side of the aisle, the supporters of any candidate except Jeb Bush and the establishment back-up candidates (Rubio, Christie, Kasich) are finding out that the game is rigged. Trump? Carson? Cruz? Fiorina? Nope. The candidate is already picked and the media is assisting the establishment with the take-down of the unapproved candidates.

Busted! CNN Uses Jeb Bush Plant Against Trump to Frame Narrative
On the Democrat side, Bernie Sanders is doing well with the Democrat base and has raised a lot of money. But Sanders voters don't yet realize that their votes don't matter. Their donations don't matter. What they want doesn't matter. The party has pre-selected Hillary as the nominee. All these primaries and debates are just to make voters feel like they have a choice. We don't.

Democrat National Committee Member Says Party Already Selected Hillary to Win Primary
Nobody even knows who the other three guys on stage are. And when Bernie Sanders began sticking up for Hillary and confronted her massive legal problems for her, I knew the fix was in. Her supposed political opponent picked up Hillary's political scandal and angrily tried to diffuse it for her. Jim Webb commented later that he didn't even know why he was on the stage. And Sanders' supporters later complained that CNN was removing their comments to make way for all the pro-Hillary comments on their website.

Jim Webb and the supporters of Bernie Sanders don't yet realize they're just for show. It's just to make it look like there's a choice. Just like in the GOP, there isn't.

All this leads to the recent Chapman University poll that shows that Americans' biggest fear isn't unemployment, illness, global warming or crime. It's government corruption.

Poll: Americans' #1 fear is Government Corruption
When leaders do the opposite of what they say they will do and then angrily blame the people who elected them for the resulting problems, we have a system that has gone off the rails. We all see it. And the fix is in for the 2016 election. The Washington establishment, of whom the Clinton family and the Bush family are royalty, is annoyed at the refusal of Americans to continue to go along with their rigged game. Donald Trump and the supporters of Bernie Sanders are screwing up the process because they don't know their place at the feet of the Washington elite. Bernie knows his place. He's been a Washington insider for decades. Time will tell how the establishment of both parties manages to get a leash on the wayward children in their party who don't know what's best for them.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Meanwhile in America, We Train Our Boys to Be Little Girls

We've all seen the stories of ISIS children as young as 7 or 8 getting to behead their first Christian on a video for YouTube. And we've all seen the videos of Russian and Chinese school children working on their marksmanship skills or practice and proficiency with stripping and assembling their weapons. AK-47s, usually.

Here's just one of many videos of Russian kids at one of the hundreds of state-sponsored Patriotic Camps learning military basics, being physically and spiritually fit, being patriotic and working as a team:

A commenter mentioned that this is very similar to what the Boy Scouts of America used to be like before being sued into irrelevance by atheists and homosexual activists. Marksmanship, horsemanship, teamwork, patriotism, physical and spiritual fitness. Check, check and check.

In the middle-east today, we see a story of ISIS training 6 year old future jihadists by firing AK-47s into the ground around them while they maneuver an obstacle course:

Muslim child jihadist promises to cut off the head of U.S. President Barack Obama
Meanwhile, in America, we're teaching children to be terrified of guns. To the point where 2nd graders are thrown out of school for biting a Pop-Tart into a gun shape at the lunch table, kicked out of school for wearing an NRA t-shirt or a "fallen warriors" shirt honoring U.S. military members killed defending our freedom. American football is under constant attack for being too aggressive, teaching "unhealthy masculinity" and possibly not being good for their little noggins.

As masculinity is stripped away, a creepy old man who wants everyone to pretend he's a pretty young girl is honored as a hero above all other Americans for being the most "courageous".

There has never been a time in human history where peace was the result of cooperative understanding between nations who loved and understood each other. Peace has only resulted from the aggressive use of force. And, to my knowledge, there has never been a nation until now that has volunteered to be submissive to other nations in the hopes that enemies will be overwhelmed by compassion. The United States and Western Europe are in the process of this disastrous experiment. The results are exactly as one might expect.

The question is how far down this rabbit hole our nation can go before the consequences are irreversible. The video of the Russian patriotic clubs is striking, even against American professional military recruiting advertisements.

Notice in the brand new commercials for the U.S. Army the words "defend", "fight" or "win" is specifically not part of the equation. The job of the U.S. Army is portrayed as helping with forest fires, helping people in natural disasters, providing humanitarian relief to those in need and giving job training to a multicultural and gender diverse force of soldiers to face "challenges" by using science and computers and adapting to changes.

Notice there's no mention of defending America or American ideals? In fact, in the one video the final selling point is that your ultimate bragging right will be that you "made a difference in the world". Coincidence that it sounds a lot like the new U.S. Navy recruiting theme of "A Global Force for Good"?

Compare these videos with those of the Russian kids' clubs and the ISIS training videos. They're unashamed about defending their ideals and their homelands. Preparing to physically fight their nation's enemies. Spiritual and physical strength and preparedness. Combat is the centerpiece of their effort. I'm not implying that the U.S. military is unable to fight and win. It's a large organization with a long culture and tradition and the vast majority of American soldiers have the American Warrior mentality. It's not subject to the quick and changing whims of political expediency. But there is an unmistakable shift in focus by leadership that's apparent. These videos are the recruiting tools of the U.S. Army. Like any advertiser, they are putting their best foot forward. They're putting on display what they are most proud of for the purpose of appealing to the recruits with those ideals. Civilian leadership's preferences for a kinder, gentler force that promises our enemies that "We're just here to help. We don't mean anyone any harm." is reflected in these recruiting ads.

America and Western Europe have a different focus than the rest of the world. While we emasculate and feminize our boys and men and reassure the rest of the world that we're harmless and want to help and cooperate with everyone, the rest of the world is toughening up to defend what's theirs.

Stand by to see how this experiment works out. Not good so far.

What Does a Terrorist Have to Do?

What do they have to do?

Palestinian Mobs Burn Jewish Holy Site
What do Palestinian terrorists have to do in order to have the world body condemn their terror attacks? They fire rockets into Jewish civilian neighborhoods. They knife-attack hundreds of ordinary Jewish pedestrians. They repeatedly use their cars to run over Jews gathered at bus stops and markets. They blow up cafes and restaurants. They board a bus and machine gun everyone to death. They burn Jewish holy sites. And the U.S. government and world response is to blame both sides for the generic "violence"?! It's terrorism. Not "violence". 

Palestinians are the Black Lives Matter of the middle-east and Jerusalem is their Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit or Ferguson. It doesn't matter what they do. It doesn't matter what they burn. It doesn't matter who or how many they kill. It's always excused as someone else's fault. And any response by law enforcement to the never-ending violence is blamed for causing the violence. Our "leaders" beg their forgiveness and ask what we can do to make them happy?

And the anarchy builds.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Brave Western Women Standing Up For Their Nations

I wanted to share a couple of videos that made an impression on me.

As many of you have expressed, Europe and the United States are being invaded by the Muslim world. I am confident that the word "invasion" is the correct word. What we are currently experiencing is not immigration. They are not immigrants any more than German troops "immigrated" to France or U.S. troops "immigrated" to Germany and Japan.

I don't believe there's ever been anything like this in world history. A time when a mass movement of military age males physically moved into other nations with hostile purposes against the nations and cultures that they poured into, with the permission and welcome of the leaders of the overrun nations.

Killings, demands for culture changes, set-up of "no go" zones for non-Muslims and sharia courts, etc. And all resistance being labeled as racism, hate and bigotry. All the while, sensitivity demanded in Muslim countries to honor and respect their faith and culture and any deviation or perceived disrespect is used to excuse atrocities and terrorism as the result of provocations.

In this first video, courtesy of CBN News, a German woman named Heidi Mund stood up for Germany, the German people and Christians when a Muslim man began the Muslim call to prayer and called "allahu akbar!" in the Cathedral of Martin Luther. She boldly called out the exact words of Martin Luther as he protested: "Here I stand! I can do no other!" She was thrown out of the church.

Let that sink in for a moment.

A Christian German woman, reciting the exact famous words of Christian German Martin Luther inside the German Cathedral that was built to honor his bravery in refusing to bow to official religious demands, is thrown out of that Cathedral to allow a Muslim to continue his call to prayer in that place.

Here is another example. Muslims calling for sharia law in Germany:

Where are the German men? Political correctness is a cancer that prohibits honest discussion of topics in favor of an official point of view, emasculates men from defending their families, homes, communities and nations and vilifies any dissent. Regardless of what we see or what we think, only approved speech allowed.

The women in these videos are showing a backbone and leadership that's missing from leaders in the US and Western Europe.

The truth is that Germany is being overrun by the same political correctness cancer that has infected much of the rest of the West. The UK and the United States are faltering, as well.

Happy 240th Birthday to the U.S. Navy and it's sailors & veterans.

Happy 240th Birthday to the U.S. Navy, and a sincere "Thank You" and "Congratulations" to all my sailor and Navy veteran listeners and followers. It's been mostly 240 years of domination, with only a few nations capable of challenging. And every one of those challenges has been met with American victory.

Well done!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Thoughts on Columbus Day

As has become tradition the past few decades, Columbus Day is bringing out the usual social justice warrior hand-wringing about what a terrible man Christopher Columbus was and how he's personally responsible for genocide and disease and every other thing you can dream up that ruined the perfection, peace, love and harmony that existed on the North American continent prior to his fateful first voyage to the New World in 1492. Never mind the fact that virtually all of the things the whiner class (my preferred name for social justice warriors, because it's all they ever do. Well, whine and accuse. But "whiner" is more concise) complains about as they pull on their faces in despair were committed by other people long after Columbus was dead. Or that Christopher Columbus never set foot on the American continents, or even set eyes on them. His travels were limited to the Caribbean islands and the actual continent that he was sure was out there somewhere was located by others. But all that doesn't matter to the whiner class. To them, Columbus may as well have ridden a train across Wyoming killing bison into extinction while murdering indians on the trail of tears. As with everything else that our liberal friends have hissy fits about, the facts don't really matter to them.

I find it interesting that their argument seems to be against discovery. Against knowledge. Against science. Indeed, against ay progress at all. Because any discovery or invention or exploration will have the innovator, explorer or discoverer held personally responsible for the actions of every person forever who uses that invention, discovery, etc. to do something that the whiner class judges to be "unfair".

Strangely, they never apply this warped thinking to everything. To these poor souls, Columbus is personally responsible for the plight of Indians on reservations in the American Southwest but Steve Jobs is somehow not responsible for human traffickers that use iPhones or pedophiles who use FaceTime to blackmail young girls. Steve Jobs was still alive while people were doing all kinds of immoral things with his devices. But, for some reason, I never heard a social justice warrior demand that Jobs denounce iPhones and iPads, forbid their use and legally pursue anyone who continued using them.

A friend on social media posted a snarky and unoriginal comment today about celebrating Columbus Day by going to a store and stealing things. I played along and told him he could also celebrate by doing something bold and brave that would change the course of human history. He took the predictable banality that he didn't know how to do that without committing genocide.

I responded with this:
You don't have to worry about that when the various cultures are butchering each other and taking each other's land and slaves, etc. Don't worry about the whiny ankle-biters who never personally do anything but just criticize those who do. And don't let anyone hold you personally responsible for things that other people might do generations after you're dead. The only logical result of being afraid of being judged by judge-y people who nobody will ever remember their pathetic lives that were spent being faux offended on behalf of other people in an attempt to give their lives some kind of meaning is that nothing ever gets done. Nobody ever explores anything or discovers anything or invents anything or does anything because it might somehow be abused by someone or might end up not being "fair" to someone in some situation somewhere down the road. The Constitution never gets written because Jefferson is a flawed man. Columbus never steps out to see what's beyond the horizon. Galileo stops looking at the stars because Japanese sailors and pilots will use the stars to navigate to Pearl Harbor and start a big war. And Marconi doesn't invent the wireless because German warplanes will use that to coordinate air raids on London, the Enola Gay will drop an atomic bomb and idiots like me will talk about things on his invention that weak people will get all aflutter about someday. So go ahead and discover. Do the best you can. Don't worry about the jealous haters. And don't ever fall for the lie that if YOU don't do something, then nobody ever will do it. Discoveries are discovered, inventions are invented and things move forward no matter who's at the wheel. By refusing to even try to do something great with your life, you're just volunteering to live a life that won't matter in the long run. And that's not what any human heart wants. So go be great!
The Western half of planet Earth was going to be discovered at some point. Columbus was the man who discovered it. Don't let the whiner class convince you that their annual day of America-bashing is anything but the nonsensical, anti-American, anti-Western propaganda that it is.

Happy Columbus Day, everyone.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Insane Liberal Chicks to Self-Identify

How often have we thought to ourselves "I wish insane or stupid people would carry a sign warning the rest of us."?

Anti-gun liberal chicks at the University of Texas at Austin are doing exactly that. In more spectacular fashion than I ever could've asked.

With the new Texas state law that allows those with a concealed carry permit to carry their weapons on campus, liberals are having their expected hissy fits. But this protest is more epic than anything I could possibly have hoped.

Liberal girls - including the little feminine boys who want feminists to like them, I presume - are going to carry giant dildos on their backpacks. Now, their stated purpose is to...I don't know exactly what it is they're trying to demonstrate. The statement of the organizer is that having a "GIANT DILDO" [emphasis hers] is just as effective a tool in an active shooter situation as a firearm. Completely leaving aside any argument as to exactly how a dildo is useful against a gunman, or the relative effectiveness of dildos vs. handguns in stopping a shooter, could there be any better way to identify women that any sane man should steer completely clear of?

Think about it. If a girl would wear a t-shirt that read:


you would immediately know that this is not someone you should consider dating, right? In fact, you would be a good friend to not let anyone you know get tangled up in that mess, either.

But what's better than a t-shirt with that warning on it? How about a giant neon sign? But what's even better than a giant neon sign? How about a "GIANT DILDO" [emphasis hers]? Seriously, any man who sees a woman actually walking around with a "gigantic swinging dildo" (actual quote from the organizer of the protest) hanging from her backpack and still gets involved with that girl...well that's a guy who has nobody to blame but himself for the insanity that he's injecting into his own life.

So, they're intending it as a snarky, shocking liberal protest. But it's nice to finally be in 100% agreement with insane liberal chicks about something. I think they should ALL participate in this protest. In fact, they could really show us and all of them carry around two huge dildos. This is the ultimate public service for men. And, really, the rest of campus, too. Everyone will be able to see the most deranged women on campus walking around letting everyone know who to stay away from.

And it works for everything else they decide to inject their opinions into. From this point on, anything they say can be answered by: "Weren't you walking around with a 'giant swinging dildo' hanging from your backpack?" I mean, really, where does her argument about anything go from there? It's the greatest liberal idea ever.

I couldn't stop laughing at this video someone put together:

Allahu Akbar, indeed! LOL!

Those wacky terrorists.

Monday, October 5, 2015

They Always Seem to Advocate Less Freedom

As my regular listeners know, I always try to do a couple of things when I discuss topics. My first goal is to take a topic that may or may not have been talked to death and give a different perspective. My second goal is to reassure the vast majority of my readers and listeners that they are not crazy. The insanity of so many situations that present themselves in 2015 America is enough to make ordinary people question if they've gone crazy or if it's the rest of the world. I enjoy assuring you that it isn't you who's crazy.

It's not you.

And you aren't the only one who sees what's going on.

Today I wanted to turn our attention to the shooting at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon. The details have been reported and dissected a thousand different ways, but I wanted to examine it from a bit different perspective. Let's get above the details and look at the response from our leaders in relation to their response to other public policy discussions.

Their answer to every question is always less freedom and more government control. It's also worth noting that the proposed solutions of American leftists never actually applies to them, personally. They're much too important, you see.

The facts of what happened at the Community College are more or less settled. An angry young black man with sympathies for the Black Lives Matter crowd (and an active MySpace account, curiously) legally purchased guns and went into a campus classroom and began executing students. The campus was a designated "gun free" zone and there was only one security guard who was unarmed. The young man lined up students and teachers and asked them about their faith before executing them ISIS-style. Some victims survived by pretending to be dead after they'd been shot. One victim was a young woman in a wheel chair who he ordered to get up. When she struggled, he told her to get back into her wheelchair and he executed her. Another shooting victim was a U.S. Army veteran who confronted the gunman and was shot several times, but lived. Like so many others, the shooter eventually turned his gun on himself as authorities arrived with guns.

Immediately, the President seized the opportunity to push his agenda. Nakedly politicizing and trivializing the deaths of 9 people for his own purposes. And admitting as much, saying that he was justified in politicizing it. Here's the whole shameful statement, if you're interested.

Interestingly, the solution proposed to stop this sort of event from happening in the future is more of the same solutions that hasn't worked anywhere: More gun laws. Of course, the shooter was violating all kinds of laws, and there's never an explanation of why a shooter might obey new laws. But none of that a matters to among the American left. All that matters is the march forward of the strange mixture of fascism and marxism that has percolated among the Western left for the past 100 years or so. Every situation is loudly exploited to push toward the final goal of a small, intellectual elite that rules over an atheist mass of peasants who owe everything to the ruling elites. It's much like Soviet-style communism, only with the unforgiving brutality and thought-control of fascism. Think of a meaner version of Joseph Stalin or Pol Pot.

And nothing matter to fascists except getting their way. Whether it's stripping away Americans' ability to protect themselves or seizing assets or private property, nothing can stand in the way of the state. Remember Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanual's famous rule? "Never let a crisis go to waste". That is, never miss an opportunity to climb on the backs of victims for your own personal political gain. It doesn't matter what the issue is or what's going on. They're agenda is always the same. Here's an example: Peaceful times? "Why do you need those guns?!? You shouldn't mind if we ban them." Crime out of control? "We need to get these guns out of our communities!" See how that works? It works with everything. Bad economy? "We need higher taxes to spread around that wealth to the poor in these terrible times!" Good economy? "The rich have gotten rich in this economy and they can afford to give some back!" Their answers and agenda are always the same. There's no logic. There's no reasoning. Unless you understand what their ultimate goal is.

Don't get me wrong. I'm no conspiracy theorist. I don't know that there's a master plot somewhere. But there's no question that a tiny, elite political class has developed in America that's never been seen before in our history. The U.S. government has become monstrously large and those that control the bureaucracy have the power to make a lot of people immensely wealthy with government contracts, special treatment in permits, legislation, etc. There have certainly been powerful political families in the past. The Roosevelts come to mind. But all one has to ask is how George H.W. Bush is from Maine, but his sons are from Texas and Florida? It's because it doesn't matter where they're from. They're Bushes. They are the political elite and they assume power in a politically opportune place. Same with the Clintons. Hillary was the First Lady of Arkansas, but always claimed Chicago, Illinois as her hometown. But she took up residence in New York and became their U.S. Senator. Again, it didn't matter where she was from. The Obamas will no doubt move in on that action.

But I digress.

Finally, it's interesting to note that liberal "solutions" to the problems of the day never include their own participation. It's been pointed out by many that the same politicians calling for guns to be banned are personally protected by guns. Same with celebrities and others wanting ordinary people to be disarmed. They can't be left unprotected, of course. Because they're too important. They're the elite. They're smarter and better than you and your family. The same goes for green energy (you should drive an electric car and not use as much water. They, on the other hand, travel by limousine, gas-guzzling SUV and private jets while watering the lawns of their palatial homes. They're important, remember?) and diversity in schools. You're children need to be immersed into the hell of liberals' social engineering experiments in the public schools while their children attend private schools with the children of other important people. With armed guards, of course.

So, as details continue to emerge about the tragic shooting at Umpqua Community College, notice that the horrifying deaths of these innocent people will be used as nothing more than another bullet in the gun that Western liberals are holding to the head of the American people. They're not going to let it go to waste.