Harsh Reality

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

I was iffy on Marco Rubio as the GOP nominee because of the amnesty thing he was pushing. Not because I disagreed with him on the ultimate goal (figuring out some fix to the federal immigration bureaucracy). But because he was kicked around like a stupid teenager by Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell. They treated him like an idiot and he let them.

It was embarrassing. He showed a tremendous amount of naïveté and immaturity in that. And they hung him out to dry. It was sad and embarrassing for him. But, I gave him the benefit of the doubt on that. I figured he'd be smarter next time.

But this is another one of those things where he's getting kicked around again. He's an establishment liberal republican. He's just a younger, hispanic version of Jeb Bush or Mitt Romney or John McCain or Bob Dole.

Unfortunately, I'm now very suspicious of Ted Cruz in this, though. Cruz switched his vote on this at the last second and I'm curious that he only did so after it was obvious that he could score points with his base by opposing it without endangering it's passage.

Stop Blaming Everything Else

The Confederate battle flag has exactly zero to do with the SC shooting. Nothing.

It is not the flag's fault.

It is not the gun's fault.

It is not the fault of society.

It is not the fault of any other person.

It is that kid's fault. That young man is responsible for what he did. And it diminishes his responsibility to blame something else. Anyone flying any flag anywhere is not responsible for what that kid did. And this feeding frenzy of banning things, restricting speech and blaming people for the actions of others is nothing more than totalitarianism being imposed under the guise of safety.

Our freedoms are being stripped away right in front of us, but we're less and less safe as society descends into chaos. How anyone can be concerned with someone flying a flag or having an opinion that someone finds distasteful but have no problem with our loss of freedoms is difficult for me to understand.

Banning What's "Offensive". What's Next?

This is all just part of a progression. Mark my words: We are coming to a time when everything we are seeing with all this banning things, blaming other people and things for stuff they have nothing to do with, speech codes, political correctness...it's going to be used against the Church. Soon there will be a time when the Bible is banned on eBay, Amazon, Walmart, etc. because outraged groups scream that it's offensive to them and it's racist and sexist and it promotes Euro-centrism and homophobia and who knows what else. It'll be blamed for all kinds of evil things that people do. Accepting the premise that the Confederate battle flag or offensive beliefs should be banned because someone else doesn't like them is a dangerous thing, but here we are. All of the freedoms that our founders fought to establish our nation for is being given up freely. We're not even losing them to a conquering nation. We're just willfully surrendering them to people who hate this country. For what? To not be offensive to someone?!? Screw that.