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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

While Americans Are Slaughtered, Our Leaders Refuse to Lead

In our modern 24-hour news cycle there can be hundreds of angles, theories and bad information reported in the immediate hours after a large-scale calamity like the one that took place in the Pulse nightclub, an Orlando gay bar, on Saturday night. No matter the setting, victims or specifics, however, the basic facts that come out are just a mundane repetition of every other recent jihadist attack around the world.

With no intention of being insensitive, is there anyone else who can recite the basics of a Muslim terror attack without even reading the stories? They are always the same: "Muslim gunmen"; “allahu akbar!"; "dozens dead" and Western leftist demands that we "don't judge". Oh yes, and our leaders do nothing about it. These are constants in modern jihadist mayhem.

There appear to be details of this particular attack, however, that should be more problematic for the left and their narratives than normal. In the immediate aftermath liberal attack dogs seized on the opportunity to claim to be victims of homophobic American Christian gun culture. Hate, bigotry and the usual slurs were thrown around freely as the professional victim class commentators clutched the occasion to air their disgust with America’s foundations.

As it turned out, though, Omar Mateen was yet another Muslim whose family, like Muhammad Abdulazeez in Chattanooga last year and the Tsarnaev brothers in Boston, were refugees given shelter by the United States. While this pattern of murder-by-refugee is unhelpful to the left’s current immigration policy, which is to import millions of Mateens, Abdulazeezs and Tsarnaevs, reports from several sources indicate that Mr. Matteen was homosexual. In any rational discussion the fact that the terrorist was a gay Muslim would serve to de-fang an argument that this slaughter was the result of Christian anti-gay bigotry. But Western leftists are not rational.

The New York Daily News blamed the National Rifle Association for Mr. Mateen killing his fellow gay patrons at a club he had frequented many times, even though he was not a member of the NRA. He was a self-described Muslim and follower of ISIS. But those memberships are ignored because they are unsupportive to their claims and causes. Like David Letterman’s rant on live TV after the 9/11 terror attacks, many liberals are using this latest terror attack as an opening to assault “religion”, in general. Notwithstanding that there are no reports of Buddhist monks, Hindus or Episcopalians rampaging anywhere on Earth.

In his statement to reporters on Tuesday, Obama claimed to not know what could have motivated Mr. Mateen or what associations he may have had. This despite specifically telling police in the middle of his massacre that he was an Islamic State loyalist. What Obama is certain of, is that this was an “act of hate” (again, a generic deflection that is a useful slur hurled at Christians), and the result of Americans having too much access to guns.

A narrative has begun to coagulate on the left, though. The excuses being settled on appear to be the internet and guns.

In the words of former Obama advisor and current Chicago Mayor Rahm Immanuel: Never let a crisis go to waste. In other words, use every tragedy as an opportunity to force your agenda while everyone is in shock or mourning. Strike while the public’s guard is down. Reports that Omar Mateen may have been “self-radicalized” on the internet offers a chance for the President to score a rare double play with demands to restrict firearms and tighten government controls on the internet. All while excusing Islam from any culpability and continuing the narrative of the “religion of peace”. He is opportunistic, if nothing else.

Adding yet another layer of modern routine to this story are reports from co-workers, an ex-wife and others that Mr. Mateen was dangerously unstable and claims that he escaped scrutiny or punishment because people were afraid to say anything due to his status as a Muslim. Most Americans are familiar with the current culture that attacks honesty as "racism", "sexism", "homophobia" or some other slur and promotes narratives that we can all see are not true. The purpose is to shut down honest speech and shield privileged classes of people to advance leftist political and social agendas.

To blame the NRA, one must question how this attack could be essentially identical to the Muslim terror attacks in Europe where guns are banned? Explosives are illegal both in the United States and in Europe, but somehow Muslim terrorists keep using those, also, to blow up gatherings of people. Suicide vests, pressure cooker bombs, weapons caches in Germany, Belgium, France and the UK...the NRA has exactly nothing to do with any of these things. There is, however, one common denominator in all these attacks. But that brings us back to where Mr. Mateen’s co-workers and acquaintances found themselves. Specifically not permitted to notice or comment for fear of being castigated as a bigot. Does anybody remember the denunciation of Texas school officials and police over the “clock boy” incident? Or the gun store owner sued by an Islamic group for posting a sign reading “Muslim Free Zone”?

So jihadist attacks keep happening and our leaders keep pretending it's the fault of something else. But this is not unique to our government’s treatment of terrorism. The same thing is happening with the collapse of the American education system and the burning of our inner cities. The obvious problem is ignored and an alternative narrative is created and blamed. "White privilege" is one that's particularly amusing. Satan is the father of lies. We all see how damaging our national embrace of lies has been. Yet we nod our heads as though the lies are true.

Dozens of Americans were murdered in cold blood in America. We have an enemy who has openly declared war on the West, in general, and America, in particular. They are killing us by the dozens and hundreds. And our leaders refuse to even acknowledge there is a war. An actual war. With guns and bombs and dead Americans. What kind of nation refuses to even defend itself as it is being invaded and attacked? America's "leaders" are simply refusing to lead.

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