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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Gap Between Reality & Politically Correct Mania

An interesting news item about VE Day celebrations in Russia demonstrated the collective insanity in Western culture that goes under the banner of political correctness. Adherents of this brand of insanity typically don't call it that. They call it "tolerance" or "inclusiveness" or some other such nonsensical doublespeak. Doublespeak, because their positions are anything but tolerant or inclusive. They are exactly the opposite.

Only one approved point of view is permitted among these types, and they work very hard to silence or even prosecute anyone with a different opinion. Speech codes, hate speech, hate crimes and allegations of "microagressions" are some of the made-up justifications they have created to officially stomp out the viewpoint of anyone with a different perspective.

Is there a chance that prohibiting dissent is making the left intellectually flabby? It's devolved to the point where they never have to actually engage anyone with a different opinion on the merits of the different points of view. They simply run away to their safe spaces, shouting all the way for authorities to silence the offending person.

On a larger scale, this can have bad consequences in the future.

Take our Russian celebration example. Vladimir Putin's Russian military forces put on a massive display recently for the stated reason of commemorating the end of World War Two. With recent concerns of Russian troops incursions into Ukraine, the weekly harassment of U.S. military aircraft or naval vessels by Russian fighter pilots and the news of a newly developed Russian nuclear missile system that uses stealth technology and is largely undetectable to American radar, one would presume that reporting on this military show might focus on one or more of these concerns. You would be wrong.

What is the biggest concern among Western journalists covering the Russian military celebration? The female soldiers' uniforms. Politically correct Western journalist think they are sexist.

Russia's female soldiers participated in their VE Day festivities celebrating the defeat of Germany and the end of WW2. Looking fit, tough & patriotic. What I found more interesting, however, is the Western media's derogatory reporting of the ladies. Lashing out at them as a "Miniskirt Army", accusing Vladimir Putin of sexism and howling with protest that these Russian soldiers aren't politically correct like the females in the UK & US militaries.

Feminists are the most miserable people in the world. Of all the military concerns in an unstable world, the most important thing to the politically correct journalist is that the Russian female soldiers look too good. One can only presume that the male writer of this absurd story wants feminists to know that he is on their side and will take up their struggle to insult and demean women who are more attractive than they are.

I have a high level of confidence that each of the females Putin would deploy will be highly effective in their military specialty. And I doubt any of these women or Putin cares that screechy American or British journalists disapprove of their uniforms.

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