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Friday, April 1, 2016

The Disconnect Between Liberal Claims & Liberal Demands Is The Source Of Their Anger

A friend recently posted a conservative meme on social media pointing out the silliness of feminist demands and got the predictable reaction from certain angry women.

Just to put in my two cents, I asked if anyone else thought it was ironic that the only reason women are allowed to vote is because men got together and agreed to let them? I got the expected lecture from said angry women.

I was just poking the bear, of course. But, in all seriousness, there's a pattern to all this feminist anger. And it's not just in feminism. There's an underlying theme across all leftist culture. The claim of wanting empowerment and independence while simultaneously demanding others be responsible for providing the things they want. Their claims and their demands are completely divergent.

Take Western feminist culture, for example. There's a very clear disconnect between what self-identified feminists claim is their ultimate goal and what they constantly demand. Which is, I believe, the reason I've never seen a happy feminist. They always seem to be miserable. I have a wife and 3 daughters. They are all independent, educated, successful and...happy. They all take responsibility for their own success. They all take responsibility for their own safety. They all take responsibility for their own career choices, education choices and personal lives. And none of them wants anything to do with "feminism". Because the common theme in feminist nagging is to hold everyone else responsible for their happiness, safety, wellness, success, etc.

At one time, feminism demands a paternalistic sort of arrangement where men are responsible for giving some pissed off girls whatever they're demanding this time in order for them to be happy or successful or whatever, and the CLAIMED feminist end goal of being independent.

And this absurd contradictory position runs throughout other leftist causes. Such as the demand that someone else be responsible for paying an unskilled or unmotivated employee $15/hr. instead of that person being responsible for getting themselves into a position to be able to command $15/hr.

You see? The actual demand is one of dependence and weakness, while at the exact, same time CLAIMING to want independence and self-empowerment.

I think this is the reason I don't recall ever hearing about a happy feminist. Because there's a basic disconnect between their own demands and claimed goals. And this is the common thread that runs throughout every other liberal cause. They're never happy. And they can't ever be happy. No matter how much the government forces people to do what they want, no matter how much they get, no matter what changes they force. They just get angrier. Because there is a disconnect that they will neither acknowledge nor address.

Our daughters are independent. Their tremendous success in everything they do has absolutely nothing to do with any man giving it to them. They take ownership of themselves and their decisions. Sometimes things don't work out. Sometimes they are disappointed. But we've always stressed to them to view setbacks as lessons learned and go after their next goal. And they're happy young women. You'll notice that all of this is the opposite of feminism.

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