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Thursday, April 21, 2016

It's Time For A Reset On Exactly Who Is The Victim

Did you know that any business owner may permit anyone to use any bathroom they choose in their place of business? Were you aware that any bakery may bake cakes for any homosexual event they choose? There are no legal restrictions on the freedom of any business to extend their services or operate their premises in the way that they believe serves their customers best and will help their business thrive.

You would never know these simple facts from public discussions surrounding leftist victim politics.

As social media has devolved into a never-ending political cycle and every conceivable nook and cranny of all our daily activities has been infected with liberal politics, this is a good time to stop for a moment and reset the table as to the now-common method of attack of leftists and how we got to be where we are in the current version of sociopolitical America.

The left has discovered a remarkably effective weaponized process by which they are able to cut off at the knees anyone who disagrees with any of their positions. They have perfected a method of using the law to bully anyone who disagrees with them while simultaneously portraying themselves as victims of hateful legal persecution.

The fact that it keeps working has to be surprising, even to its practitioners.

What prompted this examination was Donald Trump on Good Morning America this morning. He was asked a question about the LGBT community and a portion of his response jumped out from the rest. He raised the "North Carolina bathroom law". He told the hosts and viewers that North Carolina should not have passed 'HB2', and that "everyone should leave the laws the way they are".

His response indicates that he sides with those who favor local governments forcing women to use toilet and shower facilities with sexually-confused men. In reality, Trump seems to have accepted the false premise of liberals that the state of North Carolina is punishing a victimized minority.

With that, let us examine the pattern to this political shell game of the left.
1. A liberal constituency group desires to have some activity or conduct accepted as normal by the rest of society; 
2. They demand that others participate in and accommodate their conduct and begin referring to it as a "right"; 
3. From there, it's a small step from their expression being a "right" to anyone - especially private individuals - "discriminating" against them by not participating in the conduct with them; 
4. At this point, they begin using the legal process. A friendly local judge or a few members of the City Council. The group then makes an example of a resistant local business or individual for "violating their rights". This is done in a local court or by means of a local ordinance; 
5. Businesses or private individuals are left with only two choices: Participate in the activity or conduct against their will or seek redress from a higher authority; 
6. The state legislature passes a law prohibiting such legal bullying and protects the rights of businesses to operate however they choose. Put another way, freedom is restored to those who are the targets of the leftists seeking to force their way on others; 
7. The group enforcing their agenda through local ordinances and local courts finds themselves blocked from forcing their way on others and begins screaming at the top of their lungs that they are being victimized by the law that's putting a stop to their incursion on others' freedoms; 
8. Protests are arranged, social media campaigns flood cyberspace and the usual cast of celebrities are trotted out to lash out at the hateful "attack" on the "rights" of the group who's actually using other laws and legal processes to force their agenda on others.

This was the pattern of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act debacle in Indiana and other states. And the same plan of attack is being executed in North Carolina, Mississippi and everywhere that states are taking on leftist special interests that are using local laws to force private citizens to participate in activities against their will.

Somehow, the bullies manage to repeatedly portray themselves as victims of those defending themselves from legal attacks by the bullies. It is a truly Orwellian masterpiece of transforming facts and reality into completely false talking points and self-righteous outrage and victimization.

This plan of attack has been so successful that liberals are now using variations of it everywhere.

Black Lives Matter shows up to Donald Trump events to protest and disrupt proceedings with outrageous conduct, and then splashes themselves across media as innocent victims of attacks by Trump's violent supporters. Black Lives Matter has also used this effectively in blocking highway traffic and throwing tantrums when drivers push through their barricades.

Major media outlets act as willing accomplices in this sleight-of-hand. They join the left and their celebrity supporters in pushing the narrative that these laws defending the freedom of businesses from legal attacks by liberals are actually attacks on the liberals that are taking away their freedoms. For the past several days news sources have written about Target stores "defying the North Carolina transphobic bathroom ban".

Target, or any business, can do whatever they like. That has always been the case. There are no laws preventing businesses from allowing patrons to use whatever toilets they want or prohibiting bakeries from making homosexual event cakes. But everyone is also free to not shop at Target or not patronize businesses that cater to these fringes. It's freedom. But Target and other sympathetic businesses don't want to suffer the loss of business that comes with caving to liberal demands, so they support these local laws that force the same conditions on every business. At the end of the day, it's the use of local government as a gun to the head of private businesses to force their compliance with an agenda that the public is not buying.

The whole matter is like an argument with a child who changes the subject so often that it becomes difficult to recall what their original tantrum was about, and they've switched their arguments and protests through so many layers of accusations and screaming outrages that they actually manage to portray themselves as the victim, when in fact, they were the initiators of the entire conflict.

Do not fall for the trick. Governments removing freedom is a bad thing. But it's the new favorite weapon of the fascist left. Forced compliance while portraying the attackers as victims of those simply defending themselves and wanting to be left alone.

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