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Monday, April 25, 2016

Is There Anything That Can Make Western Men Fight Back?

A recent news item about the rape and murder of the pregnant wife of an Indianapolis minister in the couple’s home struck me as sadly representative of current Western culture.

On November 10th, 2015, Amanda Blackburn, a pretty 28 year old wife and mother of a toddler was found in a pool of her own blood on the living room floor of her family’s home. She was partially nude, her underpants were near her body and her shirt was pulled up. She had been shot in the head while her 1 year old was in his crib nearby. She was pregnant. Both she and her unborn child died. Her debit cards were stolen and used.

DNA evidence was collected, three men were arrested, confessions were given and charges were filed. The confessed shooter told police that, after shooting her in the head, he leaned in close to look at her face and watched her bleed.

Amanda’s husband Davey was quickly reported to have forgiven the animals that did this to his wife and child in their own home. On Sunday, he sat in a South Carolina church and explained his forgiveness to thousands of congregants. Media reports there “was not a dry eye in the room”. An 18 year old young man in attendance shared that he hopes to respond to pain the way Davey Blackburn did. The response from a room full of people to the shocking, violent deaths of innocents – instead of anger - is to cry and aspire to greater levels of forgiveness?

It comes across as insensitive to question the response of any man who has endured such a personal tragedy. And the additional factor of his being a man of the cloth requires further pause since he is held to a different, higher standard in matters of personal relationships. So his unique position is acknowledged. But what of the others in Amanda's life? What of the community? It is fair to ask if this doesn’t justify anger and a call for justice then what does? The response is reflective of modern Western culture.

Speaking to the larger reality in America and Western Europe, Christians and non-Christians alike should be forgiven for struggling to understand the passive, almost inhuman, lack of emotion in response to violence committed against those we are entrusted with loving and protecting. Christianity has always sought to balance grace & justice. Forgiveness versus payment in full. Idealism versus truth, if you will. Always pushing for what we hope for while dealing honestly with the reality in front of us. Too much of one without the other is disastrous. In the end, being badly out of balance either way leads to brutality and death.

For an outstanding movie showing this struggle, watch the Academy Award winning 1986 film "The Mission" starring Robert DeNiro & Jeremy Irons. The friction between Godly meekness and submission versus fighting back with the tools and skills God has provided is played out in the jungles of 18th century South America. The conflict among Christians as to the correct way to deal with violent injustice might look familiar.

America and Western Europe are badly out of balance.

Many (not all) Christian leaders are reflecting the weakness and apathy of Western masculinity, and our women and children are paying the heaviest price. They are the easiest prey. Europe is now overrun with a violent foreign culture responsible for the epidemic of rapes of European women, child sex slavery and a level of street violence not seen since World War Two. The U.S. has seen the fall and destruction of major cities into chaos, corruption, bankruptcy, filth and an orgy of blood.

Meanwhile, the Pope and other Western church leaders preach tolerance and condemn any effort to protect our homes, communities and families. They preach grace, forgiveness and mercy while ignoring justice. All this serves to excuse and encourage more violence. More murder. More rape. More destruction.

Christians are being purged from the middle east. Their history, artifacts and property destroyed. Christian people are openly killed in YouTube videos or driven into exile. In response, the American President lectures Americans about tolerance while accepting an ocean of Muslim "refugees" who are not being persecuted, but simply don’t like living in nations they control. Even the Pope this week left Christians to languish in a refugee camp – the people that he is supposed to be leading – while taking Muslims from the same camp to enjoy a new life in Europe.

One must wonder what Amanda Blackburn’s killers think of her husband’s public forgiveness of them? What message does it send to those who would commit the same crimes against others? Do terrorists wonder what they have to do, whom they have to kill, to provoke the West to defend itself? What can possibly make these victims get angry, much less fight back? American and Western men and Christianity have been softened and neutered into such utter pacifist submission that it seems nothing will make them fight for their own lives or protect their own families, communities or nations. Nothing.

In 1941 the Japanese Navy killed 2,400 U.S. troops in a military strike on an American Naval base in Hawaii. The response of American men was violent and overwhelming, ending in the complete devastation of Germany and nuclear incineration of portions of Japan. And peace for Americans.

By 2001, even attacks on New York City and Washington, D.C., and the violent death of 3,000 American civilians by Saudis and other Muslim terrorists was not enough to provoke America to meaningfully defend its own people and nation. The primary government response to every terror attack is to protect Muslims from "backlash". Any truthful reaction to Muslim aggression is condemned as racist intolerance. And the violence escalates.

Likewise, the rape and murder of a man's wife in his own home isn't even enough to provoke righteous anger or any response but forgiveness and love of the men who did it?

If these things, from a single private home to the experience of entire nations, aren't enough to justify the protective instincts of Western men to finally fight back then what will?

The brainwashing and feminization of American and Western men is so thorough and so profound that one must question whether Western civilization can survive.

America and all of the West appear irredeemable.


  1. And Irredeemable it is. Who are the only people who can change this situation at hand?

    It is US, and until we choose to do something about it, the more irredeemable we become.

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  3. I'll be honest, Mr. Nuffinz. I think America - as it's always been known - is over. There's barely any pretense of trying to do things according to the Constitution. I think Trump is the best choice this time around, but I wonder what he can do? If Hillary or Bernie were elected, that might speed the inevitable collapse. But, otherwise, our national debt (and several state's debt and even many cities' debts, to say nothing of personal debt in America) is un-payable. I believe there's a free-for-all coming. Post-Katrina style meltdown on a national scale and anarchy once the federal and state governments no longer have money to send to everyone getting a check. Social Security recipients, disability checks, welfare payments, government and military pensions and the whole range of poverty program payments and grant payments that are keeping cities afloat. I think we're in for a wild ride and I don't know what's on the other side.

  4. Hey Sean, I'm a pretty critical thinker, or so I believe, but I must say that I'd have to agree with your perspective 100% and nothing less. I've said it once many years ago and I'll repeat myself when I say it again that my grandparents were the last generation to enjoy everything that would have been considered the American dream. We're living nothing more than America's worst nightmare, short of nothing less.

    This is a very diseased country we're living in today. A stage 4 cancer, it's terminal. We both know who's causing it, from the very top all the way down to the ghetto bottom. I owe these folks absolutely nothing. I dislike them ALL with every ounce of blood in my body and do my best to avoid them at all costs possible. They're nothing like us, never have been and frankly never will be. For any of them that say that we're equal I take as a total insult to my intelligence. I tell them what needs to be said whether they like it or not. I know oh too well that they can't handle the truth. That's their biggest problem, and sadly enough, ours too. I'm still stuck at how we got forced to share the same land with them. It shouldn't be this way, which probably explains good enough why it's going the way it is. Everything they touch turns to mush. Garbage. They're almost ALL the same.

    I'll end this by saying that I used the word "irredeemable" to describe this country a couple years back in a comment I left on one of PK's stories. I've tried to go back and find the comment I left but could not. (I have learned since then to save each and every comment I post). But in any case, I'm just happy that PK has coined it, as it seems the word is spreading fast. Good, it needs to, because as we grow closer to the inevitable collapse as the days go by, the more irredeemable of a country we become.
    In my mind the best thing to know in the long run about all of it is that these folks can't live with us and they surely can't live without us. Karma is going to hurt them much more than it can ever hurt us. Fort Knox is filled with metal, but it's not what everyone thinks it is (gold), but instead it's lead, formed in the shape of shackles.
    Let's just say that them shackles will never be on our feet on this land.....