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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Links, Excerpts from Podcast "So, Who Does Sean Harshey Support?"

Here are some excerpts of the transcript from the Harsh Reality podcast "So, Who Does Sean Harshey Support?" It can be found here or on iTunes.

I've had a lot of people ask me about which candidate I like during this election season and I don't usually want to talk in those terms. It's not a horserace to me or a sporting event. I don't have a "team" that I'm rooting for. But I've had several listeners lately tell me that I'm an obvious Donald Trump fan. I don't deny that my social media is heavy toward Trump stories, but that has more to do with the fact that Donald Trump is the only thing that anyone is talking about. The media, the establishment, the other candidates.

A great Harsh Reality podcast tonight. Below are links to some of the things I talked about and here are a few excerpts of the program:
"I like Ted Cruz, but he pissed me off yesterday on Sean Hannity's radio show by talking non-stop about Donald Trump. Cruz is slipping into the same insanity that Rand Paul and his supporters succumbed to. The complete and total inability to talk about what HE is going to do, how HE will reverse the cultural and political rot that both parties have inflicted on Washington, how HE is going to beat Hillary...ANYTHING other than Donald-flipping-Trump. Seriously! Cruz didn't say a single word about any reason that anyone should vote for him. He's my candidate. I WANT to hear ANYTHING positive from him. ANY reason to vote for him. But he sounded like Rand Paul and all of his whiny ass supporters who eat, sleep, work, shower and shit Donald Trump every minute of every day. I HATE it that Rand Paul & Ted Cruz sound EXACTLY like the GOP establishment, the democrats and the Washington media. I hate everything the establishment stands for. I hate everything the inside-the-beltway media stands for and has done to my country. And if Ted Cruz spends one more minute joining all them in condemning Donald Trump then I'm going to have to assume he's on the same side as them. At which point I'll have nobody left to vote for except Trump. I've never seen anything like the unhinged, incoherent obsession with anther human being like the political establishment with Donald Trump. If Cruz wants to get on that bandwagon then he can forget about my support. Just like I was disappointed to see Rand Paul blow up his own candidacy by going all-Trump-all-the-time. He didn't deserve to be President if he can't say why anyone should vote for him. Same goes for Cruz."
 "When Cruz was on Hannity's radio show he spent the entire 16 minutes or so bashing Trump. I waited the entire interview for him to say one single word about why anyone should vote for him (Cruz) except that "Im the only one who can defeat Donald Trump". W-T-ACTUAL-F, Ted?!?!? I get that he was trying to stem off voters from Bush or wherever who might be jumping over to Rubio. But he sounded like Rand Paul with his obsession with Trump and how he's not a conservative and blah-blah-blah. I got to where I was going and sat in my car in the parking lot to finish the interview, waiting to hear him say anything about why anyone should vote for him. I'm so disappointed with Cruz and Paul. They've both lost their minds and don't seem to be able to see that nobody wants to hear them bash a guy that has never held political office in his life and has had exactly ZERO to do with the current dumpster fire that America has become. Trump hasn't held office, made policy, spent tax dollars, voted for a bill, nothing. HILLARY HAS! Bernie has! Obama has! Talk about THEM. Trump is OPPOSING them. And they're throwing shit all over Trump. Again...WTF?!?!?! Every time one of these idiots opens their cake hole and starts yammering on about Donald Trump they are convincing more and more people that they are no different than the GOP establishment, the democrat party and the Washington media. Because they sounds EXACTLY like them. It breaks my heart to see such gifted people make such an ignorant mistake over and over again and simply refuse to see the obvious, quantifiable cause and effect. With Paul and his supporters it was on the level of mental illness. Every day that Paul spent bashing Trump saw his poll numbers drop. Every. Single. Time. And he simply would not stop. Like liberal socialists who will not admit that their actions are destroying cities, economies, families...Paul was incapable of admitting that what he and his supporters were doing was killing his candidacy. And now Cruz is trying the same thing. If he continues down this road, he does not deserve to be President. Just like Rand Paul obviously doesn't have the intellectual honesty to be President if he's incapable of seeing what he did to himself."
 "They attack Trump non-stop, but TRUMP ISN'T RUNNING WASHINGTON. HILLARY, BERNIE & OBAMA ARE. Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and their supporters are responsible for Trump being where he is. Because they are all spending10 times the energy, resources and space bitching about Donald Trump instead of saying what Paul was going to do. This is like the Libertarians I met when I ran for AG and they didn't give a shit about actually winning an election. They just wanted to smoke pot in the park. That's it. Everything in their world was smoking pot in the park. That was their platform. That was all they cared about. That was all they talked about. And if anyone suggested anyone do anything to actually get someone elected, if the first, last and only words out of their mouth wasn't "Help me get elected so that you can smoke pot in the park!" they weren't going to lift a finger. It was the most self-defeating thing I had ever experienced until now. They could talk all day about liberties and rights and freedom and had all kinds of great ideas that were intellectually stimulating and truthful and purely American. But everything came down to smoking pot in the park and everything else was a non-starter. It was everywhere. Not everyone in the party. But certainly the base at the county meetings. And I never could find a way to convince them that they might be able to achieve their goals in the long term if they'd apply their passion to actually getting someone elected. They didn't care. They'd rather lose and spend all day talking about smoking pot in the park than actually tell anyone about the foundational reasons for what they wanted. It was self-inflicted, self-righteous never-ending losing. Somehow this is even worse."
"I honestly don't care so much about Trump. What I hate is seeing outstanding GOP candidates that I respect engage in a course of action that is so unbelievably stupid and has actual near-real-time negative effects that are numerically articulated and we can all look at and read. I don't know if it's ego or intellectual vacancy or some other mental affliction that I don't know about, but it's like someone cutting themselves and crying out in pain. And the blood drips down and they cut themselves again. And you say to them "why are you doing this? Stop!" And they cut themselves again. And they bleed more. And they start to feel lightheaded and they are in obvious pain and they cut themselves again. And it keeps going until they're dead. I like to think that I don't follow idiots. I like to think that people like Paul & Cruz and my friends are rational human beings. I like to think that they have the ability to look at their situation and the direct results of their actions and see that it's achieving the OPPOSITE result from what they say they want. Maybe I'm too rational. That's why I'm not a member of any party. I don't and won't cheerlead for any party or candidate. It's a purely rational transaction for me. No emotion, as best I can help. You'll notice that none of what I've said here even mentions Trump? It's like saying to your friend who's trying to stop you from cutting yourself "You really have a thing against razor blades, don't you?" NO! It's not about the razor blade. It's about your irrational course of conduct. And then when it's over, you're already setting up your justification for why it's not your own fault with "the voters are stupid". Yeah. It's the blood's fault for running out of your open wounds. I'm disappointed in the willful refusal of people I respect to see an obvious cause and effect that is right in front of their eyes. It's a collective, political insanity that I can only analogize to liberal single-mindedness and refusal to accept any responsibility for their own actions."

Check out the complete podcast. It's a good one. Here are the links to the stories I talk about:

Here's a story about  Secret Service Agent doing what they do when a photographer refuses to comply with directions. The media's spin? Donald Trump had his goons violate the 1st Amendment.

Here's World Chess Champion and former Soviet citizen Garry Kasparov's take on Bernie Sanders' supporters love affair with Marxism and their explaining to him all the wonderful ways it will make the world fair:

Marco Rubio, who spent last week insulting Donald Trump's appearance, wasn't joking so much after taking a beating at the polls on Super Tuesday. But, in the New York Times, all he could talk about was Trump, Trump, Trump. Read it for yourself:

The big (made up) story of the week has been that "David Duke and the KKK" endorsed Donald Trump. As it turns out, the story is completely false. But that didn't stop the Washington establishment media attack dogs from demanding repeated denunciations by Trump and claiming that he is actually a KKK supporter. Senator Ben Sasse went so far as to brand Trump and his voters the "Trump-David Duke wing of the Republican Party" Here's the story that blows up the whole Duke endorses Trump fallacy:

The Establishment Is Desperate.

Strangely enough, there  IS a candidate in this presidential race with close personal ties to members and leaders of the KKK. Who could that be? It's Bill & Hillary Clinton! Here's Hillary hugging and kissing her "close, personal friend" Sen. Robert Byrd, former Grand Wizard of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. Not only did Hillary love him, but Bill actually gave his eulogy at his funeral and Hillary did an official U.S. State Department video for him. The video is below. I wonder why the media isn't clamoring all over Hillary demanding she denounce Robert Byrd and the KKK? They're demanding that from Trump and he's never had any connection or personal friendships with any of those people. I wonder why the double standard? Oh, yeah. Because they don't really care. It's just a smear campaign.

Hillary Clinton with "close, personal friend" Robert Byrd, former Grand Wizard of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan.

Here's Hillary saying what a wonderful man and good friend this KKK leader was to her:

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