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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Bernie Backers See Nothing Wrong With Confiscatory Taxes

On social media today a friend shared this meme from Facebook:

The text read, in part:

"No, Bernie is NOT going to take all your money. (Not sure where people are getting this 90% tax increase from) It's highly inaccurate, and you may want to take a look at the diagram below so you can be accurate next time you claim you listen to his policies. No, he is NOT a communist. No, he's NOT a bum. No, he doesn't want to see you lose everything so someone lazier than you can have it."

The supporter who posted this does a pretty good job parsing words. He claims Bernie "is NOT a communist". [emphasis his] Well, he doesn't claim openly to be a full-blown communist, but he does claim to be the Marxist cousin of communism as a socialist. And he's spent his adult life supporting and personally visiting communist regimes around the world against the United States (Nicaragua, the Soviet Union & El Salvador).

The supporter also says "he's NOT a bum." [emphasis his] But it's agreed that he never had a regular job until his first politician job when he was 40 YEARS OLD. And he's never gotten a paycheck that didn't come from the government. He's spent 36 years as a politician getting paid by taxpayers. The term "bum" is one that's subjective, for sure. But it's pretty safe to say that anyone who gets to be in their mid-70s without ever holding a real job or doing anything productive in their life fits most Americans' definition of "a bum"

Finally, the Bernie supporter says "he doesn't want to see you lose everything". But, again, he's parsing words. The assumption that other people are entitled to someone's personal earnings means that (in his mind) as long as they don't take everything, then you have nothing to worry about. Another supporter elsewhere in the comments said that as long as you still have enough money left over - after Bernie and his non-communist supporters help themselves to your wealth - to have a nice house and take your family out to dinner, then it's really none of your business how much they take from you or what they do with it. Because you obviously have too much, in their opinion.

I'd like to point out for the record that the tax brackets listed on Bernie's meme here aren't even correct. A few commenters also pointed out that these are factual, legal numbers that can be looked up by anyone...and these are simply wrong. Bernie supporters were having none of it, though. The most common response is that the numbers are close enough and it doesn't really matter. They just want your money. The details are immaterial.

My friend who posted this to my wall pointed out how scary this is. Here's how I responded:
"And this is just for starters. 100 years ago when the Constitution was amended to allow for an income tax there was a proposal to include a limitation of 10%. That suggestion was shouted down because it was considered unthinkable that anyone would even consider it possible that the government would take 10% of any American's income. It was decided that to include such a provision would signal for future generations that 10% would be permissible under any circumstances. Remember when non-smoking areas were first being set up just in very limited places? Non-smoking SECTIONS on short airline flights and a couple of tables in some restaurants would be non-smoking tables. Look where we are now. Look at Social Security. Look at obamaphones. A simple program to bring landline telephone service to the poorest rural areas. Tiny program that largely went away as landlines started dying out. This is just the opening offer. A starting point. Obamacare? "No! Of course we're not trying to nationalize healthcare! You're just being paranoid! Crazy loser, making up crazy stories about what this is about!" Now Bernie and Hillary and their supporters agree we need "single-payer" healthcare. It's called incrementalism. Bernie just needs his foot in the door that these rates are okay. It skyrockets from there. 
"The world's burning. Baby boomers have had a total hammerlock on every institution in America now. It's been creeping for over 40 years. They dominate education from K through college, they own the government at every level, they occupy all the decision.making spots in business, they're the leaders in the military, finance and banking, big media, etc. And they are, on balance, an America-hating and Marxist generation.
"Their closely held beliefs are being enforced as almost divine authority. Collectivism and the destruction of American culture is their religion. They never stop. They can't stop. They wrap everything they do in moral imperative. Which necessarily makes anyone with a different opinion evil. See how that works? When you proclaim a political position as holy or moral, then those who disagree must be the opposite. Or evil and immoral. Sound familiar?"
Peace, dude. The people we got high with in the commune back in '69 run every
foundational establishment in America now. Right on, man! Groovy!

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