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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Trump Exposed A Raw Nerve For All Other Candidates Tonight

Tonight was the New Hampshire GOP debate. By this time, I feel like all the candidates have pretty much said everything they have to say and all that can really happen is someone might end up having "Rick Perry moment" that torpedoes his candidacy. With so many on the GOP side, that wouldn't be hard to do. But there was a nugget of gold that I found interesting. As Trump and Jeb were having a testy exchange as Jeb was harassing Trump about some real estate deal, Trump's response was loudly and vigorously booed by the audience. That hasn't happened yet. And I couldn't understand why Trump's innocuous response was getting such a visceral reaction from the audience. It was almost like they were just waiting for an opportunity to boo him. And then Trump responded with two perfectly-placed bombs.

1. These are donors booing. They're Jeb's donors. They're trying to support their guy.

2. They don't like me because I can't be bought. I'm the only candidate who can say that.

I've been accused of promoting Donald Trump despite my denials. I admit I find him fascinating, mostly because he's unlike anything seen on the national stage of American politics in a long time. Maybe ever. And I haven't publicly shared who I think is the best choice to be the next President.

I can tell you that I'm not in Trump's camp. But I gotta admit I love his fire. And I know he's sincere because this campaign is costing him a fortune. Not just the campaign, but his business interests have been boycotted and the rest of his life he'll have the social justice warrior mental midgets following him around protesting. There's another candidate I like better, but Trump is a ball-buster. And I think he has some qualities that every other candidate could use. Unfortunately, Trump is probably right that other candidates' hands are tied in being able to speak freely and call a spade a spade because they have to rely on donors. Who, in turn, donate based on the political winds that shift from day to day. Trump is the only candidate of either party who can speak freely 24/7 without having to worry about it's effect on the cash rolling in to keep the campaign rolling.

So that brings us to the other email / private message / personal question I'm getting a lot of (by the way, if you'd like to send me a private message you can follow me on Facebook here, or follow me on Twitter (@SeanHarshey) or on Soundcloud here. I enjoy hearing from listeners):

"So, if you find Trump so interesting and think he's sincere, why aren't you supporting him?"

Fair question. And I have my reasons. Depending on how it all shakes out, I might end up backing him.

At the end of the day, though, I think America is long past the point of saving. There's an economic collapse coming that is the biggest in human history. The debt levels are unsolvable. Not just nationally, but every city of any size in the U.S. is drowning in debt. And several large states and at least one U.S. territory are bankrupt or close to it. And all this is to say nothing of business and personal debt or the debt of foreign nations and their subdivisions. On top of all this there's a cultural divide in America that is irreconcilable. The basic split is between those who just want to be left alone and those who want to plunder those who want to be left alone and force them to live the fantasy of a collectivist utopia. There was nibbling all around the edges of that for most of the last century, but obamacare pushed that over the edge in requiring every American to purchase an expensive product whether they wanted it,  or needed it or not. This campaign should've taken place in 1988. But the establishment foisted George Bush on America and disguised him as a conservative. Until he assumed office and promptly did exactly what the liberal GOP establishment is allowing the Democrats to do on Capitol Hill right now. Getting kicked around by the other side who has no real power except to use the media to bully. And just like Paul Ryan & Mitch McConnell, Bush got bullied into doing the bidding of his political opponents in an attempt to get along with them. I think America is un-savable. But the campaign is fun to watch.

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