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Saturday, February 6, 2016

As Islamic Terrorists Leave A Trail Of Corpses, Feds Want Tougher Laws Against Americans Who Disagree With Government

I saw this Reuters story and had to do a double take. The premise is that Americans who disagree with the government are getting out of hand and federal prosecutors need more and tougher laws to put these domestic terrorists away. Here's the story:

For my younger followers, you may not know what that photo at the top of the story is. I'll fill you in. It's the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. It had a large hole blown in the side of it in April 1995 by a young man who committed this crime as payback for the federal government's killing of civilians at Ruby Ridge and Waco, Texas in the previous few years. 168 people lost their lives in that explosion. Maybe he had some other secret motivation. I don't know. All I know is the reason he said he did it. But two things stand out about this photo and its use to justify tougher laws to hunt down and jail Americans.

First, this happened almost 21 YEARS ago. Over two decades have passed since this explosion. Why now does the Murrah Building attack suddenly demand drastic new powers for federal law enforcement?

Second, Timothy McVeigh and his collaborators were apprehended, prosecuted and convicted. McVeigh was sentenced to death and executed by lethal injection nearly 15 years ago in federal prison.

McVeigh and his co-conspirators were fully prosecuted, convicted and he was executed under existing law from the mid-1990s. What more laws do they need? The reason the Oklahoma City bombing is being dusted off and shoved front-and-center is because they need a villain. An emergency. A really bad situation to justify more draconian laws to tighten the screws on Americans who disagree with the government. And there hasn't been anything to justify any such thing. I would argue that the Oklahoma City bombing doesn't justify it either, but it's the best they've got. Basically, "Everybody panic! Crazies are attacking the federal government and we're powerless to stop them! Give us new powers to spy on you and prosecute you!" Or some such nonsense. If someone has an alternate idea as to the point of the story and photo, please feel free to pass it along.

But even more dishonest and disturbing is the typical liberal jump to comparing results as proof of a problem with the system.

The Oregon protesters didn't blow anything up, didn't
hurt anyone and never fired a shot.
In this case, the writer bemoans that domestic "extremists" don't have as many cases or the charges don't seem to be as severe as foreign terrorists charges. This is exactly the same absurdity as when they say there are more black people in prison than white people to prove that the justice system is racist. Or that blacks don't do as well on tests as proof that schools are racist. Or that women as an entire gender make less than men as an entire gender as proof that the American economic system is one big sexist meanie. At no point do they ever give any specific examples of a woman who is making less money than a man for the same work (because that would be illegal in several ways and would be prosecuted).

I call this "statistical victims". This is when liberals want to wail and moan about some injustice that they perceive, but there are no specific victims they can point to. If there were, then those situations could be addressed and corrected. But they want for there to be an injustice, so they use generic statistics as their proof of the institutional racism, sexism, bigotry or whatever.

The presumption is that everything and everyone is completely equal and everyone behaves equally and that every group of people they can identify will always perform exactly equally to every other group unless there's some sinister force acting to discriminate against them.

In this case, there's the built-in bias that ISIS, al-queda and American "extremists" are equally bad and are out to commit terrorism, but the bigoted American justice system has the hands of federal law enforcement tied and forces them to unfairly discriminate against foreign terrorists and lets American "terrorists" off the hook. It never once enters the equation that more Muslim terrorists are trying to blow things up in America than Americans. And the only example at all to support the media and the Obama administration's position is the Oklahoma City bombing from over 20 years ago.

How many Muslim terror attacks on Americans have there been since that happened? To the Obama administration and their liberal friends in the media, something that happened once 20-some years ago is a huge problem, but ISIS attacks that claim the lives of Americans right now, nearly every week, both in the U.S. and overseas, and and which are graphically displayed and bragged about on YouTube is not really a problem worthy of a story. It's those damn "domestic extremists" who keep blowing up federal buildings a couple decades ago. Damn them! Getting away with all this stuff back in the 1990s.

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