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Thursday, December 31, 2015

What Part Of 'Fundamental Transformation Of America' Did You Not Understand?

While the Obama family vacations in Hawaii on their latest multi-million dollar weeks-long getaway, news is out that the White House is pushing forward with a number of executive orders that will circumvent Congress, ignore Federal Court Orders and violate federal law.

Stories just from the past 24 hours show that the administration will go on its own and enact gun control and new immigration laws with the stroke of a pen:

Obama Set To Unveil New Gun Laws By Executive Order (Photo Getty)

The administration's planned single-handed legalization of millions of illegal immigrants is in violation of Federal Court orders:

Obama Executive Order to Give Work Permits to Foreigners
Everyone is expecting that the final year of this disaster will be the worst yet as the lame duck simply does anything he wants with the full consent (and full funding) of Congress and the establishment GOP's pledge that there is nothing Obama could do that would make them do their Constitutional duty and impeach him. Nothing. A solemn pledge from the Republican establishment that he is free to do anything he wants.

But I got this question on my Facebook page (which can be found here) from a listener:

"How can so many on the left not care, Sean? I'm amazed that so many so called intelligent people are so dumb."
I wanted to share my answer because I think that a lot of people are still in denial about who Obama is and who his supporters are. Here is my answer:

Sean Harshey They want what he's doing. Just like him, they hate this country and everything it stands for. It's "unfair" and it's "racist" and it's "bigoted" and paternalistic and [insert any liberal tantrum smear]. They hate it. They're Marxists. Godless collectivists who've spent their lives railing against the American family, education, business, industry, the Church, the government, the economy, the military...everything. It's all unfair to them and they want it all torn down so they can reconstruct it into the collectivist utopia that they just know it can be. If only the peasants will get in line. You'll notice, though, that marxists inevitably resort to physical force after their promises prove to be lies. The Iron Curtain, the Berlin Wall, the Soviet purges, the Cultural Revolution in China, the Khmer Rouge purges...ultimately, marxism leads to forced submission of the people. Supposedly for their own good. The Founders of the United States based the new nation and the Constitution on the principles of freedom, self-sufficiency, limited government. All of these are the opposite of marxism and freedom. Obama and his disciples are deconstructing America. What follows? My guess is balkanization.
Sure, you can find Obama supporters who like him simply because he's black. Or simply because he seems sincere in wanting to give lots of nice free stuff to people who need it. Or some people who just think that it's not possible that someone in such a position wants to destroy every foundation of this country and rebuild it into what he thinks it should be.

But, at the end of the day, he is doing exactly what he said he intended to do right before the 2008 election.

He has fundamentally transformed the United States of America. For all but the Marxist political elite, it's not for the better. And his greatest transformation will be during his last year in office.

We are at the dawn of a New Amerika.

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