Harsh Reality

Friday, November 27, 2015

Links for Tonight's Show on 93WIBC.

Here are links for topics we're going to talk about on tonight's program. Join us! 4p-7p on 93.1FM in Indianapolis, 93WIBC.com or check us out on your favorite radio streaming app!

Study says men eat more when women are around.

Black Friday rioting

University cancels classes over online debate about a mascot
THIS is the only "gun" that was turned in. Yes, it's a BB gun.
University provides counseling to students traumatized by seeing a sticker on a kid's laptop.
Ivy League university student claims she's been traumatized by reading about white people  in her studies.

H.S. student banned by Superintendent from cheerleading for expressing an opinion on her private social media about local election.

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