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Saturday, October 17, 2015

What Does a Terrorist Have to Do?

What do they have to do?

Palestinian Mobs Burn Jewish Holy Site
What do Palestinian terrorists have to do in order to have the world body condemn their terror attacks? They fire rockets into Jewish civilian neighborhoods. They knife-attack hundreds of ordinary Jewish pedestrians. They repeatedly use their cars to run over Jews gathered at bus stops and markets. They blow up cafes and restaurants. They board a bus and machine gun everyone to death. They burn Jewish holy sites. And the U.S. government and world response is to blame both sides for the generic "violence"?! It's terrorism. Not "violence". 

Palestinians are the Black Lives Matter of the middle-east and Jerusalem is their Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit or Ferguson. It doesn't matter what they do. It doesn't matter what they burn. It doesn't matter who or how many they kill. It's always excused as someone else's fault. And any response by law enforcement to the never-ending violence is blamed for causing the violence. Our "leaders" beg their forgiveness and ask what we can do to make them happy?

And the anarchy builds.

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