Harsh Reality

Monday, October 12, 2015

Thoughts on Columbus Day

As has become tradition the past few decades, Columbus Day is bringing out the usual social justice warrior hand-wringing about what a terrible man Christopher Columbus was and how he's personally responsible for genocide and disease and every other thing you can dream up that ruined the perfection, peace, love and harmony that existed on the North American continent prior to his fateful first voyage to the New World in 1492. Never mind the fact that virtually all of the things the whiner class (my preferred name for social justice warriors, because it's all they ever do. Well, whine and accuse. But "whiner" is more concise) complains about as they pull on their faces in despair were committed by other people long after Columbus was dead. Or that Christopher Columbus never set foot on the American continents, or even set eyes on them. His travels were limited to the Caribbean islands and the actual continent that he was sure was out there somewhere was located by others. But all that doesn't matter to the whiner class. To them, Columbus may as well have ridden a train across Wyoming killing bison into extinction while murdering indians on the trail of tears. As with everything else that our liberal friends have hissy fits about, the facts don't really matter to them.

I find it interesting that their argument seems to be against discovery. Against knowledge. Against science. Indeed, against ay progress at all. Because any discovery or invention or exploration will have the innovator, explorer or discoverer held personally responsible for the actions of every person forever who uses that invention, discovery, etc. to do something that the whiner class judges to be "unfair".

Strangely, they never apply this warped thinking to everything. To these poor souls, Columbus is personally responsible for the plight of Indians on reservations in the American Southwest but Steve Jobs is somehow not responsible for human traffickers that use iPhones or pedophiles who use FaceTime to blackmail young girls. Steve Jobs was still alive while people were doing all kinds of immoral things with his devices. But, for some reason, I never heard a social justice warrior demand that Jobs denounce iPhones and iPads, forbid their use and legally pursue anyone who continued using them.

A friend on social media posted a snarky and unoriginal comment today about celebrating Columbus Day by going to a store and stealing things. I played along and told him he could also celebrate by doing something bold and brave that would change the course of human history. He took the predictable banality that he didn't know how to do that without committing genocide.

I responded with this:
You don't have to worry about that when the various cultures are butchering each other and taking each other's land and slaves, etc. Don't worry about the whiny ankle-biters who never personally do anything but just criticize those who do. And don't let anyone hold you personally responsible for things that other people might do generations after you're dead. The only logical result of being afraid of being judged by judge-y people who nobody will ever remember their pathetic lives that were spent being faux offended on behalf of other people in an attempt to give their lives some kind of meaning is that nothing ever gets done. Nobody ever explores anything or discovers anything or invents anything or does anything because it might somehow be abused by someone or might end up not being "fair" to someone in some situation somewhere down the road. The Constitution never gets written because Jefferson is a flawed man. Columbus never steps out to see what's beyond the horizon. Galileo stops looking at the stars because Japanese sailors and pilots will use the stars to navigate to Pearl Harbor and start a big war. And Marconi doesn't invent the wireless because German warplanes will use that to coordinate air raids on London, the Enola Gay will drop an atomic bomb and idiots like me will talk about things on his invention that weak people will get all aflutter about someday. So go ahead and discover. Do the best you can. Don't worry about the jealous haters. And don't ever fall for the lie that if YOU don't do something, then nobody ever will do it. Discoveries are discovered, inventions are invented and things move forward no matter who's at the wheel. By refusing to even try to do something great with your life, you're just volunteering to live a life that won't matter in the long run. And that's not what any human heart wants. So go be great!
The Western half of planet Earth was going to be discovered at some point. Columbus was the man who discovered it. Don't let the whiner class convince you that their annual day of America-bashing is anything but the nonsensical, anti-American, anti-Western propaganda that it is.

Happy Columbus Day, everyone.