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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Being Non-Muslim is the New Cigarette Smoker

First, a HUGE thank you to all of you who tuned in to the show last night on 93WIBC in Indy. I had a blast, as always, and I can't tell you how much I appreciate all the messages on social media. I look forward to doing it again! I'll be sure to let you know here.

I touched on a topic last night on the show that I considered to be in the "wacky news items" category. But, upon further review...is it?

Here's the story: The World Health Organization reported this week that pork products such as bacon, ham and pork chops are as big a risk of causing cancer as smoking cigarettes. We all know that's absurd, but we can brush it off to the UN and the WHO being loonier than most international bureaucracies, right?

But this comes on the heels of the U.S. Bureau of Prisons fiasco this month when they announced that all pork products were being banned from being served to federal prisoners. The Bureau of Prisons said of the pork ban "Prisoners just don't like the taste of pork", nobody likes bacon or pork chops. Needless to say, that stupidity blew up in their faces and it became obvious that the federal government was instituting a religious agenda - imposing muslim sharia law on federal inmates - the Bureau of Prisons backed down a week later and put ham sandwiches and pork chops back on the menu.

Previously the State of Ohio prison system banned pork products after being sued by a Muslim death row inmate. Non-Muslim inmates then sued, complaining that it amounted to an establishment of religion for the state prisons to force all inmates to eat Sharia-compliant meals. A federal judge dismissed the lawsuit, siding with the Muslim inmates and ruling that it was not an establishment of religion for the state to force all prisoners to comply with Islamic dietary requirements.

All of this follows numerous demands by Muslim groups in the U.S. and Europe that pork be banned in schools, prisons and in public restaurants wherever Muslims might eat because it would be against their religion to eat any food from those kitchens. They frame it as a violation of their religious  freedom by authorities and "institutional racism".

So, here's the order of events:

I don't ever buy into conspiracies, but there seems to be an unmistakable pattern here. Demands for accommodations for their religion, such as their refusal to remove head coverings for government photo IDs and the wearing of beards and turbans in the U.S. military (Before you email me, I understand that these articles include the Sikh faith in these examples. I know the difference. But just like the Jewish prisoners off-handedly referenced in the prison articles, the Sikhs are clearly thrown in the mix as cover for the common denominator in all these stories. Don't email me about that.) have moved on now to the imposition of Islamic law on non-muslims. Muslims demand all school meals be Islam-compliant in New York Public Schools, San Diego and elsewhere.

You might recall from an earlier article that my buddy Slats Grobnik got all bent out of shape when I shared the story on social media of the Muslim refugee in Munich who complained that Oktoberfest violated Islamic religious beliefs and should be banned. The man claiming to represent Muslims started a petition on change.org demanding it be banned based on the flagrant consumption of alcoholic beverages and that German women's dirndls showed more than skin than was permitted in his religion. Ol' Slats got very angry with me and accused me of spreading misinformation because the complaint was "only made by one Muslim", notwithstanding the fact that he claimed to represent Muslims, nobody from the Muslim community disagreed with him and about 300 people signed his petition to ban Oktoberfest. While Mr. Grobnik is a good guy, he went on quite a rampage posting stuff mocking conservatives and showing his moral superiority to the ignorant masses who post things on social media before checking to see if they are true. Slats is an example of a lot of Americans who simply don't want to believe what's right in front of their eyes and who's political good wishes makes him blind to reality and antagonistic to anyone who points out simple facts. Incidentally, he also can't wait to import as many middle-eastern refugees as possible and calls people selfish who suggest that importing hundreds of thousands of Tsarnaev Brothers jihadists into America is probably not good for the long-term security of American citizens. But that's a discussion for another time.

I don't know what the next step in this forced religious compliance saga will be, but I know it's not over. And it's all made more strange in the midst of what is unquestionably the de-Christianization of the United States. One would think that those two seemingly opposite goals of American leftists would leave them with a nagging sense of irony. But they appear to not even notice.

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