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Monday, October 5, 2015

They Always Seem to Advocate Less Freedom

As my regular listeners know, I always try to do a couple of things when I discuss topics. My first goal is to take a topic that may or may not have been talked to death and give a different perspective. My second goal is to reassure the vast majority of my readers and listeners that they are not crazy. The insanity of so many situations that present themselves in 2015 America is enough to make ordinary people question if they've gone crazy or if it's the rest of the world. I enjoy assuring you that it isn't you who's crazy.

It's not you.

And you aren't the only one who sees what's going on.

Today I wanted to turn our attention to the shooting at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon. The details have been reported and dissected a thousand different ways, but I wanted to examine it from a bit different perspective. Let's get above the details and look at the response from our leaders in relation to their response to other public policy discussions.

Their answer to every question is always less freedom and more government control. It's also worth noting that the proposed solutions of American leftists never actually applies to them, personally. They're much too important, you see.

The facts of what happened at the Community College are more or less settled. An angry young black man with sympathies for the Black Lives Matter crowd (and an active MySpace account, curiously) legally purchased guns and went into a campus classroom and began executing students. The campus was a designated "gun free" zone and there was only one security guard who was unarmed. The young man lined up students and teachers and asked them about their faith before executing them ISIS-style. Some victims survived by pretending to be dead after they'd been shot. One victim was a young woman in a wheel chair who he ordered to get up. When she struggled, he told her to get back into her wheelchair and he executed her. Another shooting victim was a U.S. Army veteran who confronted the gunman and was shot several times, but lived. Like so many others, the shooter eventually turned his gun on himself as authorities arrived with guns.

Immediately, the President seized the opportunity to push his agenda. Nakedly politicizing and trivializing the deaths of 9 people for his own purposes. And admitting as much, saying that he was justified in politicizing it. Here's the whole shameful statement, if you're interested.

Interestingly, the solution proposed to stop this sort of event from happening in the future is more of the same solutions that hasn't worked anywhere: More gun laws. Of course, the shooter was violating all kinds of laws, and there's never an explanation of why a shooter might obey new laws. But none of that a matters to among the American left. All that matters is the march forward of the strange mixture of fascism and marxism that has percolated among the Western left for the past 100 years or so. Every situation is loudly exploited to push toward the final goal of a small, intellectual elite that rules over an atheist mass of peasants who owe everything to the ruling elites. It's much like Soviet-style communism, only with the unforgiving brutality and thought-control of fascism. Think of a meaner version of Joseph Stalin or Pol Pot.

And nothing matter to fascists except getting their way. Whether it's stripping away Americans' ability to protect themselves or seizing assets or private property, nothing can stand in the way of the state. Remember Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanual's famous rule? "Never let a crisis go to waste". That is, never miss an opportunity to climb on the backs of victims for your own personal political gain. It doesn't matter what the issue is or what's going on. They're agenda is always the same. Here's an example: Peaceful times? "Why do you need those guns?!? You shouldn't mind if we ban them." Crime out of control? "We need to get these guns out of our communities!" See how that works? It works with everything. Bad economy? "We need higher taxes to spread around that wealth to the poor in these terrible times!" Good economy? "The rich have gotten rich in this economy and they can afford to give some back!" Their answers and agenda are always the same. There's no logic. There's no reasoning. Unless you understand what their ultimate goal is.

Don't get me wrong. I'm no conspiracy theorist. I don't know that there's a master plot somewhere. But there's no question that a tiny, elite political class has developed in America that's never been seen before in our history. The U.S. government has become monstrously large and those that control the bureaucracy have the power to make a lot of people immensely wealthy with government contracts, special treatment in permits, legislation, etc. There have certainly been powerful political families in the past. The Roosevelts come to mind. But all one has to ask is how George H.W. Bush is from Maine, but his sons are from Texas and Florida? It's because it doesn't matter where they're from. They're Bushes. They are the political elite and they assume power in a politically opportune place. Same with the Clintons. Hillary was the First Lady of Arkansas, but always claimed Chicago, Illinois as her hometown. But she took up residence in New York and became their U.S. Senator. Again, it didn't matter where she was from. The Obamas will no doubt move in on that action.

But I digress.

Finally, it's interesting to note that liberal "solutions" to the problems of the day never include their own participation. It's been pointed out by many that the same politicians calling for guns to be banned are personally protected by guns. Same with celebrities and others wanting ordinary people to be disarmed. They can't be left unprotected, of course. Because they're too important. They're the elite. They're smarter and better than you and your family. The same goes for green energy (you should drive an electric car and not use as much water. They, on the other hand, travel by limousine, gas-guzzling SUV and private jets while watering the lawns of their palatial homes. They're important, remember?) and diversity in schools. You're children need to be immersed into the hell of liberals' social engineering experiments in the public schools while their children attend private schools with the children of other important people. With armed guards, of course.

So, as details continue to emerge about the tragic shooting at Umpqua Community College, notice that the horrifying deaths of these innocent people will be used as nothing more than another bullet in the gun that Western liberals are holding to the head of the American people. They're not going to let it go to waste.

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