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Monday, October 19, 2015

The Fix is In, They Don't Care Who Americans Want.

Great podcast today that ties together some stories that might not seem like they go together. The American political system has transformed from Democrats vs. Republicans to The Establishment vs. America. Here's a link to the podcast:

Link to the Harsh Reality podcast "The Fix is In, What You Want Really Doesn't Matter
The Washington establishment has corrupted both parties and they've pre-selected the winners. The "election" cycle and all the media and voting that go along with it is just for show in order to make people feel like they have a say in the process. We don't.

Americans are growing increasingly agitated with the direction of the country, persistent problems that politicians promise to fix but end up worse, etc. Barack Obama was elected in a historic win in 2008 on promises of closing Gitmo, bringing peace to the middle-east, restoring respect for America in the world, giving everyone better healthcare that was more affordable than ever and fixing the U.S. economy. He's actually done the opposite of all those things. And while he was in the process of wrecking an already damaged America, voters sent historic waves of Republicans to Capitol Hill to stop him in his tracks before he could do any more. They promised to stop him, but once they were installed in power they not only didn't stop him, they enabled him to continue and then turned around on the voters who elected them and joined Obama and the Democrats in heaping insults and blaming them for problems in Washington.

Americans are seeing that our votes and what we think about anything the Washington establishment is doing to us really doesn't matter.

On the GOP side of the aisle, the supporters of any candidate except Jeb Bush and the establishment back-up candidates (Rubio, Christie, Kasich) are finding out that the game is rigged. Trump? Carson? Cruz? Fiorina? Nope. The candidate is already picked and the media is assisting the establishment with the take-down of the unapproved candidates.

Busted! CNN Uses Jeb Bush Plant Against Trump to Frame Narrative
On the Democrat side, Bernie Sanders is doing well with the Democrat base and has raised a lot of money. But Sanders voters don't yet realize that their votes don't matter. Their donations don't matter. What they want doesn't matter. The party has pre-selected Hillary as the nominee. All these primaries and debates are just to make voters feel like they have a choice. We don't.

Democrat National Committee Member Says Party Already Selected Hillary to Win Primary
Nobody even knows who the other three guys on stage are. And when Bernie Sanders began sticking up for Hillary and confronted her massive legal problems for her, I knew the fix was in. Her supposed political opponent picked up Hillary's political scandal and angrily tried to diffuse it for her. Jim Webb commented later that he didn't even know why he was on the stage. And Sanders' supporters later complained that CNN was removing their comments to make way for all the pro-Hillary comments on their website.

Jim Webb and the supporters of Bernie Sanders don't yet realize they're just for show. It's just to make it look like there's a choice. Just like in the GOP, there isn't.

All this leads to the recent Chapman University poll that shows that Americans' biggest fear isn't unemployment, illness, global warming or crime. It's government corruption.

Poll: Americans' #1 fear is Government Corruption
When leaders do the opposite of what they say they will do and then angrily blame the people who elected them for the resulting problems, we have a system that has gone off the rails. We all see it. And the fix is in for the 2016 election. The Washington establishment, of whom the Clinton family and the Bush family are royalty, is annoyed at the refusal of Americans to continue to go along with their rigged game. Donald Trump and the supporters of Bernie Sanders are screwing up the process because they don't know their place at the feet of the Washington elite. Bernie knows his place. He's been a Washington insider for decades. Time will tell how the establishment of both parties manages to get a leash on the wayward children in their party who don't know what's best for them.

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