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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Meanwhile in America, We Train Our Boys to Be Little Girls

We've all seen the stories of ISIS children as young as 7 or 8 getting to behead their first Christian on a video for YouTube. And we've all seen the videos of Russian and Chinese school children working on their marksmanship skills or practice and proficiency with stripping and assembling their weapons. AK-47s, usually.

Here's just one of many videos of Russian kids at one of the hundreds of state-sponsored Patriotic Camps learning military basics, being physically and spiritually fit, being patriotic and working as a team:

A commenter mentioned that this is very similar to what the Boy Scouts of America used to be like before being sued into irrelevance by atheists and homosexual activists. Marksmanship, horsemanship, teamwork, patriotism, physical and spiritual fitness. Check, check and check.

In the middle-east today, we see a story of ISIS training 6 year old future jihadists by firing AK-47s into the ground around them while they maneuver an obstacle course:

Muslim child jihadist promises to cut off the head of U.S. President Barack Obama
Meanwhile, in America, we're teaching children to be terrified of guns. To the point where 2nd graders are thrown out of school for biting a Pop-Tart into a gun shape at the lunch table, kicked out of school for wearing an NRA t-shirt or a "fallen warriors" shirt honoring U.S. military members killed defending our freedom. American football is under constant attack for being too aggressive, teaching "unhealthy masculinity" and possibly not being good for their little noggins.

As masculinity is stripped away, a creepy old man who wants everyone to pretend he's a pretty young girl is honored as a hero above all other Americans for being the most "courageous".

There has never been a time in human history where peace was the result of cooperative understanding between nations who loved and understood each other. Peace has only resulted from the aggressive use of force. And, to my knowledge, there has never been a nation until now that has volunteered to be submissive to other nations in the hopes that enemies will be overwhelmed by compassion. The United States and Western Europe are in the process of this disastrous experiment. The results are exactly as one might expect.

The question is how far down this rabbit hole our nation can go before the consequences are irreversible. The video of the Russian patriotic clubs is striking, even against American professional military recruiting advertisements.

Notice in the brand new commercials for the U.S. Army the words "defend", "fight" or "win" is specifically not part of the equation. The job of the U.S. Army is portrayed as helping with forest fires, helping people in natural disasters, providing humanitarian relief to those in need and giving job training to a multicultural and gender diverse force of soldiers to face "challenges" by using science and computers and adapting to changes.

Notice there's no mention of defending America or American ideals? In fact, in the one video the final selling point is that your ultimate bragging right will be that you "made a difference in the world". Coincidence that it sounds a lot like the new U.S. Navy recruiting theme of "A Global Force for Good"?

Compare these videos with those of the Russian kids' clubs and the ISIS training videos. They're unashamed about defending their ideals and their homelands. Preparing to physically fight their nation's enemies. Spiritual and physical strength and preparedness. Combat is the centerpiece of their effort. I'm not implying that the U.S. military is unable to fight and win. It's a large organization with a long culture and tradition and the vast majority of American soldiers have the American Warrior mentality. It's not subject to the quick and changing whims of political expediency. But there is an unmistakable shift in focus by leadership that's apparent. These videos are the recruiting tools of the U.S. Army. Like any advertiser, they are putting their best foot forward. They're putting on display what they are most proud of for the purpose of appealing to the recruits with those ideals. Civilian leadership's preferences for a kinder, gentler force that promises our enemies that "We're just here to help. We don't mean anyone any harm." is reflected in these recruiting ads.

America and Western Europe have a different focus than the rest of the world. While we emasculate and feminize our boys and men and reassure the rest of the world that we're harmless and want to help and cooperate with everyone, the rest of the world is toughening up to defend what's theirs.

Stand by to see how this experiment works out. Not good so far.

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