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Friday, October 23, 2015

Links for October 23rd, 2015 Show on 93WIBC Indianapolis

For those of you who want to read more about the topics on tonight's show, here are the links to the stories:

A mayoral candidate says he's going to make sure more Indianapolis kids sign up for the 21st Century Scholars program. Here's a link to the facts on that program:

But how can any government official get people to do something for themselves if they don't have the initiative to even sign up for free money for college? And can he make them study? Can he make them apply to college? These are parents' and student's responsibilities.

Here's a link to a story by an ER doctor about the screwed up priorities of so many patients that he sees:

Expensive nails, tattoos, bling, expensive phones...but many can't even be bothered to take any responsibility for themselves.

Hillary's testimony on Capitol Hill is mercifully over. As if anyone thought she was going to admit to every doing anything wrong. She testified that it's better to assess intelligence if you don't know the source. I'm not making this up. Here's Bloomberg's story on it:

This woman cannot be the Commander in Chief.

Ahmed "Clock Boy" Mohamed has announced that he and his family are moving from the intolerably racist America to the middle-east. Here's the Washington Post story on it from today:

Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out, kid. Who wants to bet he eventually comes back to the U.S. to live?

In a kinda, sorta related story, the World Health Organization is reporting that a number of common foods have a higher cancer-causing risk than smoking cigarettes.

Anybody else notice that all these foods just happen to be pork products that muslims are clamoring to be removed from schools, prisons, public places, etc.?

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