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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Insane Liberal Chicks to Self-Identify

How often have we thought to ourselves "I wish insane or stupid people would carry a sign warning the rest of us."?

Anti-gun liberal chicks at the University of Texas at Austin are doing exactly that. In more spectacular fashion than I ever could've asked.

With the new Texas state law that allows those with a concealed carry permit to carry their weapons on campus, liberals are having their expected hissy fits. But this protest is more epic than anything I could possibly have hoped.

Liberal girls - including the little feminine boys who want feminists to like them, I presume - are going to carry giant dildos on their backpacks. Now, their stated purpose is to...I don't know exactly what it is they're trying to demonstrate. The statement of the organizer is that having a "GIANT DILDO" [emphasis hers] is just as effective a tool in an active shooter situation as a firearm. Completely leaving aside any argument as to exactly how a dildo is useful against a gunman, or the relative effectiveness of dildos vs. handguns in stopping a shooter, could there be any better way to identify women that any sane man should steer completely clear of?

Think about it. If a girl would wear a t-shirt that read:


you would immediately know that this is not someone you should consider dating, right? In fact, you would be a good friend to not let anyone you know get tangled up in that mess, either.

But what's better than a t-shirt with that warning on it? How about a giant neon sign? But what's even better than a giant neon sign? How about a "GIANT DILDO" [emphasis hers]? Seriously, any man who sees a woman actually walking around with a "gigantic swinging dildo" (actual quote from the organizer of the protest) hanging from her backpack and still gets involved with that girl...well that's a guy who has nobody to blame but himself for the insanity that he's injecting into his own life.

So, they're intending it as a snarky, shocking liberal protest. But it's nice to finally be in 100% agreement with insane liberal chicks about something. I think they should ALL participate in this protest. In fact, they could really show us and all of them carry around two huge dildos. This is the ultimate public service for men. And, really, the rest of campus, too. Everyone will be able to see the most deranged women on campus walking around letting everyone know who to stay away from.

And it works for everything else they decide to inject their opinions into. From this point on, anything they say can be answered by: "Weren't you walking around with a 'giant swinging dildo' hanging from your backpack?" I mean, really, where does her argument about anything go from there? It's the greatest liberal idea ever.

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