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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Brave Western Women Standing Up For Their Nations

I wanted to share a couple of videos that made an impression on me.

As many of you have expressed, Europe and the United States are being invaded by the Muslim world. I am confident that the word "invasion" is the correct word. What we are currently experiencing is not immigration. They are not immigrants any more than German troops "immigrated" to France or U.S. troops "immigrated" to Germany and Japan.

I don't believe there's ever been anything like this in world history. A time when a mass movement of military age males physically moved into other nations with hostile purposes against the nations and cultures that they poured into, with the permission and welcome of the leaders of the overrun nations.

Killings, demands for culture changes, set-up of "no go" zones for non-Muslims and sharia courts, etc. And all resistance being labeled as racism, hate and bigotry. All the while, sensitivity demanded in Muslim countries to honor and respect their faith and culture and any deviation or perceived disrespect is used to excuse atrocities and terrorism as the result of provocations.

In this first video, courtesy of CBN News, a German woman named Heidi Mund stood up for Germany, the German people and Christians when a Muslim man began the Muslim call to prayer and called "allahu akbar!" in the Cathedral of Martin Luther. She boldly called out the exact words of Martin Luther as he protested: "Here I stand! I can do no other!" She was thrown out of the church.

Let that sink in for a moment.

A Christian German woman, reciting the exact famous words of Christian German Martin Luther inside the German Cathedral that was built to honor his bravery in refusing to bow to official religious demands, is thrown out of that Cathedral to allow a Muslim to continue his call to prayer in that place.

Here is another example. Muslims calling for sharia law in Germany:

Where are the German men? Political correctness is a cancer that prohibits honest discussion of topics in favor of an official point of view, emasculates men from defending their families, homes, communities and nations and vilifies any dissent. Regardless of what we see or what we think, only approved speech allowed.

The women in these videos are showing a backbone and leadership that's missing from leaders in the US and Western Europe.

The truth is that Germany is being overrun by the same political correctness cancer that has infected much of the rest of the West. The UK and the United States are faltering, as well.

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