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Friday, October 30, 2015

A Familiar Pattern, But the White House Only Sees One Side

This week we've all been treated to several videos of violent behavior in schools. But the Civil Rights division of Obama's Department of Justice only felt compelled to get involved in one of the situations. I thought it would be interesting to take a look at some of the videos all in the same place.

Before we review the videos, I'd like to remind you that any time there's a police encounter where a young black person is shot to death, the Jacksons, Sharptons and their local wannabes all exclaim that the police shouldn't have killed him. They should've just wounded him. If the gentle giant is wounded, they say that he should've been tased or something besides a gun should've been used. If a taser is used they complain that they didn't need to taze him and should've just physically restrained him. And if they don't use a gun or a taser or anything else and just get them to comply with their hands then they just generally complain about police brutality. At no point is there even any suggestion that the folks finding themselves fighting with police have some responsibility for the unfortunate results they end up with.

In our first video, an African-American high school student has gotten into a disagreement with her African-American teacher and refuses to leave her classroom of what appears to be most or all African-American classmates. There appear to be no white people - police or otherwise - involved in this altercation at all. After refusing orders to leave the classroom and having hijacked the learning environment, the African-American teacher is forced to call the office and request police come to the classroom and remove the student. Here's the video that has 2 different views of the incident:

I only mention the race of the student, teacher and classmates because the federal Department of Justice has opened an investigation against the officer for violating the girl's civil rights. The suggestion being that the officer took the actions he did only because of the girl's race.

The officer has also been fired by the Richland County Sheriff's Department after the DOJ opened their civil rights investigation.

There's no word from the outraged crowd on exactly what the officer, teacher, principal or anyone else should have done. Just that he shouldn't have done what he did.

Within a day or so, the next situation erupted. A high school principal was body slammed trying to restrain an out-of-control student during a fight. Here's that one:

Here we have a school official being physically brutalized by a student, but federal authorities have made no mention of getting involved.

Finally, today we had another similar situation at a different public high school. Only this time, several police officers were beaten by students in a massive fight. Here's that video:

These situations all happened at public schools in completely different areas of the U.S. within a few days. All show fights in a school. There were no weapons or even non-lethal force used in any of these situations. All show people being forcibly taken to the ground. But the President's political enforcers are only interested in one of the events.

I'm a firm believer in local control of local matters and local resolution of local problems. Whether it's teachers, principals and school boards controlling their own classrooms and curriculum or local officials deciding how communities are zoned or policed or governed. The reason is that the lower the level of authority the more those authorities understand the circumstances, the more input ordinary citizens have in the process and the selection of leaders, the more personally invested the leaders are in the well-being of their neighbors and community and the easier it is for the citizens to remove local officials who do things of which the community disapproves.

When federal authorities come in from thousands of miles away and dictate to a community how to handle local incidents, there is no accountability to those most affected by their dictates. The authorities don't have to personally live with any of the consequences of their mandates and there is no real recourse for the community to address bad decisions with some faceless federal bureaucrat like they do with a local official such as a Mayor, town council member, Sheriff, etc.

It's all made worse when the federal bureaucrats' concern is clearly one-sided.

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