Harsh Reality

Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Hillary Clinton Fan Club at NBC News is in full-court defense mode for their girl. In an appearance on MSNBC she talked about the never-ending email scandal, and it was dutifully reported by the network that she "apologized", was "contrite" and "took responsibility". Except...she didn't do any of that.

In classic Obama/Clinton fashion she did that trick where things are worded in such a way that it sounds like something is being said that isn't being said at all. High profile people who are caught doing something occasionally do this. It usually sounds something like "I'm sorry that you were offended". You see how that works? They get credit for apologizing, but are really taking a slap at the person or people who deserve the apology.

Hillary wants credit for addressing her growing email scandal head-on. But she still won't actually address it. She said she was "sorry this has been so confusing" [to people who aren't smart enough to understand].

That's not an apology.

Most surprising of all, however, is her continued use of the I'm-not-guilty-of-wrongdoing-I'm-just-incompetent defense. You may recall that she originally claimed that she exclusively used her private email server for government business because she was too incompetent to have two cell phones. Without getting into the absurdity of her (claimed) lack of even the most basic understanding of a simple part of our modern world, it didn't take long for people to people to realize that she frequently was, in fact, seen with multiple phones and other devices. She lied. But the lie was told and anyone pointing out her lie is accused of picking on her or rehashing something that's already settled. Her fans are fanatical like that.

And then she had her famous shoulder shrug and asked if wiping an email server could be done with a cloth. Again, pretending to be monumentally stupid.

In last night's appearance she said that she ended up with a secret email server in her house just because "I was not thinking a lot".

What kind of confidence is that supposed to inspire? She didn't just bumble absentmindedly into having a secret email server in her home that ALL of her U.S. STATE DEPARTMENT business was conducted on. She purposely set up an unprecedented secret communications system and directed her highest-ranking subordinates to use it, also. It wasn't an accident. It wasn't just not paying attention. It wasn't the acts of somebody else that she just didn't catch. It wasn't an "oopsie!" It was an intentional, criminal act that Hillary set up. That Hillary oversaw. That Hillary has fought to keep hidden and that Hillary has ordered evidence of destroyed.

This isn't partisan.

This is beyond anything Edward Snowden is accused of.

Hillary is an attorney. Hillary is a life-long government employee. If she isn't indicted in this matter then there is truly no justice and no rule of law in this country any longer.

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