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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

The Astonishing Balls of Hillary Clinton

I've said for a long time on my radio program that Hillary Clinton is in the most difficult position of all of the 2016 presidential hopefuls. It's certainly a position of her own making, but difficult nonetheless. She's a Democrat. And the favored position of Democrats at the national level is that they are outsiders. The voice of "The People". "The Little Guy". The voice of every aggrieved, angry little group who feels that they've been kicked around by "The System". By "The Man". Treated unfairly. And Democrats show up on the campaign trail in their shining armor and tell all these pissed off people that they have good reason to be angry and that these angry people should send these Democrat politicians to Washington to fix their personal problems. To get them their piece of the pie, for once. To stick it to The System and The Man and make them feel what The Little Guy has been feeling all this time.

Of course, the unstated claim is that Republicans have been holding onto power and hogging all the good stuff and excluding these aggrieved people.

Hillary finds herself in the weird position of taking up her suit of armor and starting to declare war on Washington, except...she IS Washington. She's not an outsider. She's not been aced out of power. In fact, she's spent the past 25 years wallowing there. Leading America. For her first 8 years as "co-President" to her husband. In charge of healthcare reform. Remember HillaryCare? The Democrats' first major attempt at socialized medicine. And she was sneaky, secretive and dishonest at that time, too. Remember how she was shot down in federal court trying to use taxpayer money for her blue ribbon panel, but refusing to disclose exactly who was cooking up her plan to nationalize America's healthcare industry? Sound familiar?

But I digress.

She went on to pout for the rest of that eight years, and then moved to New York state to establish residency and go straight back to Washington as their U.S. Senator. After her stint in the Senate, she ran for President. When she lost the nomination to Barack Hussein Obama, she spent the next 4 years as his Secretary of State. Now she's back again for another run at the White House.

So how does Hillary run? That everything in Washington is all screwed up and she's the one to fix it? Hillary IS Washington. For 25 years. Which puts her in the uncomfortable position of having to run against herself. And she seems to be having a terrible time trying to come up with how to do such a thing, reinventing herself several times since she announced her candidacy. It's a never-ending grasp at something that will get her some traction and that voters might find believable.

With that we come to her latest attempt. Reaching again into her feminist bag, she declares her outrage and pledge to stand with victims of sexual assault. Let me say that again: Hillary Clinton. Is now claiming to stand WITH victims? Of sexual assault?!?!? For anyone who knows the history of Bill & Hillary Clinton, this demonstrates the most shocking display of balls ever brazenly displayed by any politician in American history. If anyone can think of a bigger set of political cajones being flapped about by any candidate...on purpose...please feel free to share.

For you millennials too young to remember the 1990s, allow me to paint a picture. Bill Clinton has left a trail of women claiming to have been raped, sexually assaulted, propositioned or otherwise victimized. The problem was so profound and the women so numerous that Hillary and the Clinton campaign in 1992 formed what they called the "Bimbo Eruption" team to bully, pay off or otherwise get women victims to shut up and go away. The most telling detail of Clinton's victims is the wide-ranging backgrounds of the victims and witnesses. Paula Jones (famously smeared by Clinton
campaign hit man James Carville on national television as "trailer trash" who was just behaving like any slut chasing after a dollar bill being dragged through a trailer park) was a young woman of modest means. But Kathleen Willey was a very wealthy middle-aged Democrat woman who had raised over a million dollars for the Clinton campaign before being forced against a wall and made to hold Bill Clinton's penis in her hand in a private hallway off the Oval Office shortly after her husband passed away. Juanita Broaddrick was an award-winning nursing home administrator, but Monica Lewinsky was a dingy, star-struck intern. And not all of the accusations were from women. The
"Trooper-Gate" scandal erupted when Bill Clinton's security detail wrote about driving then-Governor Clinton around at night and using his police car to pull over the cars of women at the direction of the Governor and have the Trooper proposition the women for sex with Mr. Clinton. The list goes on and on. Over decades. From all types of people. Some had been Bill Clinton supporters, some not. But they all shared the same ultimate fate. They were targeted for personal destruction by Hillary and Team Clinton. The details of the personal attacks are worse than anything I can cover in the space available here, but they are as disgusting as anything that might be dreamt up by the sleaziest villains in a Hollywood movie. The common denominator is that Hillary steered the ship of attack dogs that destroyed woman after woman (and Troopers, too) who shared their personal stories of sexual assaults by Bill Clinton. They also turned it into a political tool by using the sexual assaults as a club to attack Republicans who had any comment on the matter and blame them for coordinating these terrible peccadilloes into which poor Bill repeatedly found himself stepping. Hillary mercilessly blamed the women. She blamed the victims. Their sexual assault was either a lie, or they brought it on themselves.

And that's why Hillary's new pivot to champion of victims of sexual assault is so stunning. There is nobody in Washington who has enabled more sexual assaults than Hillary Rodham Clinton or destroyed more women's lives who dared come forward as victims.

So why would it ever cross Hillary's mind that she - of all people - could portray herself as standing up for victims of sexual assault? Could it be because the media has turned a blind eye to everyone else who participated in the destruction of these women? Clinton confidant James Carville remains an otherwise respected political personality at cocktail parties inside the beltway despite his vile behavior toward victims of sexual assault. And nobody behaved more shockingly slimy than Clinton campaign operative George Stephanopolous, but he's enjoyed a wonderful new career as a big star with ABC News. And, of course, this is all to say nothing of Bill Clinton himself. He remains one of the biggest rock stars in world of American politics. So, why should Hillary be reminded now of her part in the messes surrounding Bill's problem with sexual assault allegations?

Because none of the other perpetrators are bringing up the subject. Neither Carville, Stephanopolous nor anyone else from the Bimbo Eruptions hit squad is pretending to be a voice for the victims of sexual assault. None of them are pompously holding themselves out as a protector of women who've been victimized in the Clinton tradition. And Bill himself certainly isn't actively reminding anyone of it. All of these men are giving people the opportunity to look away. To pretend they never did that.

But Hillary is challenging everyone to not simply pretend it never happened. She's asking everyone to pretend that something is true that is completely the opposite of what we all saw her do. And that takes cajones bigger than any man has ever had in Washington.

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