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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Just Make Up an Accomplishment, Already!

Hillary Clinton did something today that she rarely does. She sat for questions from the media. It was only CNN's Wolf Blitzer, the fawning Democrat propagandist. But maybe she's working up to questions from journalists.

Even more surprising, however, is that he asked her a softball question that every single person in America has seen asked over and over again, and she still wasn't able to give an answer.

"[W]hat would you say was your number one accomplishment as Secretary of State?"

It can't possibly be any easier than that. Put another way: "Tell us something good you've done". Sheesh! Not only is it the biggest softball question of all time to ask a presidential candidate (and gives her a chance to brag on herself), but this simple question has been asked over and over again for the past several months. Hillary supporters, Hillary campaign workers...nobody can name even a single thing that she accomplished in the biggest job that she's ever held. For four years.

And this wasn't the first time she's been asked this question.

I'm not writing this to knock her. I actually am just thoroughly surprised that she doesn't have even one staff member assigned to come up with a good answer to this damn question that keeps making her and her voters look dumb. I would be writing this no matter who it was or what the question was about. How many times can one possibly be blindsided by the same question? And a stunningly easy question, at that. Easy because pretty much any answer will do. It's a question about your opinion. It could be any answer you want to utter and it would be correct. But nobody - after months of the same question in numerous settings from friendly questioners - can think of anything. It's remarkable.

State Department spokeswoman can't think of anything Hillary accomplished:
(The "QDDR" is an every 4 year comprehensive review of the State Department goals and accomplishments. So it's a large report on Hillary's entire time as Secretary of State and the performance of the agency under her leadership.)

A room full of Hillary supporters can't come up with even one thing their candidate accomplished:

Hillary critics take this as proof or an admission that she accomplished absolutely nothing in her four years as Secretary of State of the United States of America. And it's hard to take this any other way. Which begs the question of why, then, should anybody vote for her to have an even bigger job?

You might recall that Hillary previously held herself out as having traveled more miles than any other Secretary of State. But Carly Fiorina correctly pointed out that "traveling is an activity, not an accomplishment". But that doesn't seem like a missive that a presidential-level campaign staff couldn't respond to. But yet, here we are.

At this point I'm kinda rooting for her to come up with something to say. If only because it's embarrassing to watch someone who wants the most important job in the world be humiliated over and over by the same easy question from her own friendly media.

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