Harsh Reality

Saturday, September 5, 2015

I find it interesting that all of the rules of Western civilization that feminists are tearing down rest on the presumption that men hate women and want to dominate them. Nowhere in their equation is there even the slightest consideration that men love their wives and want to protect them. It never seems to cross their mind that men love their daughters and want to protect them from men. They don't even care to consider that men would give their lives to protect the women and girls closest to them. Men are protective by nature. Some aren't. But that's the default setting for most men. In our culture and in most every other culture. As the husband of a beautiful woman and as a father of three successful daughters, my life is secondary to theirs. My life is less important than their safety. One of my purposes every day is to provide that foundation of security for my wife and daughters to focus on being excellent at whatever they are doing. I think most men are this way, even if they don't explicitly say so.

Whether it's going to work to provide financial security or just being home at night, the main purpose for a man in a family is to provide safety. When I have to travel, my wife is always happy that we have a dog. And she knows how to fire our weapons. And we live in a safe neighborhood. But she always tells me that she feels better when I'm home. I think it's safe to say this is the case in most marriages.

So, as all these "patriarchal" and "oppressive" practices (such as women having their own bathrooms where men aren't allowed to lurk) women and girls are not becoming safer. As women have been "liberated" from traditional family roles, the lives of women in general hasn't gotten easier. All this "liberation" is resulting in less responsibility and easier sex for men and more responsibility, more vulnerability and less security for women. Ultimately, feminists are sacrificing other women's safety for the sake of their chasing a feminist utopia where women are exactly like men. Because their entire presumption rests on the premise that there is no difference whatsoever between men and women. Except that men have assumed a position of power over women because we are evil and want to dominate and oppress them.

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