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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Don't be confused. You are the normal one.

In these crazy days of mixed-up people claiming to be things they are not, it's easy to get a bit turned around. We have leaders in education and government (Elizabeth Warren, a white woman in the U.S. Senate who falsely claimed to be an Indian), community organizations (Rachael Dolezal of the NAACP & Shawn King of Black Lives Matter, a white woman and white man, respectively, who falsely claimed to be black) and sports (Bruce Jenner, a male Olympic champion who falsely claims to be a female) all trying to make everything as confusing as possible.

But things are not confusing. Things just are what they are. But it's not that our friends on the left aren't trying.

Consider the case of Vanderbilt University and their "Healthy Masculinities Week". The story can be found here.

In a nutshell, campus feminists want to feminize men. Take off the rough edges, shall we say. Get them to stop acting like men.

And here's where I believe a lot of people get confused. If, as angry feminist doctrine holds, gender is nothing but a social construct, then what's wrong with masculinity? In fact, there should be no such thing if any difference between men and women were simply the product of our cultural environment (that's paternalistic and oppresses women and blah blah blah...). But their different positions on things depending on who's doing what creates a conundrum that's inescapable. For example, an identical behavior that's denounced as atrocious and unacceptable from a man (aggression, for instance) is celebrated by the feminist crowd when practiced by a woman.  So, which is it? Is aggression a sin or is it a positive character trait? The answer seems to be that it depends on who is being aggressive. (And, truthfully, aren't all feminists aggressive? Who's ever heard of a passive feminist? But I digress.) At Vanderbilt University the feminists want men to be more submissive and more passive. More...feminine? (!) But doesn't that go 180 degrees against what they claim to stand for? How can the exact, same people claim that there is a "masculine" and a "feminine" behavior or personal characteristics while also insisting that any such behavior or characteristic is not inherent in men or women, but simply programmed by a patriarchal social structure? It's absurd. But everyone lets them yammer on because nobody wants them any angrier than they already are, I suppose. So they get their university (taxpayer?) funding through some program or grant or whatever, and everyone just smiles and tolerates their hysteria.

The same mental disconnect can be seen in the Bruce Jenner circus. If Bruce Jenner is demonstrating that there truly is no such thing as gender, then why is he dressing specifically like a woman? Makeup, long pretty hair, a sexy bathing suit and a stereotypical feminine pose is how he chose to show that there is no such thing as gender in his celebrated appearance on the cover of Vanity Fair. Here, though, the outrage worked in the reverse of that mentioned in the example above. A man acting like a woman - a manner that would have feminists howling with derision if done by a woman for objectifying herself to men's visual ideals - was celebrated as demonstrating that there is no such thing as gender. If there's no such thing as gender, then why does it matter how he's dressed? And if there's no such thing as gender then how would his appearance be considered sexist and conforming to a patriarchal objectification of women if it were a woman in such a manner?

Because it's all confused nonsense, that's why.

The best example of their sad hypocrisy can be found, though, by simply switching the parties at Vanderbilt University and considering our feminist friends' reaction. Imagine if a group of angry men held a campus event to tell women how their femininity should conform to a standard set by these angry men. Feminists would never tolerate such an event. I imagine that one would need to have ambulances on standby if one wanted to test such a theory because feminist heads on campus would likely explode.

Don't allow people like this to confuse you.

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