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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Dinesh D'Souza's act versus Hillary's campaign staffers: Same crime, different treatment.

News is out that the folks over at Project Veritas have hit another home run.

If you're not familiar with Project Veritas, it's run by a journalist named James O'Keefe who lets his hidden camera do the talking for him. Unlike a reporters or news anchors who use their positions to influence readers or viewers instead of simply informing them of what the news is, O'Keefe shows us what's going on and lets us make up our own mind. His hidden camera video just is what it is. It's the newsmaker talking in their own voice with their own words. But maybe that's not to your taste. Maybe you find him objectionable or don't like the idea of hidden cameras. I know I don't. But it is what it is. And he's doing work that more mainstream journalists refuse to do.

And it's like this with all of the "new media".

Anyone being honest with themselves knows that the major media such as the New York Times, all of the broadcast networks, CNN and others have become nothing more than propaganda pieces for the democrat party. I first noticed this as an apolitical 20yo college student working in radio. It was the summer of 1988 and the presidential election cycle was in full swing. The Democrats had their convention first and the media was in love with the Democrat ticket of Mike Dukakis and Lloyd Benson. In love with them. They were going to finally end the Reagan revolution with love and peace and social programs and every other liberal dream. The media was fanatical in their coverage of the Democrats' convention. I recall sitting in the studio and thinking "I can't wait until the Republican convention just so they'll talk about something else". Silly me. I was a stupid 20 year old who didn't realize that the love our radio network was pouring out for the Democrats wouldn't end with the convention. It would just take on a different form. When it came time for the GOP convention and George H.W. Bush and Dan Quayle were in the spotlight, the media went on the attack. I recall the network's consultation with Jesse Jackson and Ted Kennedy about what they thought of the Democrat ticket just continued during the GOP convention. "So what do you think of Mr. Quayle? So, what do you think of the Republican party?". Of course, they loved one and despised the other. It was so obviously biased that it caused me to start paying attention to politics and the media covering them.

Sadly, major media would outdo themselves in the coming years. In 1992 they succeeded in partnering with the Clinton campaign to mercilessly beat down President H.W. Bush and tell a relentless tale of how rotten the American economy was and how Mr. Bush was a liar for violating his "no new taxes" pledge from 1988 (even though Democrats and the media beat him senseless to go along with their new taxes to "save your rotten economy, Mr. President").

But some funny things happened as Americans realized the media had morphed into something that was no longer journalism or news. As all pretense of integrity melted away and it became accepted that the formerly trusted news sources were nothing more than propaganda for a certain political point of view, alternative avenues of information began to emerge.

At first it was old school. Rush Limbaugh is generally credited with bringing AM radio back from extinction. His nationwide Rush Limbaugh Program debuted in 1988 and quickly exploded in popularity. Talk radio was suddenly a thing and was imitated at every level. Daily topics, callers, lively discussion and debate. The liberal monopoly that had developed on information was being cracked open.

Over the years this grew into cable channels like Fox News and alternative news on the internet.

Matt Drudge and his Drudge Report created the industry of news aggregation. And, suddenly, if a reporter at a small-town newspaper found an interesting story, it could have a bigger exposure than a big-name reporter trying to butt kiss his way into the Clinton's lives with puff pieces at the New York Times.

Blogs, smart phones, mobile video...anyone with an interesting story could be a journalist. One no longer needed to have a journalism degree and connections in high places.

Which brings us back to James O'Keefe. I'm not going to spend time delving into Project Veritas and the things they've exposed and the hits they've taken from other media. It's been brutal. Suffice it to say that they're hidden cameras have exposed the corruption that most everyone knew was taking place. O'Keefe is the guy who brought down Obama's community organizing buddies at ACORN.

But there was a fascinating news story today in the New York Times. O'Keefe exposed a Hillary campaign staffer taking an illegal contribution. Okay, fine. Another good job by Mr. O'Keefe. Here's the Project Veritas video. It's only about 5 minutes.

In a nutshell, high-ranking Clinton national campaign staffers - who are in charge of compliance with campaign finance laws, no less - violate federal law by taking a campaign donation from a foreigner by using a third party to "launder" the money. It's nothing like the $140-some million Hillary laundered through her family foundation as obvious pay-offs for special treatment as Secretary of State. Only a lady from Canada who wanted to buy a hat and some other Hillary souvenirs. But the fascinating part is how different this story is treated, both as news and legally.

The story is linked here.

Two main things: The main focus of the story is what a rotten guy James O'Keefe is. The lawsuits filed against him. The accusations and his misdemeanor conviction for uncovering corruption while posing as a repair man. Notice how the NYT throughout the article (and even the headline) refers to O'Keefe as "stalking"? Elsewhere the writer says O'Keefe "claims to be a journalist". The dying mainstream media is so furious with new media. 

It's both sad and disturbing to see them lash out like spoiled children. Anyone at the New York Times would give anything to have even 10% of the readers Drudge has or a tiny fraction of the name recognition O'Keefe has. But they're so busy being partisan liberal democrat shills that they can't even see their own absurdity. They look ridiculous, attacking journalists that they're jealous of instead of taking note of the stories that are coming through them and the new media. CNN & MSNBC do the same thing with Fox. They beat and scream and wail and insult Fox to the 5 or 10 people left in America who still watch those pathetic propaganda stations instead of just reporting news. 

The second thing is that it's hard not to pay attention to how this will be treated by the Department of Justice. You may recall that filmmaker Dinesh D'Souza was investigated, indicted, convicted and imprisoned for this exact same conduct. In short, he made a political contribution through another person to avoid campaign finance laws. That is exactly what happened in the O'Keefe video. But, instead of being a contributor, the Hillary folks are two national campaign staffers. One of whom is in charge of compliance with campaign laws. D'Souza, you might remember was indicted after someone dug through old campaign finance records of a losing Republican candidate long after the election was over and made a connection back to D'Souza as having reimbursed someone for their contribution. That's illegal. D'Souza - with no criminal history, but famous for his documentaries critical of the president - cooperated, pleaded guilty and was sentenced to incarceration in a federal work release center where he lived for most of a year. He was fined, imprisoned and is now serving federal probation for doing the exactly what Hillary's senior staffers are on video doing.

In order to find a technical violation of federal campaign finance laws, someone had to dig deep and hard through reams of government forms and so serious work to find a technical violation that most Americans didn't even realize was a crime in order to charge and convict one of the president's critics. But Hillary's case is presented on a silver platter. In full-color video. Directly in front of the democrats and their adoring media. So far, the main response form the democrat propaganda standard-bearer New York Times is to denounce the man who revealed the crime. So far, the response from the rest of the old, dying big media is to treat it the way they've treated every Democrat scandal, misstep and crime: Silence.

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