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Thursday, September 17, 2015

An Invasion by Any Other Name.

Like a lot of people, I've found myself fascinated watching the oceans of "refugees" surging toward Europe and demanding admission, housing, benefits and other amenities enjoyed by citizens there and in America. Because they find their own countries unlivable. So, instead of fixing their own nations, they're picking up and moving to nations built by people who've collectively made different choices. Mainly, the choice to create better lives, better communities and a better nation for themselves and their children, even after mistakes, disasters, wars and other national tragedies.

I have a friend, Slats Grobnik, who has a knack for nicely summarizing and representing the liberal position on pretty much any issue one might imagine. Great guy. But ol' Slats and I usually seem to end up with opposite points of view on things. And the reason is because he views everything through the lens of emotion. As my radio listeners know, I'm not a member of any political party. And I don't ascribe to any political philosophy. I just try to be honest and consistent in my assessment of whatever the topic of discussion happens to be. I don't root for any political team or point of view. I just want people to be honest. I've said for years that the difference between most conservative and liberal points of view is the difference between a rational and an emotional analysis of a topic.

Let's take this ocean of people flowing into Europe, for example. The quick emotional analysis from my liberal pal Mr. Grobnik is summarized as "Those poor people! Of course, Europe and the U.S. should take them in! Look how wealthy we are. And they just want to escape their war-torn nations." But, of course, the rational response is to point out that the European Union and the U.S. are already broke. And that the great migration of Syrians, Africans, Iraqis, etc. isn't simply escaping their respective nations. They're pushing right through every nation on their way to the countries with the juiciest benefits. And Europe and America should be pretty far down the list of countries to take these people in, as it strikes me as being weird that massively wealthy muslim nations that are much less of a challenge to reach and can better afford to shelter these people have no apparent interest in doing so. I'm looking at you, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

But my most striking conversation with Slats was over a demand by a single Muslim in Munich, Germany this week. The story goes that this Muslim named Morad Al-Marudi started a petition on the liberal hack website Change.org to abolish Oktoberfest in Munich because it offends Islam. All the drinking and dirndls and so forth. You can see the petition here:

I have no way of knowing if Mr. Al-Marudi is a real person. Or if he is actually making this demand. Or if he is the one who started this petition on Change.org or it was someone on his behalf or someone who just thought his letter was a good idea and ran with it. You'll note that nearly 500 people signed the petition before it was closed. But none of this matters. Because there's a bigger observation to be made in the very existence of the petition.

After I shared a news item on social media regarding this, my buddy Slats took me to task. In the typical liberal manner he replied to my post with a link to a website ostensibly debunking my shared news item. He also excoriated me for not fact-checking things before I post them. I did. I always do. But Slats was missing the point.

Muslims from Africa and the Middle-east have been pouring into Europe and the U.S. for years, but the floodgates have opened recently wider than ever. The most notable attribute of this particular population is their staunch refusal to assimilate to the culture of the countries into which they are pouring. Unlike Asians or Hispanics, Muslim immigrants are successfully demanding that the nations they are moving to change to accommodate them. We've all heard the news items of "No-Go Zones" in Paris, London and various U.S. cities where non-muslims are no longer permitted and sharia law is practiced in lieu of ordinary civil law. Liberal news outlets have spent considerable time trying to deny that such a thing even exists, but I have enough friends who have shared personal stories of neighborhoods in their cities where non-muslims are simply not welcome. And you can find any number of videos on YouTube of people being run out of Muslim-controlled areas.

And Illinois recently made headlines with their announcement that "religious head coverings" do not need to be removed for driver's license photos. I know, I know. Sikhs are part of the story and didn't want to remove their turbans. Well, they've been in Illinois for a long time and it's only now that a certain muslim group has joined the fight to keep Islamic women covered that the government caved and clarified that an ordinary American like me or Slats can't wear a ball cap or even smile in their driver's license picture (it was explained to me that a smile reduces the effectiveness of facial recognition software), but muslims can wear a burqa with no problem.

The list of major changes in Western countries brought by Muslim demands goes on and on.

So back to our refugee in Munich who wants to get rid of Oktoberfest because it offends Islam. Is it really crazy talk to believe this could be true? But as I said previously, even if it's not true, there's a bigger picture by which we can presume that it is, in fact, true.

The man claims Islam as the basis for demanding Oktoberfest be changed. Meaning he is speaking for Muslims.

I'm not aware of any Muslim who has denounced the petition or said that Mr. Al-Marudi does not speak for them or for Muslims, in general.

I've never seen a Muslim at an Oktoberfest celebration and I don't know any who claimed to have ever celebrated it.

There are Oktoberfest celebrations in many nations around the world. But I've never heard of Oktoberfest being celebrated in a Muslim nation.

The larger point is that, whether or not this petition is real or fake or the work of a lone Muslim not actually speaking for anyone else, it will be demanded at some point if recent history and experience is any indication. There's no question that beer and dirndls offend Islam. And so did wacky cartoons about Islam. Salmon Rushdie has lived in hiding in the West for decades for writing a book that Muslim leaders said insulted Islam and require Mr. Rushdie be killed. The staff of Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris were all murdered by Muslim gunmen as they sat around a conference table for irreverent cartoons that were deemed to have insulted Islam. Oktoberfest is on that agenda.

So, as you watch news stories about the Muslim "refugee" tsunami crashing over Europe and being imported into the U.S., think about what the next cultural norm, tradition or ordinary practice that will be changed at the demand of the new people in our nation, states and communities. What do you take for granted now that will be deemed offensive and banned? And what do you call someone who comes from a foreign land and dominates the people in the new nation? "Refugee" doesn't really apply.

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