Harsh Reality

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Waiting for the media to ask Democrats to denounce each other.

When does the media ever go to Democrat candidates and ask them if they denounce or support something another Democrat did or said?

Has any member of the media ever stuck a microphone in Bernie Sanders' face and asked him if he supported Hillary's handling of Benghazi?

Has any member of the media ever cornered Martin O'Malley and asked him to denounce Hillary's use of private email servers in her house for all of her government business during her entire tenure at the State Department?

Has any reporter ever asked Hillary to denounce any of Joe Biden's gaffes?

But this is an every day game that the media plays on Republican candidates. Constantly asking them if they support or denounce another GOP candidate's comment, action, viewpoint, etc.

I'm not even a Republican and it's so biased and juvenile that I can't believe it keeps working.

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