Harsh Reality

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Banning What's "Offensive". What's Next?

This is all just part of a progression. Mark my words: We are coming to a time when everything we are seeing with all this banning things, blaming other people and things for stuff they have nothing to do with, speech codes, political correctness...it's going to be used against the Church. Soon there will be a time when the Bible is banned on eBay, Amazon, Walmart, etc. because outraged groups scream that it's offensive to them and it's racist and sexist and it promotes Euro-centrism and homophobia and who knows what else. It'll be blamed for all kinds of evil things that people do. Accepting the premise that the Confederate battle flag or offensive beliefs should be banned because someone else doesn't like them is a dangerous thing, but here we are. All of the freedoms that our founders fought to establish our nation for is being given up freely. We're not even losing them to a conquering nation. We're just willfully surrendering them to people who hate this country. For what? To not be offensive to someone?!? Screw that.

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