Harsh Reality

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Stop Blaming Everything Else

The Confederate battle flag has exactly zero to do with the SC shooting. Nothing.

It is not the flag's fault.

It is not the gun's fault.

It is not the fault of society.

It is not the fault of any other person.

It is that kid's fault. That young man is responsible for what he did. And it diminishes his responsibility to blame something else. Anyone flying any flag anywhere is not responsible for what that kid did. And this feeding frenzy of banning things, restricting speech and blaming people for the actions of others is nothing more than totalitarianism being imposed under the guise of safety.

Our freedoms are being stripped away right in front of us, but we're less and less safe as society descends into chaos. How anyone can be concerned with someone flying a flag or having an opinion that someone finds distasteful but have no problem with our loss of freedoms is difficult for me to understand.

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