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Friday, June 2, 2017

Why Does 'Cultural Appropriation' Never Work the Other Way?

Sports writer Terry Frie of the Denver Post was fired this week for tweeting that he was a bit uncomfortable with Japanese driver Takuma Sato winning the Indy 500 on Memorial Day weekend. He was shouted down as a 'racist'.

Notwithstanding that Japanese is a particular nationality, not a race (in the same way that Mexican isn't a race), why is Mr. Frie not being hailed as a defender of American culture?

I ask this rhetorically, of course, because political correctness is ridiculous in all its forms. But I tackle this in my latest column at WND.com. Check it out and share it!

Monday, April 17, 2017

The Curious Case of Dr. Dao, MOAB & the Punched Antifa Girl

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 Sean's latest column at WND.com

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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Election 2016: America Strikes Back! My Latest Column at WND.com

Congratulations to all my fellow Deplorables. You did it!

Donald Trump's victory Tuesday was the culmination of something that had been building since 1988.

In my latest column at WND.com I take you down Memory Lane and remind you of many of the things that got ordinary Americans to the boiling point and what ultimately all but guaranteed a Trump victory in the 2016 general election. Check it out! And if you'd like to share it on your social media platform, please do so from the buttons on the right side of the story on WND.

My latest column is linked here:

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Even Her "Surprise & Delight" Are Painfully Scripted

Here's the Democrat nominee doing her scripted "surprised & delighted" face.

Every single thing this woman does is scripted, focus-grouped, controlled & rehearsed.

It's a reflection of her entire adult life. Ambition above all else. Everything is for the purpose of advancing herself politically.

She does terrible when she has to speak or do anything without a script. Which is why it has been almost 9 MONTHS since she did a press conference. How is that even possible?! She's a major party's nominee for President of the United States. And she refuses to take questions that aren't screened by her staff.

Everyone knows she's terrible on her feet, so her campaign is coordinating with the media to rig up the debates the same way they did with Bernie Sanders by burying them in the TV schedule so as few people see them as possible.

And all of this explains how Benghazi happened. There was no teleprompter to tell her what to say or how to act during those deadly 13 hours. So her staff coordinated with the White House to come up with a narrative and talking points for her to repeat about what had happened. All lies, as we knew at the time and was confirmed later. But she has no idea what to do when she's not surrounded by handlers insulating her from reality.

The corruption and stupidity of all this is so profound one cannot help but laugh.

Friday, July 1, 2016

America Arrived At Bolshevism Without A Shot Being Fired

AP Sources: Obama To Reveal Civilian Deaths From Drones
The story linked above was shared on social media by my friend Sean with this sarcastic comment:
"I'm sure we can rest assured the assessment will be honest and accurate."
His comment is funny because it is sarcastic. But it got me thinking. How sad is it that the American people now have the same dismissive view of our government and media that Soviet citizens had of Pravda & TASS?

Everything in America is being communized. (I may have created a new word there.) Only instead of a bloody revolution, they've done it little by little, classroom by classroom, boardroom by boardroom and political office by political office.

We know our government lies to us, spies on us, punishes dissenters and runs a shameless propaganda division that tells us whatever story advances the agenda of comrade Dear Leader. It's Bolshevism. We arrived without a shot being fired.

My friend's snarky comment is something uttered by the beleaguered people of the USSR.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Transgender Troops Prove The U.S. Military Now Exists Only To Serve The Leftist Social Agenda

In the summer of 2006 I was a U.S. Army Soldier serving in Iraq. During my time there I suffered a severely cracked molar. A Pennsylvania National Guard dentist, a "full-bird" Colonel who had a successful private practice back home when he wasn't serving his country and had begun his military career in Vietnam, did an amazing job of extracting that tooth for me in less than ideal conditions in Baghdad, Iraq. I was so thankful for his great work that I got my picture taken with him, swollen face and all. I would share that photo, but I haven't spoken to him since that time. In a moment, we will revisit this story to explain the irony of the current state of the military.

President Obama's Secretary of Defense announced at the Pentagon today that the United States military's ban on cross-dressers is being lifted. From now on, people the mental condition "gender dysphoria" - i.e. they are one sex, but mentally believe themselves to be the opposite sex, formerly called "Gender Identity Disorder" (they recently changed the name to make it not sound like the mental disorder that it is) - are welcome to join the military.

Secretary Carter justified the change by saying:
"[W]e don't want barriers unrelated to a person's qualification to serve preventing us from recruiting or retaining the soldier, sailor, airman, or Marine who can best accomplish the mission".

But then Mr. Carter went on to describe how medical services would be provided by the military, including surgery, to medically change that service member into whatever sex they tell military leaders they want to be. Medical services for this type of, uh...situation, include the genital surgical deconstruction and construction, breast augmentation, facial plastic surgery, "voice therapy" (training a man to talk with a higher voice like a woman) and mental health services to assist with the emotional difficulties of surgically altering oneself into something that resembles a person that one is biologically incapable of actually being.

A search for reliable sources on the recovery time for sex change operations yielded a wide range of time from a few months to a few years, depending on several factors. So, one can reasonably expect to have to be off work recuperating and rehabilitating various medical procedures for several months to a year. Possibly longer. And those times are for a typical civilian job. Not a military position. With this in mind, how can cross-dressing Soldiers, Marines, Sailors or Airmen possibly be considered the one who "can best accomplish the mission"? They will be entering, or remaining in, military service with a built-in medical disability to perform their job for a substantial period of their service.

Secretary Carter also explained that these special troops will be allowed to use the living quarters, bathroom and shower facilities, wear the uniform and be held to the fitness standard of their preferred gender. This means biological men, with altered genitalia, will be held to the lower women's physical fitness standards. It will also be interesting to see the effect on female moral, recruitment and retention at having a bunkmate who is biologically a man. One has to believe that there will be some effect on female troops. Whether it results in fewer actual women remaining or joining the military, or different types of females joining or remaining, one thing is for certain: Changes like this cannot be made without consequence. What those consequences are remains to be seen.

If budgets were not an issue and the world were at peace, this would still not make any sense. But we know neither one of those are the case.

The U.S. Army is slashing troop levels to the lowest real number of troops since before World War Two, and the lowest level as a percentage of the population since before the Civil War. (See my column at WND.com on that topic.) Commanders are having to figure out a way to accomplish missions with fewer people, fewer dollars and older equipment. The Navy and Air Force have sounded the alarm that budget cuts have severely diminished the operational capabilities of aircraft to the point that airplanes are being grounded and cannibalized for parts to keep other airplanes flying. Just this month several fighter jets have crashed, including a Navy Blue Angel and an Air Force Thunderbird that had just flown over a commencement speech given by Obama at the Air Force Academy. In a single month last year five F-16 fighters crashed due to engine failure or other breakdown.

But, no worries, Secretary Carter assures us. In these times of tightened budgets and slashed personnel levels while we face an enemy who is cutting the heads off American citizens on YouTube and detonating suicide vests anywhere they can find a crowd, Mr. Carter assures the American people that commanders will be given flexibility in how to serve the needs of the transgender servicemembers in their ranks and how to best provide them medical care and job assignments. After all, he reasoned, not all cross-dressers are the same.

Sex change operations and related medical treatments are expensive. They are also elective procedures. When troop levels are being slashed to 150-year lows and fighter jets are using pieces pulled off other airplanes just to be able to fly, while American service members and civilians are slaughtered around the world, one might be forgiven for wondering if we have entered a time of national insanity.

Back to that cracked molar that was pulled out in Baghdad ten years ago this week. I still have a hole back there where that tooth used to live. I have inquired several times since I got back home about getting a tooth implant. They are surprisingly expensive. As an Army Reservist I had a civilian contractor dentist try to help me get it paid for by the Army. He reasoned that, since the tooth was lost while in a combat zone on active duty and removed by an Army dentist, that the Army should fix it. I believe he has put the request through a few times. They refuse to pay for it. I have also asked about getting an implant at my VA visits, but have been denied there, as well. It is not a huge deal. I am a blessed man to be only missing a molar. Annoying, but not noticeable to anyone. Since the Department of Defense suddenly has all the money it needs to surgically mutilate the genitals and other body parts of otherwise physically healthy servicemembers - on purpose - maybe I should put in another request to get that tooth fixed.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

"Brexit" Explained in Terms of a College Situation

First, my congratulations to the people of the United Kingdom for striking the most massive blow yet against globalism by voting to leave the European Union. Your stand against collectivist globalism has given a shot of adrenaline to freedom-loving people everywhere. Here's praying that the momentum continues to build.

A friend of my college-age daughter shared on social media recently that she was a bit confused by what to think about the "Brexit" news. Major Western media, of course, portrayed the vote in terms of how bad it is. But the people of the UK seem pretty happy with it. So I left the following explanation to help her and her friends with what Brexit was all about in terms they could understand.
There's nothing to be confused about! Think of European countries as people. Pretend YOU are a European country. You've got a bunch of friends. Some have great jobs, some have no job. Some have a nice car, some have no car at all. Some are slobs, some are neat & tidy. Some pay their bills on time and some are constantly having their phone disconnected or are in collection status. So, all of you are sitting around one day and someone proposes you all move into a big house together. Share all the bills. Share all your vehicles. Share all the food.
The guy who works odd jobs doesn't contribute much to the finances, but he IS a really good musician, so he's a fun guy to come home to. And the girl with the really nice car doesn't make a lot of money and made a really poor choice with the car she selected. But now, shell be able to make her payments okay as long as she's able to eat the food that "everyone" is buying for the pantry. And besides, everyone will get to use her nice car. And a million other collective benefits come into the conversation.
 Except it doesn't work like that.
The broke-ass, irresponsible roommates continue being irresponsible - only NOW they're being irresponsible with the food and the cars and the bills that the responsible roommates brought to the deal. Eventually, it becomes clear that basically everything is being averaged out. Which is great for the lazy roommates and the perpetually under-employed ones. And musician guy wrecked the girls' really nice car and she thinks the whole group should get it fixed.
It gets to a point where the 2-3-4 responsible roommates are just completely carrying the rest. And one of the responsible ones says "I'm out of here. I'm not happy with others wrecking my credit, eating my food, running up bills that I'm expected to pay and keeping me up all night with noise because they don't have to go to work in the morning. I wish you well. Goodbye."
Obviously, the loser roommates will beg & plead for the responsible one to stay. And the other responsible roommates - realizing that they're going to have an increased burden carrying the losers - first pleads with them to stay and then threatens them with all kinds of consequences if they leave. Then throw into the mix that one of the roommates is black or muslim, and the roommates start telling the one who wants to leave that he's a racist and is only leaving because he hates brown people. 
Finally, the responsible roommate says I'm out of here. I've got my own place, my own job, my own car and my own credit. I just want to be responsible for myself and not dependent on everyone. I care more about my own interests than the collective does. My own personal well-being is worse off for joining this collective house, so I'm going to just be independent. 
That is what the UK did. They voted to leave. That is "Brexit". 
Germany is the only responsible roommate who's going to stay. Switzerland and Iceland have withdrawn their petition to join, France and others may vote to leave, Austria will probably also vote to leave. The house is coming apart.
Congratulations for the people of the UK reclaiming their independence. America gets our turn in November to make a profound statement against globalism.